Towleroad Talking Points: Sean Hayes, David Sedaris and Jets

Meryl_Streep_August_Osage_County.png.CROP.rectangle3-largeBY SAM GREISMAN

A look back at today's top stories


Author and one of the world's funniest men, David Sedaris sat down with Jon Stewart last night to discuss his latest book and all the ridiculous people he meets on his book tour. The first trailer for the film adaptation of August: Osage County has arrived and though we just finished an exhausting awards season, it will surely stoke the flames of 4th Oscar talk for Meryl Streep. The major networks have been revealing their new shows at the upfronts in New York this week and NBC has announced that one of its new comedies will star Sean Hayes as a 'world-saving' gay dad

If you are interested in learning more about the U.S. Government's gay 'witch hunts' from the 50's and 60's, check out the new clips from Lavender Scare and check out the filmmakers' kickstarter. And Jimmy Kimmel is back with more celebrities reading nasty tweets directed at them



Good news if you are gay man who wants to try out for the New York Jets; linebacker DeMario Davis will welcome you even though he knows you are going to hell. How nice of him. Also police say they have arrested two men in connection with a brutal attack on a gay couple in midtown Manhattan early this morning.



Call me crazy, but this virtual roller coaster doesn't look that fun. And nearly 80,000 people want to go to Mars and never be seen again


  1. EchtKultig says

    Hope Sean Hayes has better luck than “The New Normal”, that was just canceled. If you search Towleroad’s posts you will see that some of us predicted that outcome. And no, it wasn’t that one of the leads was feminine acting, per se, it’s nothing about it was particularly endearing.

  2. EchtKultig says

    i actually found my comment from last August. I said it would “struggle, but not flop”. Which is exactly what a full season cancellation is. Canceled after 6 episodes would be a flop. It struggled for a season.
    I was accused of wanting it to be “heterowashed” and that “people said the same thing about Will & Grace” and that “there are many gay couples just like that”. True, but does middle America want to follow their lives? Maybe it would have done better as a cable series. Again it’s not about how over the top any particular character is: Will and Grace had many faults, but Jack wasn’t one of them. I only watched a couple episodes but the characters in New Normal seemed like soulless stereotypes, including the supporting roles.

  3. Junior says

    There’s a fascinating and very honest debate on the other thread below regarding the two gay bashed victims in NYC and how your site is being run by trolls commenting on it. It’s worth you take a look see and see the concerns people expressed. Towleroads landscape has really changed and this opening the floodgates for anyone to post has turned in to a magnet for trolls to hijack most threads.

  4. BamaMan says

    @ Junior
    Part of the problem is that the stories reported on towleroad gets linked to many straight political blogs, so with that comes the straight strays, some of which stick around. Some of which pretend to be gay and post with an anti gay slant to get us to be complacent toward our issues.
    What I wish Andy would do is to require user login for commenting. That makes posters more transparent and would do wonders for improving the overall intensity on here. All sites have graduated to that style.

  5. Gio says

    I liked the New Normal. It was light hearted and mostly fun. You seem like the type of gay person who is cynical toward all LGBT mainstream projects? There seems to be a lot of those types. They feel every gay person, gay character, gay themed show has to be this picture perfect model vision of what gay people are all so we can impress the bigots. How exhausting. Married With Children was insanely successful and lived up to every negative stereotype of a hetero family yet we didn’t see it as a stereotype. We accepted as a crazy loving dysfuctional family. Yet when it comes to gay shows, we always have to be on our bestest behavior now or else the big bad hetero might not like us. It’s like we gays have to be Leave it to beaver in order to be acceptable. Nevermind heteros worship The Jersey Shore and so many other trash shows, we gays better only have white picket fence couples who are ‘str8 acting’ and as straight laced as possible.

  6. Michelle says

    @ echtekultig
    There were more shows canceled by all the major networks this coming season than any in recent memory. All the networks just went to town with cancelations. NBC topping the list. New Normal was a decent show, but like many other shows, some of which are actually great… It’s hard to draw the audiences these days on major networks considering computers, netflix, hulu, and the fact that most people have 500 channel lineup has made it hard to keep up. Some shows get scrapped not for being bad but because it’s extremely rare for shows to make it past season two these days. A show celebrating five seasons is considered a milestone now. 15 years ago? Not so much.

  7. Sean says

    The biggest problem The New Normal had was being on a network that has no viewers. Put it in the CBS lineup with their comedies and it has a chance of succeeding. There was a time when NBC wanted to cancel Seinfeld because the first season did not do that well. If you keep pulling the plug on shows you will continue to languish in last place. This comment has nothing to do with the characters or story lines.

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