Texas House Passes Amendment Allowing Student Clubs at Universities to Discriminate Against Gays

The Texas House yesterday passed an amendment sponsored by Rep. Matt Krause prohibiting universities from mandating that officially recognized student organizations adhere to the school's non-discrimination policies, Equality Texas reports:

KrauseIf enacted, the amendment would allow officially-recognized student organizations who receive taxpayer funded support from a university to discriminate against a potential member based on race, religion, veteran status, HIV/AIDS status, gender, disability, sexual orientation and gender identity or expression if any attribute of the student "demonstrates opposition to the organization's stated beliefs and purposes."

Equality Texas is appreciative of the bipartisan support of allies in opposition to the amendment – which included 13 Republicans.

The Krause amendment was one of 15 amendments added by the House to Senate Bill 215. It is likely that a conference committee will be needed to work out the differences between the House and Senate versions of SB 215. Equality Texas will be actively engaged throughout that process working to strip the Krause amendment from the bill's final version.

You can read the amendment HERE.

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