UK Marriage Equality Bill Saved After Anti-Gay Lawmaker’s Attempt to Defeat It

The UK's marriage equality bill, under threat yesterday, was saved by a deal with the Labour party, the Guardian reports:

MillibandThe government's gay marriage bill was saved after David Cameron was forced to rely on Ed Miliband (pictured) to defeat an attempt by his own MPs to derail the measure by trying to extend civil partnerships to heterosexual couples.

An 11th-hour plea to the Labour leadership by the Tory chief whip Sir George Young, who warned that the government was in danger of losing the vote, prompted a change of heart by Miliband, who had been planning to abstain on the amendment.

The Labour move meant that the amendment, tabled by the anti-gay marriage Tory and former children's minister Tim Loughton, was defeated by 375 to 70 votes, a majority of 305.

The decision by the Labour leadership, which has gone from supporting the amendment on civil partnerships to rejecting it within the space of 24 hours, means that the marriage (same-sex couples) bill will now experience a safer journey through parliament.

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  1. says

    A very good political move by Ed Miliband. Looks like he has secured the support of an influential sector of the electorate.
    And the Tories have once again shown themselves to be reactionary pigs, on Gay Equal Rights, on Europe, on economics.

    The old rump of Thatcherism is in its death throes.

  2. ratbastard says

    I doubt that,Jack. Many people in especially the big European countries and Scandinavia are not happy Europhiles. It’s not just England. I understand some people in Ireland think it primarily benefits them to be considered ‘European’ first, since Ireland is a small country that desperately needs outside investment and solid connections n to a larger, more powerful entity. But I bet even in Ireland there are many not too happy with the way the EU currently functions.


    We had a tiny incident here in Boston that at an ‘Irish’ bar a few weeks ago where an German women was assaulted [bad enough to go to a hospital] by a man with an Irish accent who got very upset when he learned she was German. Blow back, Jack? Yeah, just another obnoxious drunk, but he had this anti-German attitude prior to getting drunk,too.

  3. Charlie says

    I wonder why Peter Tatchell supports civil partnerships for heterosexuals. Justice Ginsburg called these are ‘skim milk’ marriages. Where I live the first drafts of the marriage equality law eliminated domestic partnerships. The LGBT community sought to have this removed not because of in desire to keep them but because if the law was overturned for some reason then we would be left with nothing. Now that marriage equality is secure I don’t thing any LGBT activists would have a problem with having DP eliminated.

  4. Paul says

    Civil Partnerships are no longer necessary now England will get marriage equality. Just scrap them. If heterosexuals want to make a commitment, just get married.

  5. Jere says

    I agree with Paul…if marriage equality becomes the law of the land in the UK, then civil partnerships should be discontinued, with all current civil partnerships retroactively upgraded to marriages. If the deal is that all people will be treated equally, there’s no longer a need for differing terms.

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