1. James says

    It was nice to see Wiig back last night, but I kind of just reminded me of how much I miss her being on the show. I am so glad they brought back the Target Lady, and it was one of best iterations of that sketch ever. I almost missed the show because had to work the late shift at DISH last night, but thankfully I was able to watch it on the way home. I love how I can stream live TV to my iPad with DISH Anywhere because it really makes those long train rides home go by so much faster.

  2. TonyC says

    James:: you could work on SNL … you have as many ” product placements ” in your comment, you could work as the Target girl while Wiig is not there ! ;-). Btw: you can FF the vid thru the garbage & I thought the show was terrific .. If we are still talking about it, that means Wiig did a decent job at the least .. I’m a huge fan… So I even looked at commercials !Cheers
    Tony(NYC )

  3. Barry C says

    “Back when SNL was funny. ” That comment cracked me up….I thought people said that when they saw a clip of John Belushi, Gilda Radner, Dan Aykroyd etc. as opposed to, what, 2 years ago?

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