DOMA Plaintiff Edie Windsor, Prop. 8 Attorney David Boies Honored at NYU 2013 Commencement: VIDEO


NYU had its 2013 commencement yesterday, and it was all about marriage equality, and it was stirring.

DOMA plaintiff Edie Windsor was given the school's Presidential Medal, and Prop. 8 lawyer David Boies was the keynote speaker. Mr. Boies received a Doctor of Laws degree, honoris causa. He was introduced by constitutional law professor Kenji Yoshino (second video).

Said Boies: "One of the platitudes of our country is that all people are created equal. I can't tell you today how the Supreme Court is going to rule in June but what I can tell you is that if we don't win it in Perry we will continue the fight until we do win it. So congratulations, and join us in trying to make platitudes real."



Here is David Boies' full speech, introduced by Kenji Yoshino: