1. Keith says

    I love how the X-Men films like to write Jean Grey as the love of Logan’s life…only, he barely knew her. In the first X-Men movie, he knew her for all of like three days before leaving, only to return in X2 where he spent like another three days with her before she sacrificed herself. And then in the third movie, she’s found alive, only with an alternate personality and Logan only really has any contact with the “real” Jean for all of five seconds when she begs him to kill her…which he does. So essentially, he’s spent less than a week with this woman in total yet she’s the love of his life.

  2. Tommy Hayes says

    The strength of the relationship between Logan and Jean is an artifact of the comic books. As confusing as it may be for the uninitiated, the inclusion of this romantic bond was probably done to satisfy the comic book fanbase.

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