Young Gay Boy Beaten In Hate Crime Attack

Earlier this month, a gay 13-year-old boy was attacked by four teens who shouted "faggot" and "queer" as they pummeled him on the ground and threatened his life. The assault left the Canadian child with injuries on the left side of his body – mainly on his ribs, the kidney area and his arm.

The Chatham Daily News reports on the incident and the anonymous young teen, who, for the sake of this article, goes by the name "David."

1297418146380_ORIGINAL“They were calling me names like 'faggot' and 'queer' and they were telling me that I should go to hell,” said David. “I tried to ignore them and I tried to go to the other side of the street, but then one kid pushed me back.”

He lost his balance and when he hit the ground the youths began to kick him, continuing their verbal onslaught. David curled up and did his best to protect his head from the blows, trying to figure how to get away.

“I was in a ball and sort of in shock,” he said. “I was thinking 'Wow, this really hurts.' It felt really long, but it probably only lasted 15 seconds-ish.” Even when the kicking stopped, the threats didn't.

“The leader of the group, he turned around pulled out a pocket knife,” David said. “(He) flipped it up and said 'If you tell anyone, then you're going to die.' And then he ran away.”

It appears as if David is surrounded by very supportive parents. Said the boy's father to his son:

“Thank God you're different because I wouldn't want you to be like those idiots,” he said. “I'm glad you are who you are. At least you're brave enough to be a real person.”

The Chatham-Kent Police are reportedly actively investigating this assault as a hate crime.


  1. Randy says

    “four teens” (article estimates 14-16) Unfortunately, as they are minors, the authorities will probably cover up the identities of all of them.

    A hate crime is usually a threat to an entire group of people, by attacking an individual. The public’s (and in particular LGBT youths’) right to know who these people are should not be waived just because one or all of them are young.

    These kids have parents too, and they should not be able to avoid scrutiny. Who raises teens who think it’s OK to beat up a Grade 8, for any reason? Even the most reckless and violent kids I went to school with would have considered this too shameful.

  2. EnRanc says

    But I thought young people were a-ok with people being gay. Isn’t that the way it’s always spun in the media. That only older people are homophobic and that so-called “millennials” are uber-tolerant and accepting of the homosexual lifestyle. Oh well. Clearly there’s a backlash brewing and not everyone involved was born before 1980.

  3. Krajci says

    LOL this happened in CANADA? So much for lame ass Canuck grandstanding or the governments poor attempt to sweep animosity under the rug to give the “illusion” of clean for outsiders. A shame, though. I don’t endorse anyone being beat up.

  4. says

    Yet another lesson for the online Gay clique that all but mandates the label “queer” as an uncalled-for “umbrella term” for LGBT humanity. And yet another lesson they will refuse to learn. My Dad used to say: “A hard head results in a sore ass.” And sometimes, retarded progress on the human rights front, too! Everybody and anybody who insists on calling gender-neutral folk “queers” is an accessory to hate crimes!

  5. Caliban says

    D@mn. The troll are out in force today! If these responses to a 13 year old boy being beaten up for being gay aren’t a clue that this site needs MODERATION of the comments section, I don’t know what is. HEY ANDY, WAKE THE FVCK UP! Your readers are getting really sick of this sh*t.

    Has anyone EVER said that *all* kids under a certain age are accepting of gays? No, so S.T.F.U. And if “liberals” are so prejudiced (and presumably conservatives are so great) then why is it that gays only have rights in more liberal areas and have none where conservatives are in power? In fact you these crimes happening in more liberal areas of the world are conservatives lashing out before they are LOSING the fight to oppress gays. The comments here are just another expression of the same backlash. That, or just a bunch of sad bast@rds and internet “tough guys” hiding behind a screen, wanting attention any way they can get it.

    This is a terrible thing that happened to this young man, something that will affect him for years to come if not for the rest of his life.

  6. JoelD says

    Adam is clearly an idiot. As a Canadian, living under a Conservative government (groan) in a province that just elected another conservatively oriented government that goes by the name “BC Liberal”, I can assure you that not all Canadians are “liberal” . Even so, by and large, we have a sense of social value that completely transcends the individualistic schtick that gives our neighbours both their greatest and their most deplorable aspects. As with all people, our greatests strengths can be our greatest weakness.

    That siad, I do feel ashamed that this happened in Canada…we are so much better as a people…but no land is without ignorant, scared fools who weild power to hide.

  7. JoelD says

    Adam is clearly an idiot. As a Canadian, living under a Conservative government (groan) in a province that just elected another conservatively oriented government that goes by the name “BC Liberal”, I can assure you that not all Canadians are “liberal” . Even so, by and large, we have a sense of social value that completely transcends the individualistic schtick that gives our neighbours both their greatest and their most deplorable aspects. As with all people, our greatests strengths can be our greatest weakness.

    That siad, I do feel ashamed that this happened in Canada…we are so much better as a people…but no land is without ignorant, scared fools who weild power to hide.

  8. Bill Devue says

    Face it Adam, et trolls: Your God has failed your prays again. You pray and pray for your God to strike violence and death on all of us LGBT (That’s right smash-mouths, T’s ARE part of us, whether that fits into your ‘sow dissent for Jesus’ campaign or not).

    You beg your GOD for hurricanes. You beg your GOD for plagues, You beg your GOD for death to LGBTs world-wide. And what do you get?

    Deafening Silence from your GOD. Nothing. NOTHING.

    So what do you do? You Maim and Kill for your GOD. You encourage others to Maim and Kill for your GOD. Because HE won’t. And If he won’t do it, You will. Because YOU know MORE than GOD. Heck, YOU SHOULD BE GOD. All of you.

    But you know what that means? That we LGBT keep advancing and your GOD keeps refusing to intervene.

    It means Your GOD is either Dead or Gay, and YOU are now nothing more than a bunch of criminals.

    Prison awaits. The sooner, the better, EH?

  9. Soren456 says

    This will never make it to PinkNews because these incidents happen ONLY in the US, as Pink hangers-on routinely point out in their shrill little voices. In their tiresome reasoning, these beatings are due to the character of the whole nation, its politics and all its people. Thank God Canada has no nukes.

  10. ratbastard says

    David is correct, it will make him stronger. And no, I’m not advocating jumping and beating people up to make them stronger.

    I was jumped at least a dozen times growing up in various inner city neighborhoods. Usually they were simple robberies. But although I’ve never been jumped for being gay, I have been jumped for being white. So I do know what a ‘hate’ crime is like from personal experience.

    Stuff like this happens more often than some people realize. They mostly go unreported. Many people are embarrassed, afraid of repercussion if they must live in the same community, neighborhood, school as their attacker[s], believe police and authorities will do nothing, and a lot of boys [tweens, teens and young men] don’t want to appear soft, so they don’t tell anyone what’s going on and don’t like talking about things that have happened.

  11. Avi says


    You were probably jumped for being you; the loathsome d!ck that you are. My guess is that there’s a line of people who wanna beat you up…not for being gay, not for being white…but because you’re annoying as hell and have the personality of a turd.

  12. ratbastard says


    You were probably jumped for being you; the loathsome d!ck that you are. My guess is that there’s a line of people who wanna beat you up…not for being gay, not for being white…but because you’re annoying as hell and have the personality of a turd.

    Posted by: Avi | May 19, 2013 11:43:26 AM



    I said nothing offensive. You’re post is way over the top. You don’t know me. You sound like you’re the one with ‘issues’ not me.

    I’m amazed by the online hate spread by people who probably think of themselves as being ‘progressive’ and loving. These are the same people who talk endlessly about other people being ‘mean spirited’ and ‘haters’. Project much, Avi?

    And I was a skinny boy and teenager,Avi. One of my curses growing up was I was too boyish looking and skinny. In some environments, Avi, this is not a good thing. People judge you by your physical looks. I am also white, Avi, and there was A LOT of ‘hate’ among some people in the hoods I grew up in for white people. Just a simple fact of life,Avi. Again, I don’t understand why people who refer to themselves as ‘progressive’ absolutely refuse to acknowledge what I wrote is true and accurate. It would never be tolerated if it happened to the children of tenured professors, corporate executives, and powerful politicians, and wealthy celebrities.

  13. says

    In this sea of hatred, the beacon is that this young 13 year old gay boy has a father that loves him, supports him, and stands with him.

    The violence against the kid is ugly as heck – and yet…. we have a story of an openly-gay 13 year old. Out at 13. With parents who embrace him and support him.

    That quote from his father is brilliant. Perfect. True.

    Yes, brave enough to be a real person – an openly gay teen. And proud of his son for embracing what it is that makes him “different” from others.

    More parents like this, please.

  14. Michael says

    It’s not hard to figure out what happened seeing “you’re going to hell” was uttered. These four teens are being taught you’ll go to hell for being gay and they’re fighting they’re own same-sex desires and decide to beat a someone, who has the courage to be true to himself, in order to prove how much they hate their own homosexuality.

  15. Fritz says

    Kiwi, maybe you should consider doing something positive with your time, like helping kids like this in Canada. Although you claim to be a proud “queer,” you seem to spend your time promoting yourself and posting comments here. I say this based on your blog and your videos. I have yet to see a shred of evidence that you ever lift a finger to help anyone in Canada like this kid. This is especially egregious since you come from a wealthy family. Why not ask your father to donate some money to an anti-bullying or anti-violence organization? Do something.

  16. says

    My mother is the president of PFLAG, my father the treasurer, and we’re not wealthy. i grew up in a comfortable middle-class home with a mother who worked as a secretary, and a father who began his carreer as a chartered accountant and eventually moved up the ranks to CFO, and who is now a business professor in a local college.

    there, now (as usual) you have even more information about me and my family than before, while you still change screen names like the anonymous hack that you are, in order to avoid ever telling the truth about yourself.

    i’ve been involved in activism and advocacy since i was a teen.

    i have never seen a shred of evidence to support you’ve done a damn thing in your life, ever. and you won’t provide it, because you’re a coward and a troll. and that’s OK.

    we do a lot. and you can see exactly what, because i share it.

    will you now “show” what you do? of course not. you complain about others because there’s nothing good you can say about yourself.

    here’s mum and i from two days ago

    *elegant curtsy*

  17. Sam says

    so your mother spoke at an event that equates gay people with transsexuals and then embraced a notorious homophobe who was just exposed on video calling gay people “fags.” not sure how any of this helps gay kids like david.

    OTOH we shouldnt be too hard on Ms. Miller. she has had to endure great disappointment for more than 30 years. that would tax any person to the breaking point.

  18. says

    nope. my mother proudly spoke out against homophobia and transphobia. because my mother, like all human beings who aren’t worthless sacks of S**t, embraces the trans community as much as she embraces her own two children – one gay, and one straight.
    and she displayed an admirable act of grace by embracing our city’s notorious homphobe, MOMENTS AFTER very clearly calling out what he has done, and condoned. she’s pure class.

    but hey, keep changing screen names in order to pathetically fail at knocking me. you can’t point to a single damn thing you’ve done in your own failed life.

    can you show us any things you’ve done? of course not. hence your continued obsessive fury at me.


    my mom’s a dynamo. i’m sorry yours regrets not having an abortion.

  19. Fritz says


    Thanks for your response. Here’s mine:

    – Good for your mom and dad for being involved with PFLAG. However, you are not your mom or your dad, although you might have been raised to think of their accomplishments (and their money) as your own. The question is what do YOU do to help kids like the one in the article. So far as I can tell, the answer is NADA.

    – If your dad was a CFO, then you are rich. Sorry, but I don’t know of any CFOs who are middle class, unless his company went bankrupt. Maybe being part of the 1% doesn’t mesh with your image, but facts are facts. The CFO is typically the 2d highest paid employees in a corporation.

    – I have been commenting here and on other blogs for years. I always use the same name, which is my name IRL. I don’t know why you would think that I am somebody else, when I am not.

    – What have I done? How about several hundred hours/year volunteering and approx. $12,000 in donations total over the last 5 years (2008-2012). I can’t “show” you this because, unlike you, I don’t whore myself out on Facebook, blogs, twitter and the rest of social media. In other words, I live what was considered a normal life for nearly 100% of the population 10 years ago. But nevertheless, the above is what I, Fritz Clemmons, have done, not what my mother or father have done. Still waiting to hear what you do up there in Canada for LGBT people other than post comments on Towleroad.

  20. says

    Fritz – link to proof that you are who you claim you are please 😀

    Ah,,…right. You want proof from me, but you don’t have proof of your OWN work, because you don’t “whore yourself” like i do.

    got it. so you refuse to do yourself what you come on here to ask of me

    that’s why i love you wimps. you prove my points right. 😀

    but no, we weren’t rich. we were very-comfortably middle class. and my father retired back in 2001. since then, he’s taught at a college.

    so, now the funny part! you wanting proof and citations from me, when you yourself don’t have any to share. you so silly. i’ll do it though. why? unlike you, i have nothing to hide.

    😀 now, i started as a teen. going into schools, local churches, talking about my experiences. this was like in 2000. no youtube yet 😀 i’ve volunteered with numerous LGBT Outreach groups, in canada and the US, and with a few direct-action activist groups. addressing issues of internalized homophobia and racism and transphobia i’ve been interviewed by numerous canadian publications. 😀 you can google ’em, buddyboy.

    there’s one tv appearance. was on a national news program. the vid may not still be up, but transcripts are there.

    plus, had a youtube channel for a number of years. may seem insignificant until you remember that for many young people, internet access is the only outlet they have to seeing and hearing positive gay voices. and voices of allies. i’ve done numerous videos addressing LGBT issues with my family. a simple easy way to reach people in other parts of the country, and world. and that’s why i do it – because it’s literally as simple as clicking “record”.

    now, of course, the obvious thing is that you’re obsessed with me – why else on a site rampant with anti-gay hate from trolls would you focus on me? you type hate with one hand and likely masturbate furiously with two pudgy fingers on the other. so, why me? simple – i do what you can’t, and won’t. 😉
    that’s what’s so cute – you demand proof while not offering any of your own. but hey, i’m used to you guys pulling that nonsense 😉

    this won’t impress you, of course. but that’s ok. when a plebe wants proof from someone withour providing any of his own to back up his claims, he shows he’s just here to fight. so i’ll just post this to show when your bluff gets called, you run away.

    *elegant curtsy*

  21. says

    Fritz, I know you’re a worthless coward with an unhealthy obsession with me, but just in case you’re so crazy that you can’t see why others would notice, here’s why:

    why did you address me, specifically, on this thread?

    look at what my original post says. what specifics things in it do you have a specific objection to? likely nothing. but you have no life and no testicles, and interacting with me to have a fight is something you needed to do do distract yourself from your own lame@ss life.

    a boy gets beaten up. i commend and point out how wonderful this boy’s father seems to be. you, for the reasons i’ve pointed out, decide that you need to derail this into an obsessive discussion about me. i’d not have such an ego if you cowardly trolls didn’t obsessively talk about me. it’s like i’m your God.


  22. Fritz says

    Kiwi, you are losing your connection with reality. I have no obsession with you. This is the first time I have communicated with you. Why did I single you out with a comment this time? Because this story came from Canada, where you live. It is maybe the third or fourth homophobic incident from Canada that I have read about this month. Now I know that you are not the PM of Canada and aren’t responsible for fixing the whole country, but you sure do talk a big game here. And I had never (and still have not) seen any indication that you do anything to make it a better place for LGBT kids.

    Now I didn’t ask you for links. I take your as evidence your word on what specific things you have done, as I would hope that you would accept mine. Of course, what I have done isn’t really that relevant because I am not in a contest with you and I don’t come on here daily posting all kinds of sermons about how things ought to be. So even if I did nothing, I couldn’t be accused of hypocrisy.

    By contrast, you have an awful lot to say about how people should think and behave and you have a lot to say about the state of gay people in the world. So it is fair game to ask whether your actions match your words.

    As far as I can tell, you have made 2 “contributions”. One is to talk about yourself – here, on Youtube, etc. The other is to police “internalized homophobia” by which you mean attack other gay people for thinking differently than you. What you cannot be bothered to do is to homophobia out in the non-gay world – you know, which is 97% of the world and which is the cause of the “internalized” variant that vexes you so much.

    It really is swell that you dedicate so much time talking about yourself and policing the thoughts and language of gay people online – from Towleroad to Grindr. But you might consider that it would be far more helpful to kids like David if you would be there for them in the real world. It wouldn’t be as easy to help kids like this as it is to post rants on Towelroad, but at least you could say that you did something worthwhile with your life.

    Also, my fingers are not pudgy.

  23. says

    and as far as i can tell, since you’ve given no proof of anything, you spend more time thinking of things to dislike about me than things you can proactively do to visibly and vocally be a face and voice and name for LGBT Equality.

    you can’t demand proof from someone in the same breath that you give excuses for giving none of your own.

    chump 😀

    *elegant curtsy*

  24. Fritz says

    Fine, assume that I have done nothing useful in life. That doesn’t negate anything I have said about how you spend your time now and how you might better spend your time to help kids like David. You have a lot of passion and energy. Use it wisely.

  25. Mary says

    *elegant curtsy*

    Would any evening on Towleroad be complete without Kiwi’s elegant curtsy?!

    Fritz, I know Kiwi can be a bit over the top, but he is a serious and well-known advocate for LGBT rights – this can’t be denied. Talking about the need for people to come out of the closet IS doing something. It is creating an atmosphere that makes it more likely that LGBT youth will be able to come out. And this is needed change. If he constantly publicizes his own story in the process that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Other gay people may see their own situation in his story – and it’s good for them to see this. Also, didn’t Kiwi once write on this website that he once took in a young gay kid as charity (i.e. not as a roommate?) I think he did.

    That said, be grateful that he isn’t telling you to give yourself a gasoline enema. I was told once to pull a Sylvia Plath and put my head in an oven. And once to die in a car fire.

    And it’s OK, Raymond. No need to thank me for defending you. No, really…….you can go back to “ignoring” me!

  26. Fritz says

    Mary, who told you those horrible things? Are you referring to Kiwi or someone else? Either way, never ever take such disgusting talk to heart. Ignore it. No one should ever be subjected to language like that, no matter the source or the intent or the context.

    As for Kiwi, I had never heard that he took in homeless gay kid and he did not mention it in our exchange above. If he did that, I would readily acknowledge that that is a meaningful, positive act that helped gay youth. I don’t credit bloviating on the internet as counting for squat. Anyone can run his mouth off about himself.

    Funny thing about Raymond. If you watch his videos, he actually comes off like a nice fellow. He has good intentions and is very smart and articulate. I don’t know what this place does to him, but when he comes on here, those aspects of him seem to fade away and he gets very negative and hostile. Too bad. I like the other Kiwi a whole lot more, and that one is probably closer to his real persona.

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