ACT UP NY Members Hold 25th ‘Reunion’ in West Village


NY Mag's Tim Murphy posted a slideshow of an ACT UP NY reunion which was held over the weekend at 49 Grove, in the West Village.

Writes Murphy:

But when one of the veterans, Jim Eigo, took the mike and started the old chant, "Act up, fight back, fight AIDS!" there were more than a few less-than-dry eyes in the house. Eigo is among the first-wavers who've started going back to the classic Monday night ACT UP meetings at the LGBT Community Center to address scary stats showing that HIV continues to rise at high rates among young gay men. Even ACT UP godfather Larry Kramer was there, despite frail health. The night's new joke slogan? "Act up, fight back, fight age!"

Check out his slideshow, with interviews, here.


  1. Jack M says

    These people deserve our thanks and recognition for being brave pioneers in the fight against AIDS at a time when the epidemic was at its worst. They truly are heroes, in a time when that word is overapplied.

  2. says

    If you haven’t already, the documentary “How To Survive A Plague” (streaming free on Netflix) is an absolute must-see — especially for younger folks who might not be aware of the struggle it was for our community to organize and educate itself to get the cooperation of drug companies and the FDA to move faster on development and cost of treatment. Larry Kramer played a huge role and is a hero and role model by every definition I can think of.

    Several HIV+ friends I made in the early 90s are still alive today and most are leading productive happy lives, due in large part to what ACT UP did.

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