AIDS/LifeCycle Riders Raise Record $14.2 Million to Fight HIV/AIDS


Today, 2,755 cyclists began the 20th annual AIDS/LifeCycle ride, a 545-mile, 7-day bike ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles that raises funds for the San Francisco AIDS Foundation (SFAF) and the HIV/AIDS-related services of the Los Angeles Gay & Lesbian Center (LAGLC). These men and women collectively raised a record $14.2 million from individual donations ranging from $1 to thousands of dollars.

ALC-2013-FB-record-broken-v2Since the beginning of AIDS/LifeCycle in 1993, cyclists are about to pass the 20 million mile mark, or the equivalent of going back and forth to the moon 40 times or around the world 800 times. That takes some extraordinary quad muscles!

As a member of the NYC branch of Team Funky Monkey (though regrettably not riding this year), a special shout out to all the Monkeys, who were among the most prodigious fundraisers this year. And an extra special tip of the hat to my Funky Monkey teammate Joseph Conforti, who, according to the final fundraising totals, was the second highest fundraiser outside of California (and top 10 fundraiser overall) with over $33,000 raised!

Said Lorri Jean, LAGLC CEO:

"I'm absolutely astounded and enormously grateful for the 20-year fundraising record set by this year's riders and roadies, especially since the need for these funds has never been greater. Today we have the tools to stop the spread of the disease and to help people with HIV live longer, healthier lives, but the epidemic is far from over."

Neil Giuliano, head of the SFAF, echoed Ms. Jean's thoughts:

"It's difficult to find a community more dedicated to a cause than the participants of AIDS/LifeCycle, and this year's record fundraising shows it. At a time when HIV/AIDS services face potentially devastating cuts at all levels of government, it's tremendously encouraging to see the AIDS/LifeCycle community step up in such a substantial way to make sure we can continue to provide the life-saving services to all people living with or at risk for HIV."

Look forward to Towleroad coverage of AIDS/LifeCycle 2013 this week. We'll be providing videos and stories from the ride made available exclusively to Towleroad.


  1. USC Trojans Fan says

    The comments section here is always filled with trolls but post a topic about AIDS and see the trolls come out in full force. Just watch.
    Ratbastard/Rick are gonna go to town with their 10 different handles on this one

  2. Francis #1 says

    142 million is so incredibly impressive, thank you to all who donated and all participating in the event! That’s awesome :)

  3. andrew says

    That is a truly impressive accomplishment. It is the kind of good news that I like to read about on Towleroad.

  4. Brent says

    What are they exactly raising money for? More pointless research?

    Here’s a quick and inexpensive way to stop AIDS: shut down the bath-houses and stop having promiscuous sex.

  5. GB says

    The post button went haywire. This whole site needs to be revamped. It’s time. There should be an edit or delete feature added. New graphics, color. 2008 Best Blog was a long time ago. Andy shouldn’t be like the man behind the curtain in OZ, unless he really gets some secret thrill out of being invisible. Don’t link to Facebook. Have own registration – or none.

  6. UFFDA says

    Brent’s got it right…and insofar as the future is concerned, it’s SO obvious.

  7. anon says

    Where does the money go? More than 50% of all charities spend the maximum allowable 90% (!) of their available funds on overhead and fundraising. It’s a scam worse than any 501-3 IRS controversy.

  8. jay says

    Only in the comment section of Towleroad you see an athletic event turned into a discussion about bathhouses.

    There was a time when Towleroad commenters made smart contributions. That time is now gone.

  9. geb says

    Jay: Get off the high horse. Bathhouses were once very much a part of gay life. Remember when gays were referred to as perverts? That was before the lifestyle was covered in ribbons and rainbows. AIDS is transmitted sexually. The “athletic event” is about the cure for a disease.

  10. MateoM says

    Geb, I’m sorry you have issues with the gay “lifestyle.” Those of us who don’t struggle with internalized homophobia and have empathy will continue to show disgust towards those that are proudly heartless when it comes to the subject of AIDS.

  11. Chibi Masshuu says

    I’m heading out on Friday to meet my husband coming across the finish line. The entire thing is amazing and watching all the stories and pictures coming out of the event is just heart warming.