Anthony Weiner Phoned Christine Quinn About the ‘Dyke’ Remark

Former Rep. and mayoral hopeful Anthony Weiner called his opponent, City Council Speaker Christine Quinn, about the controversy that erupted this week after Weiner failed to properly admonish a voter at a campaign event who referred to Quinn as a "dyke", The Ticket reports:


On Friday, Quinn said she was “grateful” that Weiner clarified the interaction in his phone message to her—but she stopped short of saying whether he explicitly apologized.

“It is incredibly important for all New Yorkers—but particularly those in public life—to make very clear that in this city, the most diverse city in the world, in the city where the LGBT civil rights movement was born, that that type of language cannot be tolerated,” Quinn said, according to Politicker. “I think all of us need to re-commit to making sure that whenever we hear language of any type that is demeaning, derogatory, racists, sexist, homophobic, anything of that nature, that we speak out against it.”


  1. Robert says

    What the hell do you want the man to do? Seriously, when is it going to be enough? He told the woman she shouldn’t talk like that. That’s all he can do without trying to alienate his voter base as being a condescending prick. This was a one-off event in the life of a man who’s stood by our community when it counts. So he didn’t lecture her like a school teacher, he’s trying to get elected, not become a saint. Lecturing someone’s grandmother about her language isn’t going to earn him any points.

  2. bicurious says

    Oh come on. Why is Weiner getting grief over this? The answer is it is made up outrage. First of all and most importantly WEINER ISN”T THE ONE WHO MADE THE COMMENT. An old lady he ran into on the street did and I think Weiner handled things really well by politely correcting her. Some reports have suggested that he wasn’t quick enough in his response to the lady. By who’s measure? I’m not a New Yorker so I can’t vote for Weiner but I would if I could.

  3. Caliban says

    IMO this is making Quinn and her supporters look worse than it does Weiner. It reeks of political machine bulls!t. What was he supposed to do about an old lady who used a politically incorrect term, kick her in the vagina bone and screech “How very DARE you!”? It’s a damned if you do, damned if you don’t situation and I get the feeling that no matter HOW Weiner responded, Quinn and her supporters would be “offended.”

    And IMO she’s being really really small about this. A savvy politician would say “Anthony Weiner called me and I really don’t think he’s anti-gay.” (Which given his record he obviously isn’t.) The people for whom this is a deal-breaker will still vote that way but you come across as magnanimous by forgiving him. Not acknowledging Wiener’s apology just makes Quinn look petty.

  4. Douglas says

    By comparison, what did John McCain do when, at a town hall meeting during the 2008 Presidential campaign, he was questioned by an elderly woman who insisted that Barack Obama was an Arab and a Muslim? He did the right thing and called her out on it by stating flat out that she was wrong. Anthony Weiner ought to have done the same thing–and without any “prompting” by the reporter who was present. He certainly shouldn’t have told the woman, as he did, “It’s OK. It’s not your fault.”

  5. Voters' Guide says

    Not voting for Weiner because he’s a loud-mouthed, hyper-ambitious, self-obsessed, narcissist with his d1ck out all the time, and too many yet undiscovered skeletons in the closet of his personal life.

    Not voting for Quinn because she’s a loud-mouthed, hyper-ambitious, Gloomberg-lackey, of questionable mental stability, and ever more questionable intelligence. I think her style of all-outrage, all-the-time “leadership” was be exhausting, even to New Yorkers.

    Let these two cancel each other out.

  6. Tophier Verdugo says

    I think Quinn should go visit and talk with the elderly lady directly and ask her why she said that. That is the ADULT thing to do.

  7. RJ S says

    Well, you’re sure doing everything you can to denigrate a major LGBT ally/cause controversy to stir up hits.

    This is cheap journalism, at the expense of one of the best things to happen to the democratic ballot in decades. Knock it off.

  8. Jonathan says

    Ugh. When will this f*ck*ng DYKE go away? And yes she is a really small vindictive person. I am a New Yorker and I’ll run her over with my car before she will be Mayor of this City. Luckily, she is being exposed and her poll numbers are plummeting. Gay people can be bad people too and she’s one of the worst. She inspires epithets. There aren’t words bad enough to describe her.

  9. emjayay says

    If this site had a “like” feature I’d thumbs up everyone who said “This is a tempest in a teapot drummed up for political advantage” comments here and at the previous posts about this.

  10. duh says

    Geez, am I at Datalounge or something? Gay men can be bad people too, just see some posts above. But no, I wouldn’t even THINK ABOUT running over people with a car.

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