Anti-Gay Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Finally Attends City Pride Event

For the first time ever in his three years as Toronto mayor, Rob Ford attended the annual rainbow flag-raising event on the city hall’s roof this Monday.

According to The Star he received "a tepid response"; hardly odd considering that he voted against funding the gay Pride festival just two weeks ago:

Rob_fordFord, who has never marched in Pride’s signature parade and who voted two weeks ago against funding the festival, received tepid applause upon his noon arrival… Fewer than five of the dozens of spectators in attendance appeared to jeer him…

The mayor also attended the International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia flag-raising events this year and last… Ford plans to skip the parade for the third consecutive year to continue his tradition of spending the Canada Day weekend at his family’s Muskoka cottage…

Ford is a conservative who opposes same-sex marriage. In a video in which he appears to be smoking crack cocaine, he also appears to use an anti-gay slur to describe federal Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau. Ford denies that a video exists and that he uses crack.

Ford was unpopular with the gay community even before he became mayor. As a city councillor, he said it was “disgusting” that council was awarding a $5,000 grant to a group making a video about coming out of the closet. He also argued that only gays and drug users get infected with HIV. And he wondered, in a council speech, whether a transgender person is “a guy dressed up like a girl or a girl dressed up like a guy.”

The 44-year-old mayor is the first mayor to regularly snub involvement in Toronto's Pride parade. He also has a long history of racist and anti-gay comments, drug-related scandals and charges of violence.


  1. Rafa in Toronto says

    What would be a good title for the future Rob Ford biopic, starring Philip Seymour Hoffman?

  2. Jeff says

    The gay community is just one community in a long line of communities that are not fond of Mr. Ford

  3. Joe Bua says

    Are you sure he wasn’t high and just thought he wandered onto the set of a gladiator movie or a pro wrestling match?

  4. Bollux says

    You know, if this chode was truly smoking all that crack, he wouldn’t be such a fatphluck.

  5. says

    He’s really not that bad of a mayor. I like him. My mom and I met him a few weeks ago at a PFLAG event. I’m not totally sure, but I think she slept with him afterwards.

  6. Rafa says

    Are you kidding, Little Kiwi? lol. I think he’s appalling. Simultaneously small-minded, and frothing with indignation and impatience about anything he doesn’t immediately understand or agree with. That high-pitched wound-up tempertantrum voice of his, ranting on the radio… A spoiled ignorant brat.

  7. says


    Rafa, there’s a very sad little man who trolls this site and likes to post in my name because he has nothing of merit or worth to say in his own name. It’s ok, though. If I had his life I’d be bitterly jealous of me, too.

    As for mayor Ford, he continues to be a complete embarrassment to Toronto. That said, I’m glad he *has* to show up at these events. It may be schadenfreude, but it’s the same with our hack P.o.S. Prime Minister Stephen Harper – it’s nice when you see a barely-veiled anti-gay bigot forced to abide by respecting the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Sure, neither believes what they say , or hear, in regards to LGBT Equality – but the beauty is that their bigoted, and indefensible, opinions run contrary to the outlines of our Charter, and are thus powerless against them.

    Schadenfreude :-)

    werk it!

  8. ratbastard says

    ATTENTION Torontonians on this site:

    Raymond Miller, AKA Little Kiwi, officially needs an intervention.

  9. Darrell says

    The rest of Canada thinks that fat bigoted buffoon is a moron. Toronto voted him in and Torontonians can vote him out. Anyways they have a habit of electing weirdo’s to the mayors office. Remember Mel Lastman? Who after a run of the mill winter snowstorm tried to call in the Armed Forces to shovel snow……Since when here in Canada does a city need help to plow snow…..Torontonian politics are “the” joke for the rest of Canada to laugh and roll our eyes at. LOL.

  10. says

    Uh, Darrell, the rest of canada should realize that Torontonians did NOT vote him in.

    This is a breakdown of how the voting played out:

    see the red? that’s the CITY of Toronto. as in, you know, the CITY.

    no votes for Ford. The blue? That’s all the outlying suburbs, that used to have their own mayoral elections; different municipalities.

    what happened? anti-city sentiment, as predicted. the ‘burbs are anti-city, and voted in an anti-city mayor, whose contempt for the downtown city of toronto is palpable.

    but we Torontonians don’t mind when “the rest of Canada” laughs. it’s one of the perks of living in a real city. water off a duck’s back, 😉

  11. TheSeer says

    “He also has a long history of racist and anti-gay comments, drug-related scandals and charges of violence”

    Russia = 150 millions of Rob Fords