1. Dback says

    Maurice Sendak was a genius because he didn’t sentimentalize children or childhood–he was whimsical and fantastic, but never gooey or saccharine. That’s part of why uptight moralists who didn’t “get” his books or his art tried to ban him from libraries and proclaimed him a bad influence (for things like the wild rumpus in “Where the Wild Things Are,” the naked protagonist in “In the Night Kitchen,” the twisted fate of Pierre, etc.). Fortunately, his brilliance has lived–and will continue to outlive–the naysayers.

  2. Anthony says

    Doodle’s were cool when they were special occasions and few and far between. Now they do them for EVERYTHING and I find they just tend to annoy me. Love the subject matter here, but the execution is darn near seizure causing!

  3. Jakrabt says

    “Seizure causing”? LOL! You may want to avoid Google Doodles in future, unless you also have Tourette’s that cause you to involuntarily click on links. For that matter I would also suggest avoiding flashing lights as well since they have been shown to induce seizures in prone patients. While you’re at it you might want to get your anti-seizure meds refilled and take them as directed.

    Artistic genius, this Maurice Sendak. Shame that he felt he had to wait so long to come out- 50 years is a loooong time to change pronouns!

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