1. juan says

    Their whole debate about marriage has to do about the kids made during a marriage. But thats not the point of a marriage. Period.

    What about children raised by single parents, couples not married, grandparents, older siblings, or all these fat rich republicans who have a nanny raise their child?

    I’d rather have an unelected judge who has a code of ethics decide matters like this, than politicians who dont represent the people, but represent a group of lobbysts who had money to get them powerful and elected. I wouldn’t take their opinion as pure or representative at all

  2. jexer says

    Democracy != mob rule… which is what she’s arguing for.

    How can people stand up and lie so blatantly with a straight face?

    I wish I believed in hell… so that I could rest assured these maggots would rot there.

  3. says

    OMG… I can’t even watch the whole press conference.

    the US finally got it right. We have had same sex marriage in Canada for over 10 years and the country hasn’t fallen appart…

    Don’t let a group of old white men tell you anything different.


  4. David says

    Were they equally upset about the overturning of the Voting Rights Act, which was supported by overwhelming bipartisan majorities? Cricket, cricket, cricket.

  5. SFshawn says

    How fascinating that they all look as miserable,uptight and angry on the outside as they have consistently proven to be through their hateful rhetoric and actions on the inside. It’s a beautiful thing when Faux News and Haters LOSE and LOSE BIG!

  6. Michael says

    If u can watch this skylight barking back then ur doing a Hell of a lot better than me.

    Every 15 seconds or so they make the most outlandish comments. One would think politicians have a basic grasp of civil rights.

  7. Tom says

    They apparently do not understand that no majority of people nor of the people’s representatives has the right to pass unconstitutional laws.

    As Kiwi said, they just don’t believe in our Constitution.

  8. Jaysonn says

    “A stable marriage is the only and best thing for children.” Well, how about over 50% of your marriages end in divorce. I have been with my partner for over 28 years. How many of them can say the same?

  9. kdknyc says

    These “unelected judges” turned their back on voting rights, passed by congress as well. What about that?

    Sadly they don’t see the hypocrisy.

  10. Randy says

    Please, please, please run for President again! Your logic is so compelling that moderates and undecided (who run the actual vote show) will take one look and run in the opposite direction as fast as they possibly can.

  11. dbearhug says

    Then, they’ll cry because they’re being persecuted for their religious beliefs. And, they’ll hole up in their safe places convinced of their right opinions.

    20-30 years from now, they’ll have to admit using the ‘F’/’Q’ word about the caterers, florists, and hair stylists who did their daughters’ weddings. Then, they’ll have to show up on the Today show to ask for our forgiveness (while asking at the same time to be struck by one who is without sin)…

  12. Kelly in AC says

    These nuts just prove that the Supreme Court’s majority got it right when they said that the motivation for DOMA was to disparage and injure gay people. That’s exactly what these nuts want to do.

  13. Neil says

    The stupidity is profound and intractable. One example, one of these idiots quotes Solomon. He seems to forget that Solomon had 700 wives and 300 concubines.

  14. anon says

    The Bachmann’s have no biological kids, but have adopted several.

    All the arguments against gay marriage are essentially non-sequiturs.

    An iron-clad rule in politics is the flimsier the rationale, the more contempt there is behind it. It’s a real “you don’t matter to me” attitude.

  15. Joe the Cynic says

    Bachman’s comments are final proof positive–but was any more needed?–that she’s been sniffin’ too much model airplane glue . . .

  16. Bob says

    When will some true journalist reporter have the guts to ask her, in a live news conference, to justify … in detail … how she can invoke God in defense of her version of the constitution when that very constitution calls for separation of church and state? And then, when she babbles on trying to dodge the question, keep asking follow-on questions until she finally admits she is wrong.

  17. andrew says

    Michele Bachmann, of all people, should support the right of gay people to marry, after all: SHE MARRIED ONE! If you don’t believe that, call in a gaydar technician, because your gaydar is badly in need of repair.

  18. emjayay says

    Michele said “The people are more important than the Supreme Court.” OK, lets ask the people about gay marriage. Oh wait, Gallup has been asking for years. Popular opinion went majority pro several years ago according to multiple polls, and 65% pro in the 18-29 years old segment.

    Also, I don’t remember God inventing marriage.

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