1. PAUL B. says

    Is he really as dumb as he sounds? If you had a chance to ask him who Lady Macbeth was he would tell you she was some lesbian on Will & Grace. We’ve won this war is Beck is the best they can do.

  2. Maguitac says

    Does that man know how to read? Has he ever opened a book without it being tea-bagging approved?


  3. Geoff says

    No, loon…the voices in your head are talking. Michelle is educated, poised and stable. Perhaps that’s REALLY what’s bothering you – not to mention – she’s black.

  4. Mary says

    Yes, because people like Glenn Beck always care whether lesbian activists have their feelings hurt………and because interrupting a First Lady when she speaks is wonderfully reflective of the type of self-restraint and good manners that conservatives always champion………………..

    Is the sarcasm tag even needed here?

  5. Eric says

    If the Obamas were as evil as Beck considers them to be than they probably would have had him killed. How none of his fans take that as evidence that he is full of it I will never know.

  6. Munro says

    A pudgy clueless white man trying to paint Michelle Obama as an “angry black woman”? I’m shocked.

  7. from Mexico says

    And now Glenn Beck joins the fray:

    What ends up happening in these situations is the same thing that ended happening with Hannah Arendt’s “Eichmann in Jerusalem.”

    The controversy over Arendt’s book came about because she reported the testimony given in the trial about how elite Jews had collaborated in the destruction of rank and file Jews, and how many of those collaborators had wound up in influential positions in Israel. So as she wrote in her postscript:

    “Even before its publication, this book became both the center of controversy and the object of an organized campaign. It is only natural that the campaign, conducted with all the well-known means of image-making and opinion-manipulation, got much more attention than the controversy, so that the latter was somehow swallowed up by and drowned in the artificial noise of the former.”

    So we see the exact same phenomenon happening here, the substantive points the heckler was trying to make getting subsumed in an orgy of partisan histrionics. And of course none of this happens by accident.

  8. says

    Well said, Mary!

    You can tell how much some right-wingnuts like Beck hate Michelle Obama–suddenly they’re sensitive champions of gray-haired lesbians. Their world is a funny, funny place.

  9. David says

    And how would Glenn Beck respond to a heckler? If they are calling his radio show he just hangs up on them. Can’t stand to be challenged on his BS.

  10. Gigi says

    If this had been a “strong, Conservative” woman who’d been heckled and handled herself in such a way, Beck would be singing her praises.

  11. ElCid says

    I mean, what do you expect of someone who promotes its website with the bullet:
    “The fusion of entertainment and enlightenment” ???

    Another puzzling thought to me is: WHO in his/her right mind would actually pay to watch/listen to this excuse of “intelectual” ??!!!

  12. Graphicjack says

    So when Laura Bush did basically the same thing, was she Messailina? Cleopatra? Catherine the Great? Marie Antoinette? Hippo-crite… Spelling intended. He just doesn’t like “uppity” black women. Be honest, you fraud.

  13. desmond says

    Poor, poor Republicans! They’ve got eight years with Obama in the White House, and now it looks very likely eight years with Hillary.

    And, what if Michelle Obama becomes political, after the kiddies are raised? She would be the first black woman President. THAT is what has the Glen Beck’s of the planet stirred up. They’re just looking ahead.

  14. DannyEastVillage says

    I don’t know how Beck has avoided being hospitalized – in a locked ward.

  15. Red says

    How funny to see that bloated racist clown calling the First Lady a “monster”, when he and his entire party and followers are nothing but bigoted, hateful trash hellbent on destroying this country.

  16. Houndentenor says

    The true insanity of this is that Beck is not at all on the side of the protestor. But he’ll do anything to score a few points against any Democrat. Do people like this even know what they are FOR any more or are they solely defined by what they are against?

  17. walter says

    will somebody shut this neo nazis the hell up . why doesn’t just find a corner and cry

  18. Joseph Singer says

    Glenn Beck is grasping for anything that will put his name out there. He’s a media whore.

  19. Maguitac says

    People forget that Glenn Beck is a media whore pulling more than 30 million $$$ a year!

    Yes, the American public is paying the likes of Glenn Beck millions of dollars to spout racist, homophobic and bigoted nonsense over their earphones. That is why the dude dares go so far every time he gets the chance to attack the Obamas. He is very largely paid to do so.

  20. Well... says

    I mean for REALZ, yo.

    Glenn SHOULD give poor MiObam a break, y’all! She only reacted as any supportive wife WOULD react. OMG think about what the obamas are going through, KNOW WHAAHHM SAYIN?

    Poor King B Ho, his administration ALL up in the middle of ALL these scandals, CLUTCH PEARLS! First all the lies about BENGHAZI, then all the lies about the IRS, then all the lies about the ASSOCIATED PRESS, now all the lies about PRISM and PHONE SPYING, AND EMAIL SPYING?

    (gosh…these folks lie a LOT, yo)

    I mean REALLY. It’s gotta be super super hard you guys!! First the man you marry, for no reason what so ever, gets elected PRESIDENT, by a bunch of people who don’t have a clue about who he really is! The HORROR! He makes all these promises about HOPE AND CHANGE, AND TRANSPARENCY, then that all evaporates as people start THINKING for themselves. EEEEEK!

    THEN, just as a girl gets used to being worshiped for nothing other than marrying an inept ding dong, ALL of it just starts crashing down around you and all of the people around you saying YES to everything, and NO that dress doesn’t make your butt look big, start turning on you.

    It’s enough to bust your weave, ain’t it?

  21. Acronym Jim says

    BENGHAZI!!!!! has become the new Godwin.

    And drinking game.

    It’s about time someone brought it up. I was getting thirsty damn it!

  22. Zeta says

    I still wish so hard Ann Richards was still around!

    Posted by: greenfuzz | Jun 8, 2013 8:55:57 PM

    Too true, too true.

  23. Zeta says

    So we see the exact same phenomenon happening here, the substantive points the heckler was trying to make getting subsumed in an orgy of partisan histrionics. And of course none of this happens by accident.

    Posted by: from Mexico | Jun 8, 2013 1:24:52 PM

    The elephant in the room, Mexico.

    Then again, you don’t go the home of allies, and interrupt a speech on expanding opportunities for children, especially poor children… by demanding the President instead address opportunities for a specific and select group of AFFLUENT people — government contractors — or else.

    Ellen Sturtz and her lesbian group brought this on themselves. Beck may be blunt, but to be honest he’s not so different from Sturtz and her group. Again, Beck is blunt; but Ellen’s ‘taken aback’ comment and then her group dictating how Michelle should have responded, are of the same coin as Beck’s bluntness.

  24. jamal49 says

    @greenfuzz May I say, AMEN to that! Ann Richards would be having a field day the last four years or so with all the Republican crazy going on.

    Somebody needs to get in Glenn Beck’s pudgy, doughy, white-@$$ face and slap him silly.

    I volunteer.