1. greenfuzz says

    Put these beautiful creatures back in their natural setting. The folks in colusion with holding them captive should hang their heads in shame.

  2. says

    Good. I’ve been out there protesting at Canada’s MarineLand for similar reasons. It’s DISGUSTING the way these corporate know-nothings pretend to be lovers of these magnificent creatures when all they are are hucksters trying to make a buck at the animal’s expense.

    All of these parks, all over the world, need to be shut the f**k down.

  3. steve says

    just to be a bit of a devil’s advocate…but many people will never get the chance to see these animals in the wild, and possibly seeing them in person inspires conservation efforts (?)

  4. SayTheTruth says

    Sadly you will hear many people arguing in favor of egotistical and hedonistic views, that is, wild animals used for entertainment and even trying to domesticate wild animals because they look “soooo cute”. The “yes, but in order to domesticate them you have to begin at some point” is ludicrous, as if all is justifiable just to have an animal as a living toy. Furthermore, here we have seen videos that seem to encourage contact with wild animals in nature, as if nature was an open zoo and animals are there to be petted.
    Loving wild animals means respecting them in their environment as long as it is possible.

  5. Brian in Texas says

    I think there’s a big difference in accredited zoos with animals in man made natural environments for people to simply look at; as opposed to these types of parks or circuses where animals are forced to perform in a show.

  6. Brian says

    I live in Orlando and I personally know many whale and dolphin trainers. They have the upmost respect and love for these animals. regardless of how terrible they were captured in the 80’s these animals are now born and raised in captivity. releasing them would kill them. Hate me if you wish, but these animals have a positive effect on the humans who see them and the animals themselves are well taken care of. What’s not mentioned in films like this, they are very happy creatures. There is always danger working with wild animals and what happened was an awful tragedy. But releasing these animals is a death sentence. The respect, fascination, education, and love that comes out of every crowd and trainer at Shamu stadium is important. And I’m tired of the PETA bull crap.

  7. says

    Brian, I suggest you talk a long walk down a short pier. Or have ten or twelve drinks and drive yourself home on a foggy night. Do some baking, using Sylvia Plath’s famous recipe.

    In short, you suck and the best possible use for you would be food for these creatures.

  8. says

    “What’s not mentioned in films like this, they are very happy creatures.” Taken an actual poll of Flipper and Shamu, have you? One of the most egotistical and ludicrous statements ever to be written anywhere.

  9. UFFDA says

    Rick, right on bro. Let the sissy swimmers swish right down to the bottom of the pool and stay there. Listen to the dimming sound of Little Ray Kiwi’s last gulps and gurggles as he tries to be significant.

  10. my2cents says

    man made natural environments? really?
    its a fantastic coincidence that this is posted
    adjacent to the Super Man featurette.
    human egoic superiority is so overrated.
    don’t mess with Mother Nature; karmic payback is a b*tch.

  11. Billy Crytical says

    The trailer looks like a lot of hocus pocus. Killer whales are dangerous. The people in this documentary act like a killer whale is not capable of killing a human. They also act like they know the mind of a killer whale. It’s ideal to have animals in nature however the situation now for some animals is terrible. Zoos have helped breed animals near extinct in the wild.

  12. Carlos says

    It’s not just seaworld fault, what about those parents who take their critters to see these magnificent creatures being captive and obeying our silly appetite for entertainment.

  13. Feldon says

    How does this have anything to do with the rights and lives of LGBT people? I thought this was a blog with homosexual tendencies, not the conditions or feelings of entrapped marine mammals.

  14. ger says

    Guess what Feldon – gay people care about things like animal rights, too. In fact, I’d bet that I spend more of my day thinking about things that aren’t explicitly “homosexual”.

  15. my2cents says

    @Feldon: the gay penguins disagree.
    what sentient being does not have conditions
    or feelings of entrapped?
    human egoic superiority re-veal-ed once again.

  16. my2cents says

    @Feldon: the gay penguins disagree.
    what sentient being does not have conditions
    or feelings of entrapped?
    human egoic superiority re’veal’ed once again.

  17. my2cents says

    @Feldon: the gay penguins disagree.
    what sentient being does not have conditions
    or feelings of entrapped?
    human egoic superiority re’veal’ed once again.

  18. Jude says

    Feldon, feeling uncomfortable?

    Sea World and such are disgusting. I hope this documentary gets a lot of attention and I hope it convinces at least some of its viewers to reconsider their position and views on these issues.

  19. says

    This looks to be a powerful documentary about the dangerous consequences from keeping these beautifully intelligent and social animals in captivity. As an avid and loyal member of the Humane Society of the United States, I am adamantly opposed to the use of ANY animal for human entertainment in circuses, water parks, and immersion encounters. If you do the work and see what the vast majority of marine biologists and other doctorally-prepared marine scientists suggest are the ill-effects of keeping whales and dolphins in captivity, you’ll feel the same way!

  20. Moz's says

    just compare a wild orca back fin to 1 in captivity

    Wild ones stand pretty much straight up while those in captivity do not. That is a serious sign of something seriously wrong with the poor creatures in captivity

  21. Thea says

    Steve, Brian and Billy, I have not seen any evidence that seeing these animals in such an unnatural setting promotes conservation efforts. And I would prefer that my young grandson watch some of the great nature videos that show orcas in the wild, rather than see orcas at a place like Sea World. Orcas are not “near extinct”. Forget PETA, there are many other, more reputable organizations who oppose the exploitation of these intelligent, social animals for money. It is true that some captive orcas may not be able to return to the wild–mainly due to the effects of captivity, such as damage to their teeth from biting steel and concrete elements of their tanks (out of boredom, frustration). However, Seaworld continues an agressive breeding program, dooming further generations of whales to a life in captivity. I hope this film gets a wide release and influences public opinion. I am sure the trainers who work at Seaworld love the ocas they work with. Several former trainers agreed to be part of this film, motivated by the same love, and by a new awareness that captivity and exploitation are not in the best interest of the animals they love.

  22. Robert Jordano says

    Humans are THE worst creatures on this planet with NO respect for other living beings, nature, mother nature, or life. And that point is reaffirmed again and again and again and again.

    Beautiful and poignant documentary that obviously needed to be made.

  23. SchoolNow says

    tornados, hurricanes, earth quakes are all mother nature’s payback to human superiority for how it treats other living beings on this planet with it.

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