1. melvin says

    Love it. It shouldn’t go unnoticed that Mika kicked this off by saying “I’m not very pop culture.” Of course, that is all she is and all she aspires to. Brand is after bigger fish.

  2. Gigi says

    “You know what happens if you work in media. People like to change the information
    so that it suits their particular agenda.”
    — Russell Brand

  3. Mother Jefferson says

    He’s too smart for this and exposes how these hosts are trained to avoid anything real or meaningful. Attempts at genuine insight or intelligent conversation are swept away with tedious jokes. If they’d stepped up to the plate they could have had a really interesting segment there.

  4. Dastius Krazitauc says

    I like the HuffPo Live Russell Brand clip much better. Brand asks host Josh Zepps if he is heterosexual, and Josh says no. Then they open each other’s shirts and play with each other’s nipples (very nice, in Josh’s case).

  5. dattexas says

    They were too flippant in the beginning of the interview. Russell caught on very quickly and let them have it. I like MIka, but that introductory statement (not knowing much about POP culture) was rude. The guy with the product in his hair was terrible.

  6. Ray says

    I love Russell and he is so polite and sweet.

    Why were they being so rude and nasty to him.

    Talking about him in the weird third person.

    Just another reason to never watch this crappy show.

  7. Alex says

    Wow-I wasn’t a Russell Brand fan before this, but he clearly, quickly, subtly, as well as overtly dismantled the team, the show, and the function or morning show in general. Clearly Brand is an intelligent and quick-witted man. I wish more artists can assert themselves and their views rather than sit back for soft-pitched interviews! It was hilarious and thought-provoking!

  8. Caliban says

    Yup. Look at Brand’s face after Mika says she’s “not very pop culture.” He looks like he’s quietly seething, thinking “Oh, now this game is officially ON.”

  9. Spike says

    It boils down to: they judged a book by its cover, and unfortunately thats what these “smart” news readers do. They try to act like they are in touch with the surrounding world, but really they have their views of what they expect from certain people and are “impressed” when a person they had little regard for shows some intelligence

  10. darren says

    Russell Brands humour is far too intelligent..
    He’s essentially mocking the rest of us tend to do..(cut to Kristen Wig and Steve Carrel presenting TP Striders on Jimmy Kimmel)

  11. Pete N SFO says

    Media “allows itself to be manipulated by superficial information; don’t be distracted by what I’m wearing.”

    If these people are the hosts, I’m sure their audience was ‘checked-out’ thru Russell’s entire segment… however, he was terrific, we need more of him.

  12. kaccompany says

    The hosts around the table are sickening. The show should be called “The Idiot and The @sshole.” Joe is like any other frat boy from the south and Mika is just plain stupid. And Willie Geist, cute though he is, may be the dullest human being on the planet.

    What’s even more frustrating is their roster of guests on any given day far surpasses any other morning “news” show so if you can suffer through the hosts, the others usually have relevant things to say.

  13. Moz's says

    If you have seen his stand up then you know he is hilarious, brilliant, and an iconoclast…especially dealing with sexuality and religion which he can wax philosophical about though irreverently (rightly so) and in a funny way

    his movies suck though

  14. Leroy Laflamme says

    OH! What a fan am I! Television should be provocative & stimulating, & of course, it’s not. He has tremendous presence. For another glimpse at Brand’s superb manner with people under such artificial & contrived circumstances, Google his visit with Sophia Grace & Rosie on Ellen.

  15. Moz's says

    PS on why his movies never really worked….they were like holywood assuming things via his hair and manner of dress that weren’t anything like his stand up act and he being mesmerized by them throwing money at him hand over fist.

    Ah well, looking foreword to his tour and hoping it gets back to the roots of his comedy/ brilliance

  16. Moz's says

    His obit for Margerete Thatcher

    The blunt, pathetic reality today is that a little old lady has died, who in the winter of her life had to water roses alone under police supervision. If you behave like there’s no such thing as society, in the end there isn’t. Her death must be sad for the handful of people she was nice to and the rich people who got richer under her stewardship.

    His appearing before UK committee about drug addiction

    People need to look past his hair and clothes and understand there is a brilliant mind there that knows and sees more than many others while cutting through the BS

  17. bandanajack says

    to me, this was one of those situations wherein one has two quite valuable and satisfying friendships, but putting the two together in the same room at the same time turns both of them into squabbling children, not that brand or brzezinski were childlike, but simply that they started off and finished at cross purposes, and that yes, the interview started off BADLY, by completely misjudging the content of brand’s character, if one chooses to use that metric.

    i find that as annoying as scarborough’s misconceptions about economics and good government are, he brings smart people of many persuasions to the table to discuss things in a relatively civilized debate style format. some humor is used to leaven what might otherwise be a political gunfight at the OK corral. mika is ANYTHING BUT a talk show bimbo, and continuously throws joe an anchor when he is drowning in his own pomposity. it is the only, imho, political, social talk show worth participating in, and almost always offers a thoughtful discourse in the time allotted.

    clearly, some producer who was aware of brand’s intellectual capacity brought him on to do his promotional schtick, and mika, probably writing him off as a lunatic comic, did not do any research or solicit any opinions. she was, they were, incredibly rude, thinking they were talking over his head, from the very beginning. dismissing russell brand as an airhead while he is a guest is a very very bad idea, and i don’t know yet if they know how badly they came off. i hope they go back and look at the “tapes” for enlightenment.

  18. They got Branded says

    Mika was treating Brand like some bimbo there to promote his show and not worthy of her consideration. He turned that around and she looked like the bimbo.

    Brand always comes off looking like the smart one in every interview I’ve seen.

  19. Keppler says

    The first time in recorded history when “Morning Joe” (or, perhaps, Mourning Joe) can be said to have been anything but endlessly tedious, sanctimonious, pedantic, and pompous. I almost never tune in, but did catch this segment. What a treat!

  20. MSquare says

    Wow, I had to watch this twice. Loved the fact once they all eventually realized what Russell was telling them and how they had no chance against his intellect, control, wit and power, how they arrogantly tried to dismiss him. The woman was stunned. Many people look down on someone superior to them, just because they are in the power position, but these people were exposed! How much therapy and talent they need.

  21. BillinSonoma says

    I’ve never been a fan of Brand’s movies, but he managed in a very brief time to show himself to be 3 times brighter than those dolts who pretend to be TV journalists. I think the entire segment passed, and the hosts still hadn’t figured out that he was making fun of their careers.

  22. Ryan says

    This was a nicer evisceration than what John Stewart did to “Crossfire,” but it was an evisceration nonetheless.

    And the “anchors” were so dumb I don’t think they noticed.

  23. Maria says

    I have been a fan of Russell’s since he kicked the booze and drugs. He’s a very funny and intelligent man. He’s also very tolerant and kind. Around the 2 minute mark you can see him give a sort of look in his eye as if he’s wondering what in the world is wrong with that woman. You can see by Mika’s actions that she catches on she’s offended him and he’s put her in her place, hence her stepping away further from him, pulling her arms in close, shoulders hunched. You can see he has surprised all three of them with his intelligence. I guess they thought they would all make some tacky jokes and that would be it?

    And WHO is Willie Brandt?

  24. says

    So to answer the question put forth, does Russell Brand have a messiah complex? Absolutely but that probably wanes in comparison to some giggly journalists who had their egos delivered in a hand basket courtesy of the messiah himself…

    Journalism, not for a moment but edge off the pants entertainment? Every second of it bixches…

  25. diane says

    the hosts are idiots. they can’t be expected to keep a conversation. also referring to him in the third person is extremely rude and condesending.

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