1. Anastasia Beaverhausen says

    All that marble and plaster yields the same acoustic effect as singing in the shower. Anyone would sound okay there.

    The Michael Bastian collection is acceptable (though nothing new) but the others are comical/hideous.

  2. MikeSin says

    Some of Thom Brown’s attempts to stay relevant are getting slightly desperate. He reminds me of a club promoter in SF who at fourty-something, while not inept at what he does, seems increasingly out of place. The “interpretation” of Daft Punk’s spanking new song seems a little eager to stay on the pulse. Furthermore, like I have always said: male models should be obscene and not heard.

  3. dumbnhung says

    Love the square Amish hat where do I get one?
    Reminds me of the old Gap commercials, just less fun.
    Anyone else notice the uglier models got put in the back – just like at A&F

  4. Jackson says

    Did you read or watch the article or video before you banged out your comment? This video was made by the CFDA, not Thom Brown. The video features several designers. I do think his clothes are in general kind of weird, but he does have a line sold through Brooks Brothers.

    Maybe you are the one who is inept.

  5. gomez says

    this was a really bad idea and the last collection…the hell? kudos to the models for keeping a straight face and earning a paycheck but the fashion industry is ridiculous

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