Christian Action League Head Compares Homosexuals And Squirrels

Gay squirrels

Right Wing Watch has uncovered perhaps the most bizarre condemnation of homosexuality since Pat Robertson compared gay marriage to sex with ducks. In a lengthy postmortem for the Christian Post on the demise of 'ex-gay' group Exodus Interational, Reverend Mark Creech exhibited his total ignorance of homosexuality by stating: 

It's interesting that the concept of "sexual orientation" is based strongly upon one's feelings. How does one know that one is gay? Conventional wisdom says because of the way one feels. Numerous are the individuals who have said, "I've felt that I was gay since I was a child." But if one felt that he or she was a squirrel, would that qualify as proof that one was justified in risking life and limb by climbing trees and eating only nuts?

Rather than go for the low-hanging fruit of the painfully obvious joke about squirrels, gay men, and nuts, I will simply state that the Reverend is confusing homosexuals with otherkin, who are a completely unrelated identity. Stand by for Garfunkel & Oates to compose "I'm A Gay Squirrel."


  1. barryearle says

    Isn’t this the same arguement we will hear about gender identity? Won’t they claim that this is the way HE made you and so just because you feel you are male or female won’t matter because your genitalia determine your identity? These people live in a very small compartmentalized world so they can feel both safe and superior. Ambiguity is not a state of being that brings them any joy, only fear.

  2. john patrick says

    Some of these antigay characters sure have a strange fixation with sex with animals. I do think many of them consider LGBT people less than human.

  3. David Hearne says

    I feel a t-shirt and bumper stickers coming on.

    ANd thank god. Let’s be squirrels, I am so tired of this bears, cubs, and whatever BS. Bears are only fat three months a year.

  4. DanCobb says

    It just goes to show how bad the thinking and reasoning of religionists are. Really bad!

    No wonder they can believe that a fairy in the sky created them!

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