1. says

    AG – stop being angry that this young girl’s parents are more progressive and understanding and knowledgeable than, perhaps, your own.

    I know that for many who still don’t find acceptance and comfort in being Gay seeing parents love and support a trans child is a source of bitter jealousy – but you should be thrilled by this.

    it shows the culture of ignorance and fear is coming to an end.

  2. AG says

    The boy’s parents may be loving in their insane way but they are the source of their child’s gender confusion. The child never had a chance to grow up as a boy. There are no 18-month-old trans kids, there are only 18-month-old parents abuse victims, who will suffer for the rest of their lives.

  3. Not that Rob says

    “There are no 18-month-old trans kids.” How brain dead stupid are you. All trans adults were kids at one point, so yes there are 18-month old trans kids.

  4. JMC says

    AG: Really? It doesn’t exactly take a lot to realize something as significant as your gender, especially if you’re being raised in an environment as open and progressive as this child is. Gender is very narrowly defined for children anyways, one look at a toy catalogue or any children’s show could show you as much. It doesn’t take trans kids long to figure out something’s not right.

  5. Michael Rowe says

    AG, I seriously hope you’re straight, because if you’re gay or lesbian, then you’ve clearly learned nothing whatsoever from all the people who have fought and died in the gay rights struggle for your rights. Throwing transgender people under the bus from the position you now occupy is beyond reprehensible. You should be ashamed of yourself.

  6. David Hearne says

    Isn’t it interesting that self-styled academics have declared that “gender” is a “social construct” but the same people then turn around and declare that being transgendered is hardwired rather than a messed up accommodation to social expectation?

  7. Michael Rowe says

    Gender performance is a social construct. Gender IS hardwired. And people used to use that “messed up accommodation to social expectation” argument to deny rights to gays and lesbians.

  8. says

    Not really, hearne. Because unlike you, we understand the differences between Gender and Sex, and talk to our Trans brothers and sisters to understand the specifics of having a gender and a body that are in “conflict” (for lack of a better word.)

    i love your posts. they reveal how stupid Your Side is :)

  9. Jeff says

    @David Hearne

    You are conflating gender role stereotypes which are a completely social construct with someone’s actual gender which is an immutable trait whether a person is cisgender or transgender.

  10. says

    @Michael – well, that’s why the troll-commenters are so angry. Those who aren’t accepted as gay, and by accepted I do include them accepting THEMSELVES as gay, seem to be very angry when transgendered/transitioning people are accepted.

  11. AG says

    ” All trans adults were kids at one point, so yes there are 18-month old trans kids.”

    Of course all trans adults were kids at some point. That’s not the point. The point is that at such an early age a child cannot possibly make an informed decision to reject his biological gender. The individual has to be much more mature to decide on something so important.

  12. anon says

    Unless incredibly precocious, I don’t see how an 18 mo. child can affirm any gender identity. If you’ve not dealt with toddlers, 18 mo. is about the age when vocalizing single words begins, more commonly seen in females than males, who begin at about 20-22 mos. It’s not even an age when parents make significant gender normative reactions. 18 mo. old children of both sexes are treated about the same. However, keeping small children out of bathrooms for either sex is a bit silly since they don’t really understand the issues and pose no threat.

    Could the story be misleading? Probably.

  13. Gigi says

    @AG re: “Are there anything to them but the punchline of a joke?” That’s very apropos considering it’s coming from someone who’s a joke. The things that you said about transgender people are the same things that have been said about gay people. When I came out at the age of 16 my father – who up until that point told everyone how smart and mature I was – told me that I was “confused” and that I “couldn’t possibly know” what I was. He was as wrong then as you are now.

  14. Derrick from Philly says

    “Gender Studies has about as much cred as Afrocentrism”

    And both may have more cred than a White supremacist’s view of history.

    You know like, maybe the cherry tree shoulda’ fell on little Georgie

  15. Boone68 says

    There are a multitude of disorders of sex development. Perhaps this family chose not share their child’s entire medical history with the entire nation. One of the most common disorders of sex development is one in which the child’s chromosomes are XX but it’s genitals appear masculine. I have no idea how these parents and children make it through life being constantly subjected to hurtful, ignorant fools like authors of some of these posts. You’d think that gay men, many of whom have been bullied and discriminated against throughout their lives, would have a more understanding attitude. Nasty people.

  16. MateoM says

    Notice how AG and David Hearne are the same person. That person, of course, is our resident troll Rick/Jason.

    Don’t fall for it. Just ignore their bigotry and their intentionally hateful comments.

  17. David Hearne says

    “Gender Studies has about as much cred as Afrocentrism”

    And both may have more cred than a White supremacist’s view of history.
    Posted by: Derrick from Philly

    The point of comparison is not an idealized caucasian view of history, it’s history. Stolen Legacy, Black Athena, and the “Tribe Of Shabazz” range from pseudo history to outright fantasy, and so is the curriculum based in the lies of Afrocentrism that has grown out of the empowerment by any means effort.

  18. Chutney says

    @ AG, David Hearne, eightforce88 and a few others; It is interesting to note that in January 2011, The American Medical Association released the long awaited results of many years of peer reviewed research with the conclusion that being transgender is actually a catastrophic birth defect requiring medical intervention and compassionate care.

    Further; last month the American Psychiatric Association removed the disorder classification from transgender and reclassified it as a medical condition, thus removing the egregious stigma of mental illness from what is clearly a medical issue.

    Bigoted name calling and religious moralizing do nothing to change the facts, other than to demonstrate that individuals ignorance. Children as young as 6 months old are clearly able to demonstrate preferences for food, music, toys,clothing and associations with people. I should know, I’m a parent of 4 with 9 grandchildren. And, I’m trans.

  19. Eric says

    Look at all the liberals resorting to personal attacks and insulting people who disagree with name calling. Are you sure you are all old enough to determine your gender? This is a clear cut case of child abuse and it is such a shame that this poor kid is now doomed to a life of confusion and torment just so his parents can make their silly political statment. Children that young cant possibly make such a permanent desision about themselves they are too young! Lets look at this is it possible that the liberal whack job parents are jumping the gun and reading too much into signs that are not even there, or was this child truely born cross gendered.
    This country is gone.

  20. Eric says

    These parents making and enforcing this idea for this child is just as premature as a group of hetero kids deciding a boy who speaks efeminitly is gay. Its jumping the gun. There should be a legal precident that parents must wait til a child is at least sexualy mature before they subject a child to this.

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