1. JP says

    Roswell Street was at the center of the sh*tstorm nearly 20 years ago that resulted in Cobb County’s anti gay ordinance, etc. It’s a bastion of Baptist silliness.

    There is only one problem with Baptists, they don’t hold them under long enough.

  2. Ryan says

    I went to camp as a kid and the hormonal “straight” boys were all jacking off together. They’re all grown up and married to women, and they all have kids. Even if you weeded out the gay kids there’d still be funny business going on in tents. That’s just how curiosity and experimentation work. Oh well, hopefully some other local place steps up and offers a new home for the troop.

  3. NE Rich says

    So sad for the kids, there are great things about scouting. I was a scout and our troop was hosted by the local Catholic parish (30 years ago in North East suburbia). I do remember a very cozy relationship between the church and the troop, in fact most of the kids (including myself) were catholic (at the time, no choice I was 12). We were routinely pulled into mass to thank god for a successful fundraiser or to ask Jesus for forgiveness if we acted up. I’m sorry to say that many US troops are connected with churches (use of facilities if nothing more). The issue I see, if you want your kids in a strictly religious organization, enroll them in say CYO or Baptist Christian Youth Group (same for schools). BSA is NOT a religious institution and should be open to all boys. Oh and its founder was a homosexual man, not a Baptist or Catholic, but don’t let facts get in the way.

  4. J. Banks says

    I said if they started letting gays in scouts this would happen. The church is fully within its rights to withdrawal their support of an organization that now stands contrary to its principals and I can’t totally blame them for doing it. But I do feel bad for those normal scouts who are caught in the crossfire of the gay community using the BSA to try and spar with religion.

  5. Matt says

    It’s amazing that churches love to focus on this “sin” but none other. Nothing gets a standing ovation from these hypocrites more than harping on homosexuality. I guess it makes it easier to ignore that they’re driving Lexuses to churches while toting a Bible that’s filled with Jesus’s preaching against selfish wealth.

  6. Ernest1960 says

    Proverbs 16:18 “…Pride goes before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall. Better it is to be of an humble spirit with the lowly, than to divide the spoil with the proud.”

    I’m thinking that neither he nor the rest of the sheep are not really familiar with this passage!

  7. northalabama says

    keep that christian love flowing. when you realize kicking all the “sinners” out will leave an empty church, what will you do then?

  8. woodroad34d says

    @joe and @grivera = truth

    The sin of hubris, lying, and possible blasphemy for this immoral criminal. Send him straight to hell. Shoot, I’d send him to hell for just looking like a demon.

  9. Chrisme says

    @homer, I believe him when he got a standing ovation. I grew up right down the road from this church and had to have our graduation ceremony there. Cobb County STILL has the proclamation on its books that it is a family community where homosexual activity is not welcome. This is Newt’s old district so… lot’s of uneducated as well a wealthy educated bigots live there.

  10. Rod says

    This church is not Christian, maybe they never were. This is throwing the baby out with the bath water. What about all the other boys in this troop. Maybe it is better this way. Let all the families with sons go to another church and join their scout troop.

  11. says

    the heartbreaking reality is that there are young closeted gay kids in that congregation, who heard those words, and saw that standing ovation, and then thought to themselves “Nobody here will love me or support me when they find out i’m gay”

    once again, the bigots don’t realize that being anti-gay will not make their own kids straight.

    this is shameful.

  12. GregV says

    The Southern Baptist denomination was created in 1845 by pro-slavery activists wanting to maintain anti-black theology. They went on to support Jim Crow laws, to oppose efforts to stop lynchings, to fight against a woman’s right to vote, and in general have stood on the wrong side of history against human rights at every juncture.
    So it is no surprise that those in the pews are still giving standing ovations to a pastor who wants the most vulnerable kids to he branded as untouchables and kicked out of Scouting.
    Disgusting but expected.

  13. Bill says

    Don’t lump all Christians together with bigoted, hate-filled, self described Christians. There are Christian churches that accept any and all without reservations or conditions, and they are cropping up all over the place. Stereotyping is dangerous and just another form of ignorance.

  14. Butch Goodwin says

    Of course Billy Joe,Bubba and Skeeter (first cousins on their Momma and Daddy’s side) thought the pastor was talking about “WHORE-MOANS”

  15. Chuck Mielke says

    Ryan touches on it: These idiots clearly believe in a certain kind of magic, which is this: if there is a rule against it, it doesn’t happen. This “pastor” seems to think that the ban on gays fully prevented gay scouts and scout masters, and that their presence in the scouts was some kind of oversight or criminal act. Why, it sounds as if merely acknowledging reality creates it; “We acknowledge gay people” then, “Oh, no! now we have a brand new reality to struggle with! It’s an act of the devil!” In less extreme terms, this “pastor” seems to think that church is for the elect and not for sinners; “Gotta keep those sinful gays out at all costs!” Another member of the “Purity Pants Parade.”

  16. CPT_Doom says

    So, according to the “minister,” his “church” cannot condone that with God does not. Really? Does he really condone heresy? Does he condone blasphemy?

    The BSA is full of troops sponsored by Mormon “temples.” Mormons, as everyone knows, are not Christians, and all real Christian denominations denounce their false religion and blasphemous “Book of Mormon.” Yet here was this allegedly Christian denomination allowing the boys in that troop to go to regional and national BSA gatherings where they would be exposed to Mormons. What if those boys learned about the Mormon lifestyle? What if they decided to adopt that lifestyle, thereby closing themselves off from heaven for eternity? Wasn’t that a problem, or is it ok because the Mormons hate the same people this a-hole does?

  17. ReaceNYC says

    Growing up in a small town in Texas, I was in the BSA. The closest thing I have ever witnessed to rape happened at summer scout camp. Three boys (who are all married and have children now) held down another boy and took turns forcing him to perform fellatio on their very erect members, while a group of other scouts cheered them on. I was a very upset witness, as was one of the older teenage junior scout leaders. I have always felt guilty for not putting a stop to what happened that day. The kid who was held down was in tears and when word spread at school the next week of what happened, he was the one who was branded a “homo”. This all happened before gays were “allowed” in the BSA. So tired of the hypocrisy of these “loving” people.

  18. Michael says

    It’s amazing that a number of black women have posted comments on the church’s fb page praising his bigotry. I tried to school some of them on rights but it’s probably a losing battle. You can’t preach love the the Southern Baptists.

  19. Hey Darlin' says

    Bigoted small minded congregation gives standing ovation to bigoted, small minded pastor.

    Nazi citizens give Nazi salute to Nazi leader.

    Cult followers drink cyanide Kool-aid after leader drinks cyanide Kool-aid.

    Lemmings follow head lemming over cliff.

    Only one of these never really happened in nature.

  20. Neil says

    @NE Rich:

    Scouts (worldwide) has always been religious organization. The founding principles include duty to God, duty to the king (and/or country) and duty to self. That is fundamental. In fact, Scouting as originally intended to be a youth group program organized by churches until boys began organizing their own troops. It was based in Christianity but expanded beyond that as it spread internationally. Nevertheless, every Scout makes a promise to God in some form and if you don’t believe in any God, that can’t be an honest promise.

    As for Lord Baden-Powell, who founded Scouts, I don’t think it’s quite fair to say he was gay. He certainly enjoyed looking at naked boys. That much is clear, but he did marry a woman and they presumably engaged in sex, as they had several children. There is no evidence that I know of that would suggest he ever had sex with a man (or a boy, for that matter). I think that at most, he may have had tendencies that never really came to the surface.

  21. EchtKultig says

    In college I had a parttime job doing installation of professional audio equipment…we would sometimes go to the services to make sure everything sounded good. I remember a Baptist church where at least 1/3 the congregants seemed like closet cases. I mean, men with full on lisps and prancing manners, married to burly women with buzz cuts. I’m not kidding. I’m pretty sure the minister flirted with me a couple times. Not to say all US fundies are closet cases, but it’s clearly a HUGE means of recruitment for them: “hey kids, you can pray away the gay right here” and one of the reasons they feel threatened by societal acceptance of the LGBTs is that these scared little rabbits might think to themselves “hey, is the way I was born really such a bad thing?”

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