1. Caliban says

    Very nice.

    And not to be a crab, but you’ll notice that unlike the recent “flash mob proposal video,” the speech leading up to the question didn’t last longer than many marriages! ūüėČ

  2. pedro says

    To people who do not understand French phonetics please stop writing GEAUX as a cute form of the English word Go! You just look like an uneducated ass to anyone familiar with French….I will explain why. In French GE equals the phonetic sound ZH not GUH…However if you remove the E and write GAUX then you have a nice play on words.

    Yes I am fully aware that this is much ado about nothing…however it just is one of my pet peeves and grates my freaking nerves to no end.

  3. bambinoitaliano says

    Their home coming embrace has become the updated iconic picture of the sailor that kissed his girl friend at Time Square.

  4. tagg says

    JC…why are they in an empty restaurant and why was it being filmed?? Red Flag anyone?!

  5. RONTEX says

    LMAO @ UFFDA, “Gaux is good and now I’ll go with it. Relax Pedreaux.” I may have to name my next dog Pedreaux in you honor

  6. Bob says

    @Tagg — their friend was across he table, and obviously not a professional videographer. One might guess that their stomachs, being on New Orleans time, were hungry before the dinner rush.
    BTW, you suck! Maybe you should Geaux get some human kindness, lol

  7. Bob says

    or those who are not up to date on them:
    Although Brandon and Dalan met 4 years ago, Brandon was not available and needed to work some things out. Dalan was there as a friend, but held back, partly due to the 14 year age difference. Eventually, as they corresponded during Brandon’s deployment to Afghanistan, they realized they were in love.
    Thus the “famous kiss” was their FIRST kiss.
    For anyone wondering why Brandon jumped up: he is 5’11”, Dalan is 6’6″.

    Currently, Brandon is stationed in New Orleans, and they live in a happy little duplex, cooking meals, playing video games, and petting their cat. Dalan is an accomplished painter, whose works can be found online.

    For Dalan’s 40th last December, Brandon gave him the trip to England they are now on. The proposal took place in a New York restaurant, on the way to Britain.

    They are two REALLY GREAT GUYS — Their love is inspirational, but it is also a wonderful illustration of how ordinary and everyday a same sex relationship can be.
    SGT Morgan and his fiance are loved by the Marines he leads.

  8. Bob says

    PS — their friend who staged the proposal with Brandon and shot the vid just told me it was lunchtime, not dinner

  9. Onnyjay says

    Great, congratulations men. Now when are Towleroad’s so-called writers going to drop moronic cliches like “popped the question” from their copy? What’s wrong with “proposed marriage”??

  10. SayTheTruth says

    It’s so nice and internally healing seeing these moving acts of love finally becoming a reality with normalcy. Imagine all those who will come after us how they will incorporate these examples as part of their common rights, without having second thoughts about if they even are allowed to do them for fear of being attacked. Yes, there is still a bumpy road ahead, but holy, we are closer.

  11. UFFDA says

    Saythetruth – indeed, progress is being made. I love to celebrate the glass as always half full, but sometimes, as in their justly famous kiss, the cup runneth over.

  12. anony6 says

    @ Pedro

    Way to uphold the image of the french (and french sympathizers) as snobs/a$$holes. Gauxe gurl!

  13. Marc says

    One things we gays are more likely to experience than straights is TWO people possibly planning their own proposals. In straight relationships, it’s generally assumed the male will propose. But in gay relationships, how do we know who “should” pop the question? I wonder how many times one of the two will beat the other to the punch? How do we prevent this from happening? Or maybe it just comes with the territory.


  14. Linda says

    Congratulations to you both! My wish is for many many happy years for you together!