1. says

    As much as I loathe some of the over-produced music of today, I do wish this song wasn’t quite so poppy and simplistic. It really sounds like a one finger melody accompanied by a ‘drumbeat’ selection from a 1985 casio midi keyboard.

  2. says

    I am a mean spirited music snob and a jerk and I thought that was pretty great! Not trying too hard, enjoying where they are.

  3. equalitylover says

    Just have to say that this video makes me SO happy. ties together straight alliance (first love) with marriage equality. AWESOME!

  4. tinkerbelle says

    Love the singer ! Hot and talented, best combination. I’ll have to really listen to their music. Rewatched the Xmas Santa video, liked it then, still like it now.

  5. Jeff T says

    Love me some Father Tiger!! Happy song & great timing on the video release congrats men!

  6. Brian says

    Instantly infectious song with a decidedly 80’s vibe, two adorable front men and a charming video. What more do you want from pop music? Loved it!