1. Anastasia Beaverhausen says

    Maybe I just crave drama, but I think it would be funny as hell if we had a civil war over same-sex marriage of all things, and the fundies were globally acknowledged as the rebels. Remember, they promised “The south shall rise again.”

  2. mike/ says

    i would still like to know HOW he plans for them to go about doing this. i know one person who said the only way would be for him to NOT have a same sex marriage. ewwwwwww! wipe that picture from my mind……..

  3. Hey Darlin' says

    I feel the only place Bryan Fischer has any weight is in his own mind. It doesn’t matter what you proclaim, if no one’s listening. The only people who would stop to listen are the ones who already agree with him, or the ones monitoring him.

  4. JONES says

    Fischer has an audience in the tens of millions in 30 states. They listen religiously and take their talking points from this hatemongering hump.

    DOMA gone! Prop 8 Gone!
    His head will be exploding all over those states today.

  5. pdxblueyes says

    Right. Because he now knows more than the Supreme Court…because he says he does. This guy is just a sad piece of work. Maybe he’s so adamant because he’s really one of us, deep down. What a load of crap.

  6. gregorybrown says

    NOW maybe attention can go to ENDA, which will benefit so many more people than the admittedly important but actually peripheral Marriage Equality. There are plenty of us who don’t want to be joined in marriage but need to have security in jobs.

  7. Todd says

    He forgets that we in the LGBT community are also part of “WE THE PEOPLE”. Until, he and those like him, recognize we are also citizens who should have rights equal to anyone without regard to religious affiliation or acceptance of religious doctrine then the only chance for changes with them is with their passing.

  8. tinkerbelle says

    @Todd—I had the same reaction, in three words, he relegated gays to “not people”.

    I’m surprised that scumbags like this jerk aren’t handcuffed, this isn’t free speech, it’s enticement to hatred.

    Like the another commentor said, “he’s a traitor”.

  9. Edmonton Dave says

    He’s an idiot. The states with marriage bans don’t have to do anything, the ruling doesn’t impact them in any way so he’s counselling them to do exactly what they can do regardless, what it means is that folks who are min same sex marriages and legally so in the jurisdiction where they were married, can now access federal benefits they couldn’t before. He needs to crawl back under the stank rock he crawled out from under.

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