1. Mike says

    Huh? Well THAT was inane and certainly in very bad taste “JMC”, “JMC’s mom” and “Sylvatica” [sigh]. No,Pedro, the WONDERFUL Stephen Fry is most certainly NOT a racist. As LiamB has pointed out that was just a mini flash mob of trolls. Good by and good riddance to them!!!

  2. Ryan says

    Andy — these comments are out of control.

    Please update the commenting system. It would deeply sadden me to think Stephen Fry could ever visit your site and see trolls publish deeply hateful comments.

  3. Tatts says

    Stephen Fry’s appearance last week on the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson was astounding. Just those two talking for the full hour. Wow. Fun, smart, witty. Search for it online and watch.

  4. Mike Ryan says

    So incredibly sad to hear that Stephen would find life so depressing that he would try to take his own life but it is understandable. Many people are plagued by depression and without medication it can overtake you. Thankfully he did not die and we still have him here today. What a loss it would be to lose him. He is an amazing and wonderful man.

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