Gay Firefighter Who Was First Responder to Pentagon on 9/11, Dies

Phillip Curtis McKee III, one of the first responders to the Pentagon after the attack on 9/11, died May 31 in Virginia, the Washington Blade reports:

MckeeFamily members attribute McKee’s death to complications from injuries and illness linked to three days of fighting the Pentagon fire following the 9/11 attack, including inhalation of toxic dust, a severe leg injury that resulted in him being wheel chair bound, and a prolonged bout of post-traumatic stress disorder.

McKee’s husband and partner of 15 years, Nopadon McKee, said the injuries forced Phillip McKee to retire from his job as a firefighter due to disability. Although he displayed “tremendous courage” in persevering as an artist, businessman, and author over the next 12 years, the injuries and his struggle with PTSD took its toll, Nopadon McKee said.

McKee was 41.


  1. Bobby F says

    Very sad news that anyone has to suffer thru such a horrible ordeal.

    I wonder if he committed suicide since PTSD is listed among the contributors of his death?

  2. bandanajack says

    will his spouse receive any pension benefits accruing to mr. mckee, i wonder?

    perhaps even social security? scotus?

  3. Kevin says

    And under DOMA and Virgina law,Nopadon McKee is a perfect stranger to him despite the fact they were together for 15 years,which includes the time after he was injured.
    Not many couples will too that yet the bigots tell us our love isn’t real.

  4. Peter M.f says

    Very sad. 9/11 is still killing people.

    Phillip Curtis McKee III, you were a true hero to all of us. Rest in peace.

  5. jamal49 says

    May God rest his brave, beautiful soul. Condolences to his husband and their families.

  6. John says

    PTSD is an overwhelming challenge for thousands of people, including many veterans – particularly from Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan. The lack of support by the government is shameful.
    Phillip Curtis McKee III, rest peacefully. My condolences to his husband and other loved ones.

  7. SpaceCadet says

    A real hero at peace now. Hopefully, firefighters have masks as standard equipment so that they don’t breathe in fumes, smoke, toxic dust, etc. Seems like common sense.