1. Not that Rob says

    Considering how much of a fit they’ve thrown through the whole process, even if they allow it to pass I doubt it’s going to give them much credibility among the Latino community.

  2. sean says

    With Hispanic women having kids at 4x the rate of white women, it’s just a matter of time before Republicans winning national office is a thing of the past. Not that I think breeding your way into power is a good thing; it’s just the reality of the demographics of our country now.

  3. Hey Darlin' says

    It’s like lets choose the most talked about names and we can be sure they’ll get elected. You can’t market a candidate based on looks (Palin) or name recognition (Ryan) or a bad family history (Bush). I feel like it’s all come down to marketing today. We’ll catch the young votes with a hip jingle and a well placed ad. NO!

    America is getting smarter than the GOP is the main problem with the party. Add to that the cultural shifts happening today. The tricks have stopped working, unfortunately that’s all they seem to have (where’s the substance?).

  4. Derrick from Philly says

    @ Not that I think breeding your way into power is a good thing; it’s just the reality of the demographics of our country now.”

    Oh, so you don’t like Latino Americans either, Sean. Do you like Asian Americans?

  5. misha says

    If only Lindsey would come out as the first Trans Senator, it would show just how “inclusive” the GOP actually is and has been. Yeah, right…but really, I do believe he’s the first Senator who is a trans-gender.

  6. Here's to Hillary's Good Health says

    If Hillary is in good health come 2016, then picking a Republican candidate is like re-arranging the deck chairs on the Titanic.

    It’s scary to hear that they pin their hopes on the likes of Paul Ryan or Marco Rubio who both are so painfully obviously inadequate. Are they thinking that after G. W. Bush anyone can fill the position?

  7. gb says

    Is that a Guardian Angel or The Angel of Death on the Towelroad masthead? Painting the babies room lavender before we know its’ sex? Get ready for history. History is full of surprises.

  8. jjose712 says

    Yes, history is full of surprises, but they are in a very bad position.
    The far right movement in the republican party in recent years will prevent a moderate candidate to be elected by the gop. And a moderate candidate is the only republican type of candidate who has a chance.
    Of course there are other factor, like the economy (Rommey in a good economy would never has a chance), but if the USA economy recovers, the only way a Republican candidate will have a chance is if he is a truly moderate, someone able to respect minorities.
    And with the influence of Tea party the chances of that kind of candidate being elected are very small.
    They put themselves in a corner and the “traditional voter” not ensure a victory in a national election anymore

  9. Moz's says

    @ sean

    the irony is repubs are the 1st and loudest to cut education spending and especially sex education

    all studies show that basic education of females = thus enabling them to progress/ get better jobs in life reduces birth rates no matter the race…..while sex education is pretty self explanatory in that when women are given more control over their bodies and lives they in large numbers choose to have smaller families

    Anyway; the point is that repubs who are bemoaning the demographics issue are in large part contributing to it. INCREASING basic public education spending across the board and comprehensive sex ed would see the demographic difference leveling out/ balancing out

  10. sean says

    @ Derrick –

    Yes, I like Asians. I am Asian. Most of my friends, family and acquaintances are decent people, are employed, and work for what they have. I have a couple of uncles who are a-holes. But don’t we all?

  11. Derrick from Philly says


    I remembered that you are of Korean ancestry. So my question was kinda’ facetious.

    And I admire the work ethic of Asian Americans. You see, I don’t disrespect Asian Americans the way that some folks disrepect Black and Latino Americans.

    And guess what, Sean: most Black and Latino Americans are decent people, are employed and work for what they have. And we pay taxes. Those folks just don’t make the news.

  12. Jere says

    Palin will never again be taken seriously as a candidate…for anything. She gave up being a politician the moment she resigned as Governor of Alaska. If she was serious about participating in politics, she would never have resigned her office to become a Fox News talking head/celebrity. Bush would have the fundamental problem of having to differentiate himself from his brother and basically have to say “My brother f-cked up…here’s how I’m NOT him.” and I don’t think he has the self-awareness to do so. Family seems to be very important to the Bushes and I don’t think Jeb would have much leeway in criticising his brother, even if he wanted to do so. His hands are tied and I don’t think he’d get very far that way. Rubio might work, but not if he keeps embarrassing himself saying things like how he’s going to walk away from the immigration bill if it includes LGBT folks.

  13. RWG says

    This closet-queen cretin is whistling past the graveyard. Even if immigration reform is passed, after the wider Latino population discovers how punishing a process it will be for their relatives to obtain legal status and citizenship, most of them will still hate the GOP. And let us not forget that the GOP has been assaulting women’s rights day and night, relentlessly, since 2010, in the Congress, in state legislatures, in governor’s mansions….do the Republicans think any modern woman is going to vote for any GOP candidate? Seriously? The GOP is headed for extinction. Period.

  14. Bob R says

    They may have a “deep bench” but it’s filled with hacks, has beens and clowns who are unelectable on a national level. But then, do they really care? If they can keep or widen their control of the House and capture the Senate, they will in all reality control the country. Presidential vetoes can be overridden. The President can use the bully pulpit, but thanks to Gerrymandering GOP House seats are relatively safe. The GOP controls more state legislatures than Democrats and there are more Red and lean Red states than Blue, so the Senate can be taken a lot easier than the WH. With both houses of Congress and the Supreme Court in their control, who really gives a damn about the WH?

  15. tomj says

    The GOP is diffidently going down hill with Graham and his senile buddy John(warmonger) McCain calling for ground wars, invasions and bombings on a daily bases

  16. Miguel A. Mendoza says

    People are being too sure when it comes to the supposed “death spiral” of the GOP. Political trends waver almost as much as trends in popular music. What’s hot this season can be cold the next. Look how politically and socially conservative the 1980’s were after the very liberal 1970’s…the Republican dominated 2000’s after the Democratic 1990’s. It’s a pendulum that swings back and forth, or in this case left and right.

    Everyone is cockily championing Hilary ’16, as if it’s some sort of sure thing, but I wouldn’t be so sure about that. After 8 years of a Democratic president, the country **will** be open to a change in politics…and I can easily imagine that a Republican will be able to take the ball and run. Let’s not forget that Obama didn’t win reelection by a landslide, either. It was actually a rather narrow victory, one that wasn’t helped by the working middle class — whom he only received 36% support from.

  17. Sam says

    The only thing the GOP had going for them was being fiscally responsible and they threw that out of their tent with GWB although arguably, that started with Reagan.

  18. Whose Interest? says

    The GOP has never been fiscally responsible. Right now Republicans are calling for an invasion of Syria, but they don’t want to pay for it. They would also like to invade Iran, also at the expense of the middle class.

    Mr. McCain would you raise taxes to pay for these invasions?

    They speak of “our interests” in the region. Really? Name one. You better not say oil. Iraq’s oil goes largely to China.

  19. Jose carrabbas Tu Quiero Taco Bell Feliciano says

    Let’s not forget that Obama didn’t win reelection by a landslide, either. It was actually a rather narrow victory, one that wasn’t helped by the working middle class — whom he only received 36% support from.

    Posted by: Miguel A. Mendoza | Jun 17, 2013 7:58:39 PM

    Oh Miss Miguel put a sock in it just because you voted for Romney. We know you’re hiding relatives who are here illegally just shut up and keep being a shrill for the GOP! Poltics are changing!

  20. JimH says

    I wouldn’t be too sure about the republicans dying off that quickly. In a country where people take pride in their ignorance and lack of critical thinking skills there will always be the republican party to use them as their witless tools.

  21. flafreethinker says

    The death spiral needs to hurry up and end this nightmare. The GOP is so out of touch with reality, so filled with hatred, it is imploding on itself and we can issue last rights shortly. Adios to ultra conservatism.

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