1. Les says

    This is the real true Superman; the previous attempts all look silly in comparison. See this one and then Netflix the others – you may be feeling nostalgic for no good reason.

  2. Bobby says

    I loved the movie and I’m going to see it again today in IMAX. I thought the story was perfect and the action SUPER incredible.

    The people who don’t like the movie are either idiots or have no business watching a SUPERMAN movie.

    And the hairy chest is HOT HOT HOT! Henry Cavill is achingly beautiful.

  3. TL says

    In the comics he shaved by using his heat vision and a mirror. In a much older comic he used a sharp piece of wreckage from the ship that brought him to Earth.

  4. iowan says

    ted – then why bother wasting more of your precious time commenting on the article you clearly didn’t feel worthy of attention.

    I’ve spent a couple of years reading this blog – there is variety based on the interest of the readers AND the blogger. I enjoy science, I enjoy the articles related to science. I enjoy comics, I enjoy articles related to comics.

    I don’t enjoy negativity and over time I taught myself to stop reading the comments on any articles posted on Towleroad. Why? Because of the small group of people who negatively blast each and every post on the blog.

    How about the ‘chronically negative’ people spending their time elsewhere, on topics they enjoy, in places they enjoy them? Practice a little self control and avoid what you don’t like. And stop ruining my experience of a blog I generally enjoy!!

    If you think you aren’t going to enjoy an article — don’t read it. Don’t waste your time. And don’t further waste your time writing a comment that taints the experience for others who may indeed enjoy the article and wouldn’t mind a little conversation about it.

    The phrase, “opinions are like a$$holes, everyone has one but I probably don’t care about yours” comes to mind. 😉

  5. HadenoughBS says

    I’ve seen all the Superman flicks starting with the ones starring the late Christopher Reeve. Personally, I liked this current one with Henry Cavill the best. Although I think Brandon Routh is a good-looking man, Henry Cavill is, well, stunning. I hope the success of this film will give new opportunities to be on the big screen.

  6. woodroad34d says

    I’ve been watching the Superman movie serial from the 1940’s/1950’s with Kirk Alyn. Wonderfully campy and cheesey, yet somehow involving. It’s a nice contrast to the slicked up version (which I also liked and agree with the comments about Hairy Cavill…er…I mean, Henry Cavill. I know I’ll be the object of a fatwa, but I didn’t really like Christopher Reeve as Superman or Margot Kidder as Lois Lane….too cartoony.


    Have just seen the movie and I loved it. Plus, I consider this man to be one of the most handsome of the world. Too much goodness in a movie to let it pass.

  8. Brad says

    Here, here iowan. I always find it strange that people will waste their time complaining about what a waste of time fun/happy/sexy articles are. If you don’t find it worthy of your time or news, then skip past it.

    Me, I liked the movie a lot. Not sure why its getting so much mediocre/bad press. I thought it was very enjoyable. I guess I go in knowing its a superhero movie and expecting fun entertainment, not artistic brilliance or ingenious story lines.




  10. floridaguy727 says

    My husband and I went on a date to see Man of Steel. Two thumbs up on the hairy chest. We both enjoyed it very much. The story line was interesting. The acting was top rate. And surprisingly the special effects were very realistic, unlike most superhero movies we’ve watched. I could tell that a lot went into making this movie and it showed. There was only one downside and that was there was no real hero music like the last superman movie. don don don don, donnt a don.

  11. from your lips to a producer's ears says

    yes, great idea, a re-make of Tarzan with a hairy Cavill, wearing a loin cloth on a breezy day, now while he’s still in shape from Superman

  12. Topol says

    @iowan who wrote, “then why bother wasting more of your precious time commenting on the article you clearly didn’t feel worthy of attention.”

    I like to hear different opinions. One doesn’t have to like what you do to get permission to state his views.

  13. Sammie says

    @ the next sequel: Hey Clark, honey we all know your secret, so skip the interview at the Daily Planet….be your won boss and start your own Kal-Kent Entertainment Studios site. Best of luck!

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