1. Paul R says

    How to avoid this issue: don’t play into stereotypes or don’t care what other people think. I far prefer the second approach.

    This clip was kind of useless.

  2. Thomas says

    That takes some Beth Ditto size balls to dance around naked when you are that size, thank God there are fearless people like her in this world.

  3. Tom Cardellino says

    What an expressively unique way to answer an unreflective question asked uncountable times about me, too, as well as equally uncountable times since time immemorial of so very many LGBT folks (and, curiously enough, even by other LGBT folks.) Brilliantly funny and poignant simultaneously; that is a difficult (and in this case comically brave) balance for one mind to achieve. Loved her thinking and the video of which her talented brain conceived!

  4. Bryan says

    @ MArk… “She made her point without sarcasm, I wish some gays could learn from this…”

    Uh, sweetie baby honey-pie twinkle-tush… That _was_ sarcasm.

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