1. Will Hopkins says

    Thanks for posting my song Andy! Just to clarify, while I wrote the song with Ellen Britton, it’s sung here by Troy Johnson, one of the best dang singers you’ll ever hear. Will Hopkins

  2. bandanajack says

    or on first listen more likely alan.

    a song that i dearly hope gets some play out on the country circuit. well written, and wonderfully sung.

  3. John says

    Careful Paul or “Napoleon complex” Ray (Little penis, I mean Kiwi) will jump all over you for saying anything against non-masculine gays. Of course if he were so proud of being an effeminate gay man he would go by his real name and not hide behind the name LK.

  4. Ellen says

    Thanks to all who’ve listened to our song — I’m proud of what the song says. Please feel free to share the video — we want to spread the song far and wide. Folks can show their support by buying it on iTunes, Amazon, or CD Baby.

  5. FakeOutrage says

    Personally, I think the song was strong enough to stand on the original message about a gay man growing up in a straight and how he felt. The “twist” at the end wasn’t necessarily needed and to be honest kind of took me out the story for a brief second. Sure, making an analogy about being gay and Jesus is certainly fine, but again, the sond was powerful without.

    Also, there were some parts of the songs that didn’t necessarily connect to the Jesus analogy. Namely, “would you trust your kids around me”. That is a particualry gay thing, but not a particualry “Jesus” thing. Again, my own opinion. Overall, I enjoyed the singing and felt the song was strong enough on it’s own without the twist. Nice job.

  6. Tom Cardellino says

    Great song, touching on so many “issues” that anti-gay folks like to pretend exist when the contrary is the truth. Not a big fan of “country music” but these song writers and this singer have done the entire LGBT community a great service by creating such a well-integrated strongly written melody and lyrics that it will do great good for the oppressed young folks who’ll hear this song and realize that, as they may feel “different,” so do we all as we try our best to live the longest and most authentic lives we are able, as we are able each in our “different” way.

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