Indiana Pacer Roy Hibbert Fined $75,000 for ‘No Homo’ Remark


Yesterday, Steve reported on the "no homo" remark made by Indiana Pacers center Roy Hibbert at a post-game press conference. At the time he hadn't been fined by the NBA. Now, he has:

The N.B.A. fined Indiana Pacers center Roy Hibbert $75,000 Sunday, hours after Hibbert apologized for using an antigay slur and an obscenity in a news conference after his team’s victory against the Miami Heat in Game 6 of the Eastern Conference finals.

Hibbert apologized for the slur in a statement yesterday, saying I used a slang term that is not appropriate in any setting, private or public, and the language I used definitely has no place in a public forum, especially over live television. I apologize to those who I have offended, to our fans and to the Pacers’ organization. I sincerely have deep regret over my choice of words last night."


  1. Alex Parrish says

    At least he gave a REAL apology, unlike some offenders who apologize “if anyone was offended,” etc.

    With I real apology like this, I am inclined to give the guy a break (unless he makes a habit of it.)

    It would be interesting to know where the fines go, I agree.

  2. Alright. Fine. says

    The league and the players association split all fines 50-50, and then give it to charity or “charitable endeavors,” including league-run initiatives like the Read to Achieve program.

  3. simon says

    Times have changed. It was treated on the same level as racial slurs. You can say racial slurs are funny but they are still unacceptable. NBA should be lauded for sending an important political message.

  4. Jonathan says

    This pretty much ignores that he also dropped m*****f***** in the same interview. There is some question as to whether the fine would be as high if he had only said one or the other.

  5. Francis #1 says

    Sorry, John, but not everyone is cool about being made a joke of.

    Anyway, the fine wasn’t just because of no homo but because Roy Hibbert cursed and his general actions regarding the entire press conference. The real test will be when/if a player is seen using the slur on court or uses it against a referee.

    With that being said, it is a strong fine and it sends a good message of no tolerance. Although, 75K is chump change for Roy Hibbert.

  6. Derrick from Philly says

    @ “Good for the league, double it how would he react if someone used the n-word”

    In the NBA? He would simply call them the same thing.


  7. Pithy says

    This seems stupid. If he had just said, “but not in a gay way,” we might have all been annoyed, but I can’t imagine anyone would be fining him for it.

    I think we do ourselves no favors when we seem like whiny crybabies who need someone punished everytime they say something (arguably) offensive.

    But the NBA can do what it wants here. I just think to some degree you lose sympathy when you punish the least little nonsense that someone says. Save this for the real offenders.

  8. says

    At first glance the fine does seem rather excessive. However if you take in consideration the profanity and his behavior during the interview, I guess it makes sense. Also 75k is probably nothing to these guys so whatever.

  9. Belthazar says

    True fines are given to charities and donating to Ali Forney Center is a good idea. However, many times these fines are quietly reversed or drastically reduced (Union) — remember Saints-Bounty Gate (Players not Coach). Nevertheless, it does send a message that certain behavior is not acceptable.

  10. Francis #1 says

    There’s no reason to say “but not in a gay way” either, Pithy. None of that is necessary at all. With his boys? That’s one thing. In a press conference, that’s another thing entirely. Also, it’s not whining to call something out for being homophobic, which is what no homo is. It’s a homophobic phrase. Homophobia is wrong. When a famous athlete uses such a slur in this way, it gives licence to real homophobes (which Roy Hibbert isn’t) to use such speech. It’s wrong, period, and hence, there are consequences.

    It’s also about self-respect. Too many gay/bi men are perfectly willing to turn a blind eye to these types of slurs and pretend it’s not a big deal, yet want to complain about societal homophobia. Nope. Casual, unintentional homophobia is still homophobia. If anything it’s almost as damaging at blatant homophobia because it highlights how fundamentally anti-gay our society is, that anti-gay jokes are considered jokes at all and not a big deal. Yet replace homo/gay/etc. with ANY other group and there would be hell to pay.

    I’m tired of being the punchline of the joke for heterosexuals to laugh at.

  11. Zell says

    As homophobic phrases go, I’m personally less offended by “no homo” than virtually anything else. It’s dumb but it’s about the same level of offensiveness to me as “that’s what she said” is to women. Let’s not alienate our allies by flipping out over something stupid like this.

  12. Will T says

    sorry but this isn’t nothing, It’s used in the show The Boondocks as a running joke by stating no homo to something that sounds gay after right before. I don’t know many gay men that would have a problem with the phrase in context but seriously it isn’t meant as anything but I am not gay for what I just said.

  13. Just_a_guy says

    “No homo” unmistakeably is offensive and antigay. Whenever I hear it, I grimace inside, and feel like I was just told I shouldn’t exist. It’s one of the most offensive slurs that I know.

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