Jane Lynch Divorcing

Jane Lynch is divorcing her wife Lara Embry, People magazine reports:

Lynch_embry"Lara and I have decided to end our marriage. This has been a difficult decision for us as we care very deeply about one another. We ask for privacy as we deal with this family matter," Lynch says in a statement.

Lynch, 52, and Embry, 44, met at a 2009 fundraiser in San Francisco at which Embry was being honored. Shortly after confirming their engagement, the women married on Memorial Day in 2010 in an intimate ceremony in Sunderland, Mass., one of the few states where gay marriage is recognized.


  1. Diana says

    “Shortly after confirming their engagement, the women married”

    And this is why people – gay and straight – shouldn’t be jumping into a marriage so quickly.

  2. markkee says

    We the “Gays” – so enjoyed the publicity of the engagement and wedding – why can’t we participate from the sidelines for the
    D I V O R C E?

  3. WDK says

    Thank you, Jane Lynch, for proving that we are just like everyone else by getting a divorce. Just please don’t make any statements about honoring the sanctity of marriage, because a few of us actually would.

  4. Seattle Mike says

    Newsflash: Gay celebrities sometimes rush into marriage just like straight celebrities and then realize “Oops” and get divorced.

    I sure do wish that high profile gay people would realize that this doesn’t help the cause, but actors (in particular) are not known for being the most intelligent, forward-looking of people.

  5. MickyFlip says

    And this is why I, personally, don’t want to jump into a marriage after just meeting someone. In fact, I’m not even certain I really want to tie the knot. Ever. It’s things like this that make me cringe. Just my personal opinion.

  6. gregorybrown says

    We have to be prepared To see this kind of news, from any couple, not just celebs. Marriage Equality is NOT a guarantee of eternal mateship. Absolute “faithfulness/monogamy” do not automatically follow marriage vows for anybody.
    That said, I hope they can move apart with good feelings for what they had and prosper on their new paths.

  7. Avenger280 says

    Jane and Lara’s story is just like so many other couples (gay and straight). They meet. They bond. They marry (for better or for worse). For whatever reasons they realize that their decision wasn’t wise and they separate/divorce. Their story is no different than thousands of heterosexual couples around the world. In short… they are just like everybody else. Human and flawed. Sympathize with them and support them both during this difficult time. Neither of them is wrong or right. Jane and Lara are both flawed and imperfect humans.

  8. Asher says

    Hmmm….was the comment I posted earlier today moderated? Interesting! I basically said, “I’m so tired of all the talk about gay marriage…has everyone forgotten about AIDS?” What was wrong with that, thought police!?

  9. johnny says

    Asher, yes, we’ve forgotten about AIDS because by this point – after all we know about HIV – if you’re STILL participating in unsafe sexual practices and get the resulting HIV then you are an idiot and we don’t want to claim you as one of our own.

    As to this marriage ending, remember, these are celebs, they marry and divorce with the speed of fruit flies. Kim Kardashian, anyone?

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