1. Mike says

    Sorry, but why is sooo white and everyone else is not? So some some drag queen went up there and lip-synched to Gag-gag? Hmmm.

  2. Bill says

    One of the best, if not THE best renditions of the U.S. national anthem that I’ve ever heard from one of today’s singers. And she performed it acapella!

  3. JJ says

    Geoff, while I agree that Whitney did wonderfully, she did it with a backing track at the super bowl. Gaga did it straight, and acapella to boot.

  4. Jeff says

    Not to take anything away from Whitney, but her version was lip synched, as are some other televised performances at sports events. It’s still a classic.

    Discussing versions of the song shouldn’t be about comparison – Gaga’s version was so moving, even more so for being acapella. And how often do you hear it at gay pride events, during an historic week like this, from a performer who’s put so much attention on LGBT issues?

    Her Good Morning America interview on HIV & safer sex had one of the best comments I’ve ever heard from a celeb on the topic (starting at 5:49): (dot) com/watch?v=NkhoUBBQTp0

  5. Gonzo says

    She did a great job but idiots that cheer
    during the National Anthem ruined it. SHUT UP!!

  6. Red says

    Backing track or not, Whitney Houston’s powerful version of The Star Spangled Banner can never be surpassed, IMO, but Lady Gaga sounded fantastic, without a doubt.

  7. don't a tell la says

    poor whitney, committed suicide by all the substance abuse.

    enough with the gag, please.

  8. Lee says

    Very nice performance. Im sure the Madonna and Britney trolls will have NOTHIN but nice things to say.
    And to those who keep whining at Whitney lip syncing…watch jer Welcome Home Heroes performance where sing sings the exact same version live in front of our troops…then have…a…seat…

  9. Paul says

    That incredible performance from Gaga made me proud to be American – which is weird because I’m British.

  10. eric b says

    That speech was disgusting. It was all about HER and how she is the victim. Once again, she takes an event and makes it all about HER. I cant believe you guys are falling for this.

  11. toolshed says

    That speech was cringeworthy. She is completely using our community to promote herself as the messiah for gay rights. That is pretty disgusting.

  12. Satan says

    This feels… ¿fake? Yeah, it feels fake. I don’t know, the fact that her new album is coming soon this year AND NOW she appears in public supporting the gay community is really weird. This speech lacks of sincerity and the tears are WAY too much, in my very own opinion.

  13. lance says

    Good voice, but that speech was….horrific. she is not helping the gay community. She is basically inserting herself into a cause others have worked hard for.

  14. Bill says

    I can not believe the depths that she will go to….

    For me, any talent she has is completely drowned in a sea of lies and garbage.

    Yes Gaga, your “struggle” at your rich prep school where you claim you didn’t fit in because you had a big nose is exactly like the struggles of gay youth. Uh-huh. I can only imagine how horrible it was for you growing up in your privileged little world.

    Could you reference any of your own work/songs more than you did?

    She hasn’t had a decent song in years and has pandered to our community again and again and yet so many treat her as some sort of icon or goddess.

    Wake up people- don’t let this huckster speak for you!

  15. says

    that Gaga inspires so many young people to love themselves and embrace who they are and feel LOVED is wonderful, wonderful, wonderful.

    keep it up, Lass.

  16. Bill says

    She is there for their money and could care less about if they actually love themselves or not.

    And let me get this right…. She was “considered” an outcast because she had a big Italian nose among other purported reasons.. Born that way. So her message is to be proud of what makes us outcasts and celebrate how we were born but she has obviously had worked done to reduce her “heritage” nose. How does that even make sense???

    So it would seem like her real message is:
    Be proud that you are born that way unless you have enough money to change it to fit in better??

  17. says

    Bill, the point you’re missing is that her fans are empowered. And Out. and Proud. and inspired.

    so far, as far as i can tell from the gloriously funny world of Online Commenters, is that the “i hate lady gaga” crowd seem to be a collective group of unempowered ninnies venting fury from the Online Closet.

    you can twist her “message” into anything you want it to be, in an internet forum – at the end of the day, she’s inspiring people to Live Out Loud, while your disdain for her seems to have inspired nothing more than Anger In A Vacuum.

    So, yeah :-)

  18. Bill says

    So instead of answering any of my points you deem anyone who doesn’t agree with you on the value of lady gaga as Unempowered ninnies. Nice! I mean it is obviously a completely inteligent and sane conclussion. “Lady gaga empowers people so if you don’t like her you can’t be empowered.”

    Your name-calling right out of the gate Is usually the sign of someone who knows they can’t win an intellectual argument and so they try to bully and name call their way to being right. Funny thing is is that what you just did is what gaga preaches AGAINST!

    Why don’t you come back at me when you have a valid and/or intelligent thought to discuss? In the meantime, go back to blindly defending your idol without any self reflection or consideration of other people’s valid opinions and expressions.

  19. says

    your “points” are negated by the plain and clear reality that her fans are empowered and Out and Proud.

    she’s actually not my idol. but i think it’s wonderful that she’s making so many young people feel loved and inspired to be themselves.

    that’s the thing – you don’t need to be a fan of hers to appreciate what she’s done for others. were a wee one, i’d likely be her number one, but i grew up in the 80s and 90s: i’m a Cyndi Lauper/David Bowie gay 😉

    you want an “intellectual argument?” about, what? about the fact that you dont’ like lady gaga and insist that her message is _______________ despite the fact that her legions of young fans are embracing themselves?

    sorry, buddyboy. you’re nonsense in a vacuum.

    you don’t have to like her. but for you to insist that her message is failed is negated by the sheer fact that her message is empowering millions.

    go out in the sun. hatign lady gaga on your computer won’t make your life any better, nor hers any worse.

    happy pride!

  20. says

    Out Gay Kid: lady gaga inspires me to love myself

    Miserable Codger on the Computer: no she doesn’t! she’s a hypocrite who just wants your money! she is sending a bad message! she doesn’t want you love yourselves!

    Out Gay Kid: but i listen to her and it’s helped me love myself.

    Miserable Codger on the Computer: no it hasn’t! she had a nose job! you should be angry about that!

    Out Gay Kid: what on earth are you talking about?

    Miserable Codger on the Computer: she’s a phony! her message is a failure!

    Out Gay Kid: then how come i’m so happy!

    Miserable Codger on the Computer: you’re not happy! you’re just as unhappy as i am.

    *end scene*

  21. Tom says

    that speech was full of so many sweet nothings. all she does is say cliches about equality and fairness and yadda yadda yadda and the crowd eats it up.

  22. says

    yup. they ate it up, felt nourished, and continued to be Out and Proud and Empowered.

    is that what’s getting your panties in a twist? that disliking Lady Gaga hasn’t helped you overcome your own insecurities about being gay?

  23. Bill says

    Your smugness and complete avoidance of any real debate is laughable.
    Your entire defense against my critical thinking on her is that my opinion can not be valid or valued because I am an angry closeted queen who doesn’t go outside and thinks that by hating on her on a message board I will somehow bring her down.

    You dismissively throw in “so yeah” and “go outside…” As if you have somehow debated and disproved my points. Nope. You avoided my points and have tried to bully and name call me into submission. Your attempts at being dismissive and cute have failed as miserably as your debating skills. Stick your fingers in your ears and scream”gagagagagagagaga” whenever someone dare criticize her…and then you attack the person as opposed to having the ability to rationally discuss the issues they brought up.

    Yes gaga has empowered some youth. She didn’t start the revolution she came along at the final push. I am happy that you and other little monsters take such comfort from her and her preachings. I am happy people get to live their lives as they deem fit. But gaga was a small part of this and for you to dismiss any critical judgement on her because she has helped empower people is ludicrous.

    You defend gaga on this site from anyone who says they question her. Not one comment slips by without you riding in on your highway unicorn to defend her. How many other sites do you troll in her defense? and then to accuse me of needing to be the one to go outside….hahahaha
    So my point is if she isn’t your idol then you must be on her payroll.

    Anyone who doesn’t agree with you on her value is an unhappy and closeted person according to you. Any point that goes against her is automatically put in the “it doesn’t matter what you say because she empowers and you are just a hater”.

    It is tempting to throw in a closing dismissive statement to teach you how to be more effective with them in the future but I think I will act my age instead.

  24. Bill says

    And now I am a “miserable codger”. More name calling and misinterpreting of people’s valid points. Wow

    And if you really think that that was the argument I was making then you need some help.

    And I need to learn to not try to have rational and logical conversations with sycophants.

  25. says

    Blanche, why are you so upset?

    what personal stake do you have in this? why do you get so upset that Lady Gaga has empowered so many young people?

    would you prefer they NOT be inspired?

    what “real debate” do you want? Gaga has empowered millions of young LGBT and Queer people. And straight ones who, for their own reasons and from their own experiences in life, have felt like outcasts or weirdos or freaks.

    and her music and message had made them feel better.

    why are you so upset that these young people have felt empowered?

    hating lady gaga won’t make anyone’s life better, including your own.

    although if coming on here to vent a rather pathetic level of anger toward her is what you needed to do today to make yourself feel better then I guess it’s better than the alternative, which would probably to go out in the street and pop some kid’s balloon or kick a puppy.

    have a happy pride! i’m sure you have a wonderful view of the festivities from your Closet’s keyhole!

  26. Bill says

    Person: lady gaga says she would never wear fur and now she does… Why?
    Little monster: lady gaga is god and you obviously are a hater and should die.
    Person: she said she would never lip sync…
    Little monster: lady gaga is god and you obviously are a hater and should die.
    Person: wow ease it back there I am just trying to discuss her.
    Little monster: lady gaga is god and you obviously are a hater and should die.
    Person: you shouldn’t name call when all I was trying to do was bring up some critical thoughts on her.
    Little monster: lady gaga is god and you obviously are a hater and should die.
    Person:Okay well I am gonna go cut the grass and listen to led zeppelin
    Little monster: lady gaga is god and you obviously are a hater and should die.
    Person: BYE!
    Little monster: lady gaga is god and you obviously are a hater and should die. WHO’S NEXT!

  27. c says

    I find it disappointing that no celebrities seem to know the actual lyrics of our nation’s anthem.

  28. says

    yes, i get it. you need to complain about lady gaga to feel as if your life has worth.

    you don’t have to listen to her. but it’s rather clear from your OBSESSIVE posts about her that you don’t want anyone to like her.

    and you don’t want anyone to be empowered by her.

    sadly, you can’t have that. because people do like her, and those who like her feel empowered.

    i don’t actually own any of her albums. but i think what she’s done for Generation Y (Z?) is rather lovely.

    what “critical thoughts”? you don’t like her and don’t want other people to like her?

    Blanche, you’re a sad excuse for a man.

    stop being upset that a person you don’t like is inspiring millions of young people.

  29. Bill says

    Okay you have slipped from delusional to crazy. Because I made a critical comment about her you have decided that I want all gay youth to be miserable. Again another lovely thought from your brain to try and belittle me and make my VALID points about her have less impact. What’s next? Am I a closeted baby killer too?

    I made a comment ABOUT hER. Not you. Not your mother. Not the gay youth that she has inspired. HER.

    You can try and put horrible words and meanings into my mouth when all I did was make a critical comment oh her – which is carte blanch for you to rush in and deem me pathetic, a hater, someone who hates gay youth, closeted, bitchy and unhappy.

    And for YOU to call anyone obsessive when posting about her really goes beyond the pale. Is there no depths you won’t go to defend her?

    I really hope someday that you learn to not try and demonize the people with whom you disagree.

    If you would like to rationally discuss any points surrounding her, I am here. But I am guessing it won’t come to that and that you won’t be hearing from me again.

  30. says

    “I really hope someday that you learn to not try and demonize the people with whom you disagree.”

    irony 😀

    you dislike her. and yet, despite the excuses you give for it, she’s empowered millions.

    and you choose to ignore that, because you’re adamant that your points are “right” and the millions of young people who’ve been touched, inspired, and empowered by Lady Gaga are….uh… wrong.

    and yeah, we should probably end this discussion now. arguments with grown-adult closet case are useless.

    your over-the-top obsessive anger and criticism of lady gaga is the hallmark of a nutcase with nothing to live for.

    oh you and your valid points 😀 hehehehe!

    those who love her are empowered. and that upsets you.

    Blanche, you need a new outlook on life. because hating lady gaga sure ain’t making you any sort of happy peach 😀

  31. says

    what do you hope to achieve?

    you want her fans to not be her fans anymore?

    or do you want millions of young people to not be empowered?

    because what other reason would a grown man have for coming online to write a few blisteringly stupid essays about “Why I As A Grown Man Dislike Lady Gaga?”

    what are you hoping to achieve? specifically.

  32. Carl says

    Dude, I like Lady Gaga a lot but it is irrational little monsters like you who make matters much worse. People talk more about the crazy monsters than they do about her music and that is very disappointing.

    “Little Kiwi” more like “Alot Krazy”

  33. Amicus says

    I thought she gave us a great vocal performance & heart-felt speech. Hey, we all know that pop stars and entertainers all need a strong ego and dynamic persona to make it in the biz, but it is very rare to find someone like Lady Gaga, with, charisma, talent & a fearlessness & honesty about her convictions and personal morality. I am grateful that I am living in her time…a time of unparalleled advancement of human rights and dignity towards LGBT Americans. I keenly remember how she helped mobilize her many fans and those that would listen the weeks leading up to the repeat of DADT to inundate our leaders with messages in support of equality. So far, she seems to walk to walk, so I’m taking her at her word. Brava!

  34. Al lee says

    Well that was interesting. Sometimes people with the best of intentions can have their own mouths as their worst enemy.

    I’d have to agree with Carl!!!! Or how bout KrazyKiwi???


    Or wait, I bet Kiwi is actually a Madonna fan just trying to make little monsters, and by association, Lady Gaga look bad. Yes, that must be it. And it is bloody working!!!

  35. Mr. Biggy says

    Am I the only one disgusted that this sick woman preaches self acceptance, but gets a nose job? She did NOT invent gay rights. She hijacked the work that so many of us have done and turned it into a marketing tool. Her speech was insulting.

  36. says

    while you’re busing choosing to be “insulted”, others are choosing to be inspired and empowered.

    how’s that choice working for you?

    and what does her choosing to get a nose job have to do with you not accepting yourself?

    does your own sense of self hinge on what a pop singer does to her own body?

    seriously? “Dammit! how dare she get a nose job! i’m so angry about it!”

    i can’t even tell if there are a bunch of idiots commenting on this story, or one lone nutcase. either way, you/y’all need to BREATHE.

    you’re wayyyy too invested in Lady Gaga.

    you talk about her the way that Bryan Fischer talks about gay sex; for someone who claims to loathe it and want nothing to do with it, you sure will take any opportunity to obsess over it.


  37. Chicklets says

    Nice to see an artist of Gaga’s calibre, doing something meaningful for the gay community. Sweet :-)

  38. simply taste says

    After hearing this self referential speech from a plagiarizing cokehead, i am now against gun control.

  39. Bryan says

    $20 says Bill is a Madonna fan.

    @c: Errr, she obviously knows the lyrics, but switched the words because of the occasion.

  40. Bill says

    What is it with you little monsters – I am not a fan of Madonna’s music. I am not a fan of what is called “pop” music at all.

    So just like your little monster buddy Kiwi, because I have an opinion and thoughts you don’t agree with, instead of asking me to discuss my points, you instead want to find a reason to discredit me and my opinions.

    If you don’t like what someone is saying then throw shade and suspicion on them to water down what was said. It’s downright disgusting.

    That is a sign of someone who knows that their argument can not stand on it’s on merits and needs to resort to cheap shots, name calling, smearing and downright lying to protect what they want desperately to believe is true.

  41. says

    actually, Bill, that you as a grown man have expended so much energy intto hating lady gaga just shows that you have nothing of worth to live for, or offer. Congrats!

    you didn’t make “points” – you had a lovely case of keyboard diarrhea in which all your “I hate gaga!” bile came out, and then got terribly upset with me for pointing out that she’s inspired and empowered millions of young people.

    so, what’s your hoped-for-goal? that the people she’s inspired are no longer inspired? or that people choose to hate her as much as you choose to hate her, since choosing to hate her makes you such a pleasant peace of a man?


    there’s no point in asking closeted wimps to “discuss their points” – you sad folks just want others to join you in msiery.

    stop being upset that hating lady gaga hasn’t made you an empowered gay man and that so many young people who love her are Out there in the world shining like diamonds.

    *elegant curtsy*

  42. says

    here’s what’s true: Gaga came along in the pop-music world at a perfect time to start empowering many of The Current Youth Generation. this is proven by her legions of young fans who are embracing themselves and feeling strong.

    you don’t have to be a fan. it’s just odd that you… uh.. don’t want those young empowered people to be fans.

    to quote Paul Simon, “every generation throws a hero up the pop charts”.

    Gaga is helping young people with her music. Stop being upset about it. It makes you sound like a miserable old biddy who doesn’t want her kids listening to The Beatles.

  43. John says

    Wrapping our identity around some tin blonde egomanic is the way to go. Don’t you think?

  44. Rob Carter says

    Sooooooooo DUMB! Stop comparing and debating. They are both GREAT in their own rights. Different eras different times, different occasions. Whitney, Gaga, Love ’em Both!!!!