1. downtownla says

    I thought a “video lip dub” was specifically one camera take, no cuts. That would be more fun (and harder to pull off). This seems to just be an ad for Kinky Boots. Still, it’s a great song.

  2. says

    I read Lauper’s memoir (titled Cyndi Lauper: a memoir); it’s a fun read. Sounds like it was dictated more than written, but that’s only a drawback if you get tired of her nattering on.

    Lauper devotes a chapter to the making of the Girls video. So I edited the chapter for my blog. Example: [0:44] “I wanted the kitchen to be very fifties. We couldn’t really afford wallpaper – it was really a low-budget shoot – so I brought in a tablecloth from Screaming Mimi’s that had a pattern I liked, and the art director … painted the walls like that.”

  3. Josh says

    Congrats Cyndi!!! WE LOVE YOU!!! A true legend and a great friend of out Community!! Much respect for her tireless work for Equality!! YOu are One of a kind Ms Cyn!!!! Kinky Boots ROCKS!

  4. UFFDA says

    Cyndi Lauper, no one can top her. And what a song, what a song…It never stops rockin. A wonderful tribute by girls having fun – even Katie Couric, am I right? Unfrozen.

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