1. JONES says

    This passed unanimously in the Senate and had only a few no votes in the House that last time it was renewed but that was an entirely different political mindset.

    Leahy on the Judiciary announced that the Senate would be taking it up right away.

    The best way to get results for this is with contact to your House rep by direct contact. They have to hear from us.

  2. David Hearne says

    The only thing which has changed is that the law doesn’t single out certain counties for PRIOR review. If a jurisdiction passes an illegal voting law or practice, it’s still against the law. Will you titty babies please grow up?

  3. JONES says

    @David Hearne
    And be so unknowingly privileged like you?

    Ever have to stand in line for 3 hours to vote because your poling station only has 2 voting machines, David?
    Ever have to pass a poling test?
    Ever had to travel to the county seat to register to vote and then be told that the registrar was only available a few hours a month and their work schedule wasn’t set in advance? And hear the racist comments as you walked away?
    Ever had your district lines redrawn so that no one representing your views could be elected?

    This is just a few examples of the kind of tricks that section 4 prohibited by understanding that PRIOR offenders when unchallenged do this and worse. Prior recognized offenders had to have preclearance to do those things. Now with section 4 gone they can do these things and those disenfranchised have to wait for a court case to progress while these changes are in effect.

    Can your white privileged brain process the difference David?

  4. Carlie says

    This is not about history; it’s about the present day. From Pa. to Az. laws that, by design and intent, make it more difficult for non-whites to vote have passed Republican control legislatures with no other purpose than to make voting burdensome.

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