1. will says

    One nice thing about Madonna: she tries to do things that nobody else does in pop culture. There’s virtue in that alone. I loved Lady Gaga’s dance moves in Alejandro, but you always have a sneaking suspicion they’re warmed-over & rejiggered Madonna.

  2. JJ says

    She’s addicted to provocation. And loves to be bullied around in her videos. What a masochist. She’s begging for punishment? Maybe because, on some level, she knows she’s been a very, very bad girl.

  3. (the other)jamesintoronto says

    @JJ… I don’t think she’s addicted to provocation but instead believes that all art should provoke, whether that’s feelings of happiness, sadness or shock. The only thing that art should not provoke is ennui. Having said that I am a huge fan of Madonna’s but am the first to admit that sometimes she fails… but at least she tries.

  4. Gbe says

    Would like to see more of her son Rocco. The 50’s are hard for Madonna. Secret Project? Does Snowden put in a cameo?

  5. Jason says

    Will someone tell Madonna that her Erotica period ended 20 years ago? She reeks of try-hardism these days.

  6. Kevin says

    I see the Madonna haters have clicked on another Madonna post, I wonder who is more obsessed?

  7. MickyFlip says

    Idk. I like the use of black & white to contrast the stark images. Seems interesting. Too soon to tell imo though.

  8. iban4yesu says

    Kevin doll,

    obsessed? is that supposed to be funny?
    just because you saw a carwreck last time, you would not want to check out what kind of mess would be this time at a new 10 vehicle smashup? how many casualties etc?

    No dear the phrase, human nature, was not invented to serve only as the title of another atrocity of a ditty for this generally talent free harlot! ūüėČ

  9. redball says

    will, dear,

    you seem confused. Alejandro came out YEARS before this trailer, so who’s copying whom?

  10. artpoprules says

    As Gaga’s fans have said, Madonna is responsible for the spread of AIDS in the 1980s. It is over…prepare 4 the return of MOTHER MONSTER!

  11. jadecentipede says

    Go away OLD CRUSTY WOMAN. You need to DIE IN A NURSING HOME. You have punished our kids with your filth all these years. We have a new roll model. Her name is Lady Gaga. She cares about the gay community and empowers us. Madonna’s fans are OLD. They will die of AIDS soon! baaa baaaa

  12. Henry Holland says

    I wonder how many of you “Madnonna!!!!” / “No, Lady Gaga!!!!” types realize that you sound *exactly* like fat, drunken, old sports fans yelling at each other “Yankees!!!!” / “No, Red Sox!!!!”. [rolly eyes]

    “Will someone tell Madonna that her Erotica period ended 20 years ago?”

    Exactly, there’s nothing provocative or daring or new about this, it’s the same ol’ same ol’.

  13. iban4yesu says

    jade darling
    you really shouldn’t have spoiled your otherwise reasonable argument with that appalling ageism and the awful and reckless insensitivity about the epidemic that still affects with the entire community.

  14. Omar says

    Dear Redball,

    You need to go through Madonna’s vast catalogue, it came out way before Gaga’s Alejandro.

    The comments on here are disgusting. I guess Mother Monster has taught her kids really well. Shame.

  15. JAMES B. says

    For all you haters, please remember….

    Madonna is the mother of baby Jesus. She deserves our respect.
    (At least that’s what my older gay brother use to tell me as a child).)

  16. Chitown Kev says

    @James B.

    Honey, this Madonna got rid of HER baby Jesus long ago.

    Typical Madonna-bigotry here in the trollroad comment sections.

  17. millerbeach says

    Not hating, but what is the point of this? Is this a trailer for a new video? Movie? What? Not sure if she is making a statement or just had a really bad dream? No more pizza before bedtime, ‘kay, Madonna? LOL

  18. Michael in Toronto says

    Some wonderful day, she will go away.

    I wish this not because she’s “old” but because she ran out of things to say years and years ago.

  19. Kevin B says

    Oh look, all the victims are out! Must be so terrible to be forced to watch and listen to Madonna.

  20. Jaggernaut says

    This made me sit up and pay attention. I saw the MDNA tour and was really put off by the graphics and gratuitous violence on “Gang Bang.” This new trailer, however, makes me feel that there is a greater message being delivered. I’ll do exactly as they hope – stick around and be looking for more.

  21. DiMi says

    Please stop the sexism and ageism in these comments. If you do not like Madonna as an individual and an artist, then say that but do not use attacks on her age as a woman over 50 to do it. This perpetuates stereotypes of gay men as misogynistic.

    I remember Madonna in the 80s. She was advocating for the rights of gay men long before other celebrities. At least give credit where it is due even if you don’t care for her work.

  22. redball says


    i’m familiar with much of madonna’s work. but i was too young to be exposed to her Er0tica phase so maybe that is what will is saying Alejandro is derivative of. anyway, i find that gays over 40 tend to know madonna’s catalog the best because that’s when they were coming of age or already of age. it’s generational. and it’s not gonna change any time soon because, guess what?, people generally don’t have time to sit and go through the history of an artist’s entire life work unless they are a fanatic.