1. ripper says

    “They stretched me out so much” …. sorry, I know we’re supposed to be in an uproar over this, but I chuckled.

  2. JONES says

    Had the same response.
    Wonder if anyone his pointed this odd sentence coupling out to him yet?

    Like his statement backing Jason Collins.
    And the reach out after.

  3. 24play says

    No big deal. Kind of amusing, actually.

    But it’s good to see that Towleroad no longer has writers on staff who argue that “no homo,” as it is commonly used, is not an inherently homophobic statement.

  4. Brian in Texas says

    This is a headline on The fact that this makes news shows that we’ve made progress and people know that it isn’t cool to causally drop gay slurs. Although, “no homo” is fairly innocent albeit stupid.

  5. NewMarc says

    I’m not American but I don’t think “No homo” is “innocent,” “homo” to my knowledge is an anti-gay slur. I think it’s as homophobic as “that’s so gay.”

  6. BearlyBob says

    Maybe someone should hold him down and spray him with perfume. That’ll teach him.

  7. Dastius Krazitauc says

    “Hibbert has not yet issued a response”

    Yes, he has. He apologized using the “the words were disrespectful and offensive and not a reflection of my personal views” template. You know, he was just possessed by the “bad words spirit”.

  8. Leo says

    *reader note: Ignore Rick the misogynist/fem-blaming troll, who will likely show up in this comments thread. Also ignore Little Kiwi, who refuses to ignore him and will post under his name*

    Not ‘offended’ in the least (not worth the energy nor patience) but can we actually have a collective societal discussion about this terminology?

    The (non-PC) implication’s of this starting in the black male community, having since spread to ‘straight’ white guys of my millennial generation on the same cultural tide as ‘that’s so gay’ but with no association amongst women pretty much AT ALL? You can literally cut the cultural fear of that perception amongst millennial straight guys with a knife it’s so palpable.

    The recently refueled culture waves of leering lipstick lesbianism and metrosexual bashing, combined with our already patriarchal sexual paradigm has contributed a lot (no I’m not the poster Jason) but I feel like this is the cultural cement wall in our continued advance in society. Thoughts?

  9. Francis #1 says

    I disagree with your premise, Brian. What it highlights is that “gay” is basically still an OMG issue, an issue that is sure to get people riled up on all sides, and make people talk. ESPN doesn’t care about gay slurs; we know what happened with the whole Chris Broussard debacle. They like the drama incidents like this result in.

    No homo ain’t innocent…it’s clearly homophobic. I’m not really offended by what Roy Hibbert said, I think he comes from a place of ignorance and maliciousness. But that doesn’t make it OK, because it’s not. I find that anyone who uses such a phrase is saying more about them than anything else.

  10. jjose712 says

    In my oppinion this is a case of being used to a (derogative) expression, than a case of real homophobia

  11. will says

    I REFUSE to become a “professionally outraged” gay man, offended by every politically incorrect throwaway remark that comes down the pike!

    You dull, dull, dull people.

  12. Francis #1 says

    Roy’s apology was nice. He reached out to Jason Collins too over twitter, which is a bit silly, but his heart is in the right place, at least.

    Leo……yes, straight guys don’t want to be seen as gay. They don’t want to be thought of as gay. Only truly secure straight men couldn’t care less about how others perceive their sexuality, their masculinity. It’s not even, in all cases, straight-up hatred and maliciousness against gay men. But anyone who thinks to use a phrase like no homo in the back of their head has a mentality that being straight is superior or that being gay is shameful.

    I won’t say much more but it’s going to take a while for this attitude to change. People may accept us for being gay but that doesn’t mean they accept us as their equal.

  13. 24play says

    gomez: Last year Towleroad’s weekend guy (Brandon K. Thorpe, if I recall correctly) was actually arguing on here that “no homo” is not necessarily homophobic, that it depends on the situation.

  14. Leo says

    I get that there’s a swath of the community hell-bent on reclaiming terminology for the sake of a pseudo-semantics non-PC victory, but I REFUSE to pretend that the context isn’t there for “fa*” or “no homo” or the like (only starred to avoid it all being censored fyi). I’m not offended by it, but some ppl DARE to tell someone what they can and can’t be offended by when they don’t know if those words were used upon that person while they were physically beaten as a high schooler (for example), leaving emotional scars attached to the term for decades? The sheer arrogance and narcissism by those in that semantics army is astounding.

  15. Reggie says

    Why is it that when these bigots “apologize”, they have to say,”it does not reflect what is in my heart” or words to that effect? Excuse me, but isn’t that what words are supposed to do? Express what is in our hearts/minds? I just suddenly said a whole paragraph of words that has no connection to my thoughts? Please!

  16. Dan says

    I don’t see this as homophobic in a true sense of the word. I live in the south and I can promise you that smart educated fair minded people who aren’t truly prejudiced say the n word on occasion. I know because I’ve seen it done and even done it myself.

  17. JONES says

    I think Hibbert knew what he said was offensive and he regretted it, that’s why he made a reach out to Jason Collins right away.

    But really … rap lexicon … ‘no homo’? How old are you 12?

    You’re in the NBA. You went to Georgetown University. Make the leap to accountability and professionalism that understands how words can be used as weapons. Professional sports sets the standard they do because they understand their leadership role in taking a stand against hateful or discriminatory language.

  18. BearlyBob says

    Take a waify fem boi in a caridgan to levi leather night at an Eagle or similar. Keep track of the “homo” or other slurs. Then put your faux outrage in perspective.

  19. NE1 says

    I detest the phrase ‘no homo’ almost as bad as the F word. Fortunately I haven’t heard too much of it lately, this guy is a little behind the times with his sayings.

  20. jjose712 says

    Reggie: Because if the apologie is sincere, what they said didn’t really reflect what they think.

    Maybe i’m rare but when i’m angry i say a lot of things that i regret lately, and sometimes i express myself poorly and what cames from my mouth doesn’t reflect exactly what i want to say.
    Most people are not perfect.
    He is not insulting other guy using the f word, and he apologize, in my opinion, this is nothing more than a small incident

  21. Leo says

    I can’t help but cringe at the “I’m a member of that minority” or “I’m being ironic / self-deprecating” arguments for using a slur/derisive terminology. It strikes me as self-loathing, tacky, and desperate for attention in a ploy to see who can lower the bar the furthest.

  22. princely54 says

    I don’t even get how ‘I was stretched out’ is even much of a double entendre. I mean, MAYBE to a sixth grader. He’s a bad bigot in that he can’t even use the slur correctly.

  23. Dastius Krazitauc says

    “Maybe i’m rare but when i’m angry i say a lot of things that i regret”

    I watched the clip, and he doesn’t seem angry. He laughs right after he says, “No homo”.

  24. rjp3 says

    He was making a joke at what he said in that it sounded kinda gay you know as if the other guys had STRETCHED him out — what if he had said “but not in a gay way” — is that now off limits too ?

  25. NewMarc says

    Why do you have to be more papist than the pope? He said it himself that what he said was wrong. Sorry for my English.

  26. Brian1 says

    Actually I think what rjp3 said is really the crux of the issue. The idea of the joke has to be ok for all but the most rigid people. The sexual double entendre has been used as comic material for ages, in straight and now in gay situations. So the joke is absolutely fine with me. So I think the real issue is whether the word homo is offensive or not.

    To me context is everything. Gay is supposedly ok but I find “that’s so gay” offensive because of the context. If someone yelled homo at me, clearly offensive. But in this sort of situation, is it really any different than “but not in a gay way”?

  27. Evan says

    I had seen this story on Huffington Post and it was blown up to such a degree that I thought that it was going to be this hate laden speech, but it was just no homo…..I have never seen this as a homophobic phrase, I think we as a community need to stop pouncing on every bad phrase that comes out of a heterosexual persons mouth. He obviously isn’t homophobic he slipped up, and not even that big of a slip up, we all have them. We don’t have to pay when we do it, and DO NOT tell me you haven’t had a racist thought run through your brain or come out of your mouth. It doesn’t make it ok at all, but it happens. So stop punishing someone who doesn’t need to be punished. Focus your anger to people that actually deserve it, like those that stopped the Illinois vote for same sex marriage, thats more outrageous than “no homo” be angry but don’t be angry at the trivial things. We have to at some point stop being victims

  28. Sí Que Homo! says

    Next up: Were Sergio Garcia’s ‘fried chicken’ remarks regarding Tiger Woods TRULY offensive?

    Or just in a Euro-Spicky kind of way.

  29. NewMarc says

    @Brian1 I think that when it comes to homophobia, hate, actual is just a part of the problem, most of homophobia is about derision, demeaning and such. That’s why kids kill themselves, not because their peers really “hate” them but because they think homosexuality is something worth being made fun of. That’s why “no homo” is troubling, hate or not. Sorry for my English.

  30. Derrick in Philly says

    Ironically, these remarks just makes Hibbert seem a little too gay-aware- not just the ‘no homo’, but also the comment about ‘having George’s back’ and ‘getting stretched out’. Like Hibbert might be more curious than he’s willing to let on.

    Couple this with Roy’s documented love of fashion, and the lack of known baby mamas, and we are left to wonder exactly where Roy’s interests lie. Will he be the next Jason Collins? 10 years from now? Are his clumsy efforts at rhetorical covering just analogous to the (lack of) on-court skills he displayed as an NBA rookie? Look how far he’s come in just a few short years as a player. Can he do the same as a proud gay black man?

    Then again, maybe he’s just another black guy obsessed with anal sex. Which means that whoosing sound you just heard was Derrick leaving Philly in his wake, heading down to South Beach for Game 7.

  31. Michael says

    NO.BIG.DEAL especially seeing his other comments.

    By the way, I think it was Lil Wayne who popularized the ‘no homo’ slang and he’s is a HUGE closet case.

  32. Francis #1 says

    Some of you “stop being a victim” and “it’s not a big deal” types are the exact reason why homophobia is still so pervasive in society. I don’t know any other group that’s literally completely OK with being denigrated (and that’s exactly what no homo is–denigration of homosexuality), and in this case, denigrated publicly by a high level NBA player.

    NewMarc, you get it. No, I don’t find what Roy Hibbert said terribly insulting. But is it a representation of a mentality that being gay is lesser, is worthy of denigration and is shameful? Yes it is. That is the mentality that leads to real homophobic hatred.

    Brian, the issue isn’t with Roy using homo. The issue is with Roy feeling the need to go out of his way to add a crude term that has always been used as a means to denigrate being gay. It’s more of a “I’m not one of *those* types” rather than a “I didn’t mean it like that” comment. Why feel the need to assert your heterosexuality unless someone actually questions it?

    Evan, whose punishing Roy Hibbert? He did something wrong. He’s now apologizing and attempting to make amends. The same way any other person does when they say something insensitive and ignorant. The only difference is, only when it comes to gay people are these ignorant comments given a free pass. Some of you are all too desensitized, battered wife syndrome if anything. You don’t have to be actively offended by something to call it out as wrong if it’s wrong.

    And BTW, not everyone is racist, Evan, sorry to break it to you.

    I expected ignorant straight guys on twitter defend Roy Hibbert but not supposedly gay/bi men on a gay blog. Some of you need a reality check.

  33. Brian1 says

    Sorry Francis I usually agree with you but I think you (and newmarc) are just plain wrong. I’m not a funny guy so this example will suck but it’s exactly the same as a guy saying to his female trainer “you made me hard” or something meaning helped him get a good body. The double entendre is obvious, so he follows with “not in that way”, and an awkward situation turns into a humorous one. This is exactly the same. It’s just turning a sexual double entendre into a joke, straight or gay, it doesn’t matter. So I completely disagree with your interpretation of the statement as somehow denigrating gays, because it simply doesn’t. that still leaves the use of the word homo open for discussion, but in my mind at least, that’s it.

  34. denizo says

    Anyone calling this guy a “bigot” for that comment is just too stupid to even be a part of the conversation.

  35. jaragon says

    This is what happens when people use rapper as their role model- or let’s just bring back ebonics…

  36. Ryan says

    On a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being oopsie and 10 being “holy crap, I think he’s a Phelps” this is seeming like a 1. A lot of people seem to use “no homo” without meaning offense directly. That’s not to excuse the word, but I would suggest we alert these folks to how they were wrong before condemning them, particularly if they’ve demonstrated support in the past.

    I totally accept his apology – it was almost perfect (I hate when people say “to those offended,” but still view it as a full apology despite that because he admitted wrongdoing and apologized beyond just ‘those offended’ as well). I hope anyone still thinking of coming out in the NBA views this whole episode positively, because ultimately that’s how it looks to me.

  37. james says

    It always seems to be a problem when using or saying anything pertaining to gay its not fair the society is to sensitive towards reality if ur gay ur gay buy using the word does’t mean you have a problem with gay people you shouldn’t have to apologize for using the word……..HE’S GAY OR HE’S A HOMO WHATS THE BIG DEAL………..

  38. Kim says

    I think Gay guys placing personal ads with “no fems” is more offensive and homophobic than “no homo”

  39. jeff says

    I wasn’t particularly offended by the comment. I figured he was just an overpaid professional athlete with no brain. I was more annoyed with the phony forced apology, because the NBA thinks it will get them off the hook for employing men who are good at basketball, but not at running their mouth. It made them look more stupid than him.

  40. BearlyBob says


    Exactly. Just like the anti-twink and the reverse anti-bear, etc., mentality in all of our sub groups. It seems like for every iteration of a gay man we have, there’s an opposite iteration with disdain for it. Yet, when these things happen from outside, it’s all pitchforks and lynch mobs.

    Obviously some of us will fight homophobia from within and others will fight it externally. Someday we will win. We’ll have a big party to celebrate. Just no fatties or over 30’s will be invited.

  41. Ed says

    The gays doth protest too much. “All in the Family” used much harsher language. RIP: Jean Stapleton

  42. Francis #1 says

    Well Brian I usually agree with you as well but I can’t here. Agree to disagree :)

    I just know how these guys use this phrase, the same way they use the phrase “pause”. It is a joke, but it’s a joke at our expense, being made a joke of vs joking with. That’s the offensiveness of it, more than anything else. Cannot be compared to your trainer example because in your example, a group of people are not being included as THE butt of the joke. In this case, that is happening. We are the butt of the joke. A presumably straight person saying something that others construe as “gay” and then that straight person essentially saying “I didn’t mean it like *that*/I’m not like *that*”.

    We need to look at it this way, what other group of people has all of these slang terms, catch phrased used in this fashion when they’re not being directly discussed? No homo, that’s so gay, pause, f*g, don’t be such a girl. All of it is representative of a culture where being gay is looked down upon. Even the way many gay men themselves use the term queen and as Kim said, the anti-fem gay men that are out there, is representative of how being gay is seen as a negative.

    It’s pretty obvious, to me, at least. That being gay is something that many heterosexuals see as something to deride and make a joke of and many straight and gay folk see as shameful.

  43. michaelofthegreen says

    This is so ridiculous. Can we please not sully the work of those at Stonewall (and since) with indignant, entitled bitching about fleeting comments like these? It’s a stretch (oh, shut up) to even imagine how this was offensive to anyone. Slow news day?

  44. lookyloo says

    I think ‘no homo’ can be funny.
    It can be similar to the “that’s what she said” joke-response.

    Hibbert: “….”because they stretched me out so much.”
    Random Person: “That’s what she said.”

  45. millerbeach says

    How sad that he feared there might be the slightest amount of “homo” content in what he said, when there was none, when it should not have mattered. No dude, even in your stupid, jock-ish manner, we do not think you are gay. Actually, may I speak on behalf of all of humanity, and say that no one really even cares about you. Maybe mom, but that’s about it. I don’t care what you do on court, nor off court, in your bedroom, out of your bedroom, I could not care less about you. You could fall off the planet, and guess what? I would not care! There! Does that make you feel better? More manly? Guess what…I don’t care! Same goes for every other jock in every other sport on the planet…I just don’t care what you think about my sexuality, your sexuality, anything sex-related. If I should suddenly show interest in any of the above-mentioned activities, you will be the FIRST to know! Deal? Until then, just zip it, as you are dumb as a rock, and you perpetuate stupidity every time the pie hole opens. Zip it. Zip it real good, so the stupid don’t come out. Got it?

  46. Brendan says

    I was more offended by the fact that he didn’t even know which game in the series it was (Game 3). That just shows me how much you care about your team, the status of the playoff series in which you’re playing, etc.
    The “no homo” comment just further exemplifies stupidity on his part.

  47. Bob R says

    As a bi guy who talks to a lot of other athletes online, in general, when tthey put up the phrase “no homo”, they are usually making an empathetic joke.

    They’re trying to say, “Hey, I know you’re there. I know you’re gay/bi or whatever, and I know you’re there.” There’s not a lot of opportunity for people in casual, friendly conversation to acknolwedge someone else’s sexuality, give them a fist-bump to say “it’s cool”, and just kind of wink support, when they themselves aren’t gay. And among athletes, “no homo” has been one way for them to do that — the phrase says “I know you’re gay, and you know I’m not.” And the whole practice of it usually has it being tagged on to some phrase which could be double entendre for some sort of sexual practice (here, allow your imagination to run wild with “stretched out”). I have never heard it used in a hateful or demeaning way — although I can well imagine it can be. Sometimes, even, it’s meant as a joke, to take a nearly completely inoccuous phrase, attach “no homo” to it, and see wheels spin in the other guy’s head trying to figure out what possible sexual practice is being alluded to.

    Honestly, I don’t think Hibbert had any sort of bad intention. But, I get why the NBA fined him: because, if they didn’t, the true homophobes in the league would start dropping “no homo” every where they could.

  48. says

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