NJ Senate Passes Bill Banning Gay Conversion Therapy, Sends It to Chris Christie

New Jersey's Senate voted 28-9 to approved a ban on gay conversion therapy for minors, giving it final legislative passage, and sending it to Governor Chris Christie for his signature, the Star-Ledger reports:

ChristieGov. Chris Christie has publicly stated his opposition to conversion therapy, so supporters are hopeful he will sign it into law. Opponents say the bill violates the rights of parents to make decisions for their children.

"This practice is an abuse of the term therapy and it is abuse in no uncertain terms," said Troy Stevenson, executive director of Garden State Equality, a gay rights organization that lobbied for the bill's passage. "Any attempt to take an immutable and fundamental aspect of a person's character and change it to suit someone else's will is selfish and often soul destroying for the victim. The legislation passed today will save lives; it will protect our youth; and it is vital that the Governor sign the bill as soon as possible."


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    It’s about time ! You cannot turn gays straight any more than you can turn straights gay ! This is religiously-fueled stupidity and has to stop ! It is tantamount to abuse of gay people and is simply not right to mess with the way a person perceives their sexual orientation. This dangerous and misguided “Conversion Therapy” trash is harmful, in particular to young people. Society is slowly learning to accept a homosexual orientation and stop harassing, terrorizing and condemning gay people. It does no one any good whatsoever ! Think of it this way, you have a small dog, say a Chihuahua, and you try and turn it into a cat…..HELLO ? This will never work, so, STOP IT NOW !