NOM’s Maggie Gallagher Reacts to SCOTUS: ‘At the Heart of Gay Marriage is An Untruth’

NOM's Maggie Gallagher reacts to the SCOTUS ruling:

Maggie_gallagherJustice Kennedy has invented a new standard of ‘heightened scrutiny’ for laws which are new or unusual—that is to say most new laws: “DOMA’s unusual deviation from the usual tradition of recognizing and accepting state definitions of marriage here operates to deprive same-sex couples of the  benefits and responsibilities that come with the federal recognition of their marriages.”  Kennedy unfairly and illegitimately makes “custom” and ‘tradition” a sufficient reason to overturn the democratic branch of government—a standard which has never been applied when Congress passes new laws that affirm new leftist values.  Kennedy’s decision is not law, it is Justice Kennedy’s moral values written into our Constitution, and interfering with our rights as Americans to pass laws that accord with our values on marriage.”  Kennedy’s decision is the Roe v. Wade of this generation, not this generation’s Brown v. the Board of Educations,” said Gallagher, “Like Roe,  stepped in to disenfranchise millions of voters’ concerns to tilt unfairly the scale of justice controversial moral issue trending in a liberal direction. 

But like Roe the deep questions involved in marriage will not simply go away:  At the heart of the gay marriage argument is an untruth: unions of two men or women are not the same as unions of husband and wife; The law cannot make it so, it can only require us to paint pretty pictures to cover up deep truths embedded in human nature.


  1. says

    she’s just upset that gay couples are better parents than she is, and have actual loving partners. and she doesn’t.

    sure, Mrs. Srivastev may be married. But he clearly doesn’t love her enough to be seen in public with her. And her pro-family stance is negated by the fact that her son will never, ever, stand with his mother on this issue.

    Sorry Mrs. Srivastev. You lost.

  2. Ken says

    This woman is lying. She is delighted by this decision. Disenfranchising gay people is how she makes her living. If her side ever truly wins she will have to get a real job, so…. Celebrate, Maggie! Drinks all around! We’re buying!

  3. Kevin F says

    That lying sack-full of manure could recognize a half truth a million miles away. Her whole career is based on half truths and outright lies.

  4. rroberts says

    oooh…the screeches and howls of anguish from the xtians and the other haters. I wonder if they really have opposable thumbs. It’s a jungle out there. Can’t wait to hear from the Bryan Fischers, Rush Limp-baughs, John Flemings, the Westboro gang, et al.

  5. phil says

    I kinda wish people would stop giving her a platform to voice her opinion. Her ideas and comments are out of date, she merely restates general bigotry.

    Let her talk to herself, be by herself, and continue to hate herself.

  6. Arrowsmith says

    Gotta love how she talks about the democratic branch of government like it’s the only branch that matters, while the other two branches that do their duties in the checks-and-balances system that is the U.S. Government apparently aren’t worth a damn because they disagree with her. I am in awe at that level of ignorance.

  7. Jack M says

    Of course she did not understand the Court’s confirmation of each state’s right to pass marriage laws as they see fit. If she did, she would shut her huge mouth.

    On the other hand, I love to see her flopping around and gasping like a just-caught fish.

  8. scollingsworth says

    There is no comparison to Roe. Regardless of what I may feel about when a fetus becomes a person, most of those who argue against abortion do so from the stance that it is the taking of a human life (something I disagree with). Marriage Equality has no effect on anyone other than the two entering into the relationship.

  9. JONES says

    Nice attempt at subterfuge Maggs but the obvious similarity to anyone with a minimal understanding of case history is that LGBT equality is Brown vs Board of Education. A minority subjected to legalized discrimination by a majority.

    It’s not a morality issue, never has been. Feeble attempts to qualify your bigotry as religious based have been scrutinized and rejected. Civil society has no room for ‘faith based’ bigotry.

    Kennedy’s analysis was brilliant.

  10. Piet says

    Maggie’s been basing her fight against same-sex marriage on “custom” and “tradition”, as well as Roman Church categories of “natural law”, for years. What’s good for the goose, Mags, is good for the gander. We’re all so sorry you’re going to have to get a real job now. Good luck. I hear McDonald’s is hiring at a franchise near you.

  11. circuitmouse says

    Now there will be TWICE as many weddings she isn’t invited to!

    Someone should send her a gift basket of sour grapes she can eat while watching tapes of “Breaking Bad” alone every Saturday night.

  12. Brian1 says

    When these talking heads complain about the supreme court overturning congressional legislation, they need to explain why it was ok for them to overturn the voting rights act yesterday.

  13. american says

    Dear Maggie:

    You’d know all about “Untruths,” wouldn’t you? You hateful old sow. Go back and wallow in your sham marriage and stop blaming gay people for your lousy life decisions.



  14. CPT_Doom says

    Oh Maggie, go on back to your second baby daddy/husband and cry on your bastard son’s shoulder. Just get away from the rest of us and shut the f*ck up!

  15. JONES says

    ‘the Court’s confirmation of each state’s right to pass marriage laws as they see fit.’

    This wasn’t my take on Kennedy assertion at all. I thought he made it very clear that states can ‘regulate’ marriage but only with due regard to constitutionally guaranteed rights. We’ll have to see what the legal experts make of it.

  16. Edmonton Dave says

    Perhaps maybe this ignorant little troll will just go aways now that her right wing hate agenda has been called unconstituional. Victory for Human Rights.

  17. jleo71 says

    “…unions of two men or women are not the same as unions of husband and wife…” But she still can’t make any real argument as to why. Silly lady.

  18. nick says

    It’s sham “husband” lives in Canada and they haven’t even seen each other in YEARS. It’s a known fornicator with a illegitimate child. Why is IT’S marriage valid?

  19. Lucas H says

    Ugh, lady. Keep your freaking religious beliefs out of my life already. I’m not interested in your biblical values. Don’t worry, I won’t be showing up at your church and insisting your Pastor or Preacher or whatever provide a gay wedding ceremony for me. I don’t want anything to do with you or yours, Gallagher, so step off it.

  20. Rees Cramer says

    No Maggie, I am sorry if the court can strike down the 1965 voting rights laws, sections 4 and 5, than it so can do with DOMA and dispose of prop 8. Now, leave us alone to live our lives under equal protection of the law. Go Away! Seriously ,you have got to have some other things to be obsessive over.

  21. Hey Darlin' says

    Maggie dear, for all your defense of it, DOMA wasn’t legal to begin with, true justice wouldn’t allow an illegal act to remain on the books. No one’s changing anything, just correcting it. Your opinions on marriage are fine but I don’t care what they are, keep them to yourself.

  22. MarkusT123 says

    I sincerely apologize if I offend anyone with down syndrome. Has Maggy been tested for it? Her face sure has the classic traits. Although all the down syndrome people I have encountered have been wonderfully nice so maybe not. It would explain the obsession.

  23. woodroad34d says

    She was born of untruths, lies, deception, and criminal behavior. Listening to her is like listening to a mentally disturbed sociopath…And that goes for Bryan Brown, too: the sow and the cow.

  24. james says

    She is wrong, but I have to admit, she is a good writer. Her response is well structure, nicely composed and expresses her exact reaction.

    But she is still wrong.

  25. Jim says

    The fat lady’s sung. The anti-gay soap opera is over. Crawl back into your hole, Maggie. Time to ring those gay wedding bells in the Golden State!

  26. anon says

    The ruling, which only applies to states that already have gay marriage, only adds federal benefits to the mix, so it’s not a religious issue at all.

    The ruling is a bit like this: let’s say that congress passes a “black tax”; an income surtax for black people. And it passes by a large majority and is quite popular with a majority of the country (since they aren’t black). Well, the constitution would make that law immediately suspect, and obviously so. So, a democratic law that has a huge popular support can still be dubious constitutionally if it essentially does something “grossly unfair”, as it were.

    Of course the people criticizing the ruling on the grounds that it’s anti-democratic know that laws that target minorities are both unfair and constitutionally suspect, but what else can they say? Anything else will make them seem petty, ridiculous and very mean spirited. Also, note that cloaking yourself in the guise of majoritarian bigotry does not absolve you of bigotry. Just saying that it’s okay because it’s popular does not really make it okay.

  27. millerbeach says

    Maggie, can you just bag that face? You make me lose my appetite every time I see your mug. Are you as ugly on the inside as you are outside? Never mind, I know the answer is yes. Gosh, being bitter and resentful sure has taken its toll on your appearance. Oh, and human nature should be telling you to push back from the buffet now and again. Are all of you bitter people overweight? It seems to be a common theme. Try some cardio, sweetie, you need it. It also just might work off some of that negative energy that has consumed your entire being (big job!). Maybe all that hatred will finally leave your heart. Maybe, just maybe, God will forgive you for your evil thoughts and actions. You had better hope so, as you are doomed to hell with all that hate. Jesus does not like hate. Jesus will not enter your heart, and you will die a horrid death without everlasting life. Is that really what you want? Think hard, Maggie. Think very hard about what I just wrote. The truth is painful, but it beats eternal damnation, now doesn’t it? Change your ways before it is too late.

  28. GRivera says

    YEAH! THE CHRISTIANS ARE LOSING POWER! It is about time. They have made us homosexuals feel like crap for centuries! They are such sore losers.

  29. Jimmy Palmieri says


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