1. Caliban says

    I didn’t like boy bands even when I was twink! Is there some reason, of which I’m unaware, that I’m expected to care whenever a member of One Direction cocks his leg and farts?

    Because I’m not feeling it. Yeah they’ve got some fashionable gay-vague stuff going on, but though I’ve patiently waited the give-a-fvck train is a no-show.

  2. LiamB says

    If you have zero interest, then maybe don’t click the link? No one is forcing you to read it. Maybe that’s a bit too adult of a decision though. . .

  3. iowan says

    then don’t frickin’ read things you don’t care about. simple as that.
    Reading comments on Towleroad is an excruciating process due to a dozen of ‘you’ that constantly post, berating others, berating the topic, and casting negativity far and wide.

  4. David Hearne says

    I understand that teenaged girls like babyfaced eunichs because they are nonsexual, but when I hear “She don’ know she’s beautiful” I want to beat those betches.

  5. says

    Sylvatica, they look like children. I don’t know about you, but i like men, not kids or barely men who look like kids. Bite me.

    Posted by: ChristopherM | Jun 23, 2013 5:47:59 PM

    And while my attractions seem to fall toward men over 35, I also realize there are YOUNG GAY MEN, in their 20s, that these are the perfect age group to be excited over… Just because they are not YOUR cup of tea, doesn’t mean they aren’t age-appropriate heart-throbs for other readers on this site. Why don’t you keep your self-serving, hateful comments to yourself.

  6. Nebraskan says

    *sigh* No matter what the subject, there are always self-centered idiot(s) here that really believe Towleroad (and the universe) should cater EXCLUSIVELY to their tastes. And by god, they’re damn sure going to make everyone else miserable with their tantrum when it doesn’t.

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