President of Defunct ‘Exodus International’ Speaks about Closing the Anti-Gay Organization

Alan Chambers, president of 'Exodus International,' sat down with The Christian Post for an in-depth interview about the closing of his controversial ministry and his plans for the future.

ChambersHere are some excerpts:

On working to not be a lightening rod of negative publicity and the role of the church today:

And I think it really is time for the church to turn around and listen to the people who are screaming with fever pitch about the things that the church has done to hurt them, because there are those things, and we must own them. If we're ever going to be credible, if we're ever going to be taken seriously, if we're ever going to compel people toward the good news of the Gospel we have to be willing to make amends and say we're sorry and listen to people scream at us without screaming back.

His thoughts on sexuality in light of Exodus's closure:

My beliefs about sex and sexuality and sexual expression are that God created, His original created intent was sexual expression between one man and one woman for one lifetime in the bonds of marriage, and that is the truth I live by. That is the truth of my story. So I can't apologize for that. I realize that's not everyone's belief, and in fact it feels more and more like the majority of the world, that isn't their belief. So those things won't change, and I can't apologize for that.

Final thoughts on closing the ministry and what he hopes people won't forget about it:

For me, and for so many other people, Exodus has been a dear friend. As a 19-year-old college student, Exodus saved my life. And my wife and I have given our lives and I spent my entire adult life a part of this ministry. And we've given our resources, we've given our house, we've given adoption money. We've given everything to do good and to help people, and so I don't ever want that discounted. We're saying goodbye to a dear friend, and though in 37 years there have been people who have been hurt — and we're deeply sorry for that — there have been people who have been helped, and I don't ever want that to be negated.

Check out the whole interview on The Christian Post.


  1. Geoff says

    What makes any church a church is that it DOESN’T listen…to anything or anyone. D’oh.

  2. Jim says

    Exodus should have been closed down by the government decades ago and Mr. Chambers should have been prosecuted under the RICO statues. This guy is a fake in a tradition of fakes–snake oil faith healers promising that prayer and big donations will persuade God to fix your problems. Why do we allow blatant fraud to be perpetrated with impunity as long as it wraps itself in religion? Freedom from prosecution for Bible-thumping fraudsters is not what the 1st amendment is about. Mr. Chambers should not be starting yet another “ministry” that will do nothing but bilk people out of their money, steal their hope, and enrich him. He should be starting a long stretch in a federal prison.

  3. Rob says

    People have been hurt, people have been helped -so they come out even, right?

    Not so fast. Let’s talk about people who have committed suicide and




  4. Deeee! says

    This man, as I have said on other sites, is an extremely dangerous individual, who knowingly profited off the misery of others, some of which he caused personally. I never heard him talk about any plans to refund all the money he collected through deception and manipulation. Or restitution for those whose lives he damaged. He’s not a snake-oil salesman, he’s just a snake. Heck, he even looks like one.

  5. atomic says

    This sort of moral relativism and equivocation is precisely why he is irredeemably guilty and his “apology” lacks any merit. He simply does NOT acknowledge that the actions of his organization have been the cause of suicides and anti-gay violence. He just says that people have been “hurt” and that he’s “sorry.” That’s just NOT GOOD ENOUGH. It’s not good enough to say “we just have to listen to those angry gays.” That’s again an insult, to paint our reaction as that of some hysterical rage-filled mob. That plays into his attempt to characterize himself as a victim, to put himself in some self-perceived “Christ-like” position.

    He has to explicitly state for the record that Exodus and its leadership actively caused people to kill themselves. That their work was not based in sound reasoning but a denial borne of religious zealotry. And finally, he has to admit that having good intentions is not sufficient reason for doing what he did. If he cannot say that, then no apology is meaningful or relevant.

  6. Socal says

    “The ministry”?? Is he kidding? Can this twisted !@#$ just go away, please? Just go away?

  7. Jeff says

    You are still able to donate to Exodus International. Pretty good for an organization that is shutting down.

  8. Geoff says

    Mental illness should not be contagious. Get help, Alan! Organized religion is very, very dangerous…even deadly.

  9. mickey says

    I totally agree with the Lesbian on the OWN program…there will always be vulnerable people for people like Alan to take advantage of. The major problem I have is the kids who have no choice cause their parents force them to go. The spiritual abuse doesn’t ever go away. It stays with you forever.

  10. 1♥ says

    Alan Chambers is trully a horrible person.

    Why doesn’t he go help all the people he help drive to suicide. Oh yeah, that’s right, he can’t because they’re dead. But he still gets to walk around like he’s better than everyone else.

  11. johnny says

    Sure is a lot of “screaming” going on. Is that how he pictures all gay men, screaming?

  12. says

    but a man who wants nothing more than to Not Be Gay would not in any way, shape or form embody or encapsulate any socially-perceived “gay-ISMS” – right?

    ha. exactly.

    Chambers seems adamant about never redeeming himself. Oh well. He’s free to be as miserable as he wants to be, but he better not inflict that misery on anyone else.

  13. says

    his apology wasn’t even an apology! there was no remorse.

    it’s like trying to rebrand as a “kinder, gentler Klan”

    or someone saying “All f@ggots should be killed and will burn in hell” and then apologizing solely for using the word “f@ggots”