A Huge Round-Up of Celeb Reactions to SCOTUS Rulings On DOMA, Prop. 8: VIDEO


  1. Jeff says

    Memo to Dolan: the “tragic day” was when the Catholic Church began its unofficial policy of shuttling around pedo priests from one parish to another, shielding them from justice and creating more victims.

  2. Icebloo says

    Joan Rivers is SUCH a fake ! She is a money whore. She SAYS she supports us yet she is a REPUBLICAN ! She votes for a party who has a long history of hating gay people and denying them human rights that continues today. She votes for a party who wants to stop women having access to birth control or abortions – even in cases of rape and incest. She votes for a party which wants to use taxpayer money to legally fight against the expansion of Medicaid and Medicare. She votes for a party who wants to end Social Security.
    She votes for all of this just so she doesn’t have to pay a little bit more tax on her millions of dollars.

    She is a selfish bi$ch. She is NOT our friend or supporter. She, like many other straight people, just uses us for our money. What has she ever actually DONE for us ?

  3. woodroad34d says

    The moral decrepitude and cancerous hate of Timmie Dolan and Sal Cordileon have now been made irrelevant. Their superstitious grasp at power is slowly dwindling. God is good! His light shines on the shadow of these two sociopaths. Putzes!

  4. Chris says

    icebloo, learn a little history, Joan Rivers was doing AIDS findraiserswhen no one else would come near it. She supported the community before it was cool when you could lose everything for it. Stop being so vapid and embarrassing and educate yourself, the sheer ignorance of your post is mind boggling.

  5. alex says

    @Blake The other requirement would be for the dog to meet the state age requirement. That’s usually 18…although with parental consent, Fido could get married at 13 in some states.

    Considering average dog life span is 10-12 years, I don’t think we have to worry about that slippery slope.

  6. graphicjack says

    Madonna On Prop 8 Being Dismissed In California
    What a way to start my day!!
    I’m wearing a smile from ear to ear.
    There is a G-D!
    Justice is served.
    Hallelujah !!

  7. ebo says

    I love Joan Rivers. I don’t care what party she belongs to. She’s worth her weight in insults.

    Now that it’s passed can we stop hearing about Neil Patrick Harris? I await the “People” cover about what I imagine?

    Good luck with the marriage thing. I think we’ll be in for some shockers.

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