1. ASDA says

    “The congressman also added that the left is bent on “ramming their views down the throats of Americans.””

    Really? “the left” should be changed to “christian right”. No better than the talibans in my opinion. Also, this concept of separation of church and state seems really hard to understand for some.

  2. mike/ says

    i have always strongly believed that if his Jesus were alive today, the very LAST thing he’d want to be is a christian.

  3. Christophe says

    Why don’t these Christians understand that their bible is not the law in the United States? And that America is a nation of laws NOT men, and that no one is above the law??? This man and others like him believe an entirely False Narrative about this country, and it really shows in their inability to stop beings so obnoxiously self-righteous, and start telling the truth.

  4. nick says

    Tim does know we don’t live in a theocracy based on fairy tales? Tim -find yourself a nice county in Kansas and wall it off from the infidels and create your own little religious paradise.

  5. Caliban says

    I really wish theocrats like Huelskamp and Santorum would create “homelands” for people like themselves somewhere else in the world (Jesustan and Popesylvania?) and then fvck off.

  6. Mike says

    Why is the dominant metaphor for seeking equality under the law always “ramming something down our throats”?

    Oh, yeah…because all these bigots can think about is sucking on a big fat cock.

  7. candideinnc says

    It has all been said before. What new can be said to ridicule these Neanderthals? This dead horse has been rotting for decades. Throw some dirt on him and walk away.

  8. simon says

    Who cares?
    His media rounds consist of some Christian radio stations in Kansas while the “liberal media” totally ignored him.

  9. Robert Ross says

    With marriages resuming in CA any federal amendment becomes a numerical impossibility. Do the math! one would think he, or at the least his staff, would have done so before making such an announcement!

  10. jomicur says

    But I’m sure he thinks it’s okay for clowns like him to turn the government against decent, law-abiding gay citizens.

  11. john patrick says

    Poor Jesus Christ. He’s so helpless against the forces of gaydom.

    The congressman sure is picturesque. Ramming our views down the throats of Americans…..Hmm. Wonder why he used that image. Says more about his fixations than about the left.

  12. jamal49 says

    I got something I’d LOVE to ram down that Republican reprobate’s throat and it ain’t my views.

  13. mike/ says

    @Matt – “This just blows my mind. What are these people always so afraid of?”

    that they might be queer! those who yell the loudest have the most to hide………..

  14. RMc says

    “Congress shall make NO law respecting an establishment of religion.” ~ First amendment


  15. Chadd says

    I want to say “who cares”, but then I remember this man is an elected official. While his silly amendment has been tried before and will fail again this time, he has the ability to introduce other, less obvious, less drastic legislation that can harm us just as much. We can’t just blow him off as inconsequential (although I bet he’d like it). We have to remain diligent against people like this.

  16. Caliban says

    Jesus is coming. Look busy!

    I really don’t understand this kind of obsessive god-bothering where EVERYTHING is filtered through the lens of their religion. You believe in God and Jesus? Fine, whatever. But past a certain point it becomes a mental illness, a kind of OCD. But of course you can’t SAY that because it’s about Gawwwwd so the party line is that religious faith, no matter how obnoxious, repressive, and theocratic is good. Bullsh!t!

    What confuses me further is that people like Huelskamp, Bachmann, Kern, and many others actually get elected to public office.

    I think I were one of the gay billionaires who occasionally donated loads to gay causes I’d spend some of that money on private investigators to dig up the dirt on these Bible-thumping politicians because you KNOW that while they’re being so publicly self-righteous behind the scenes they’re up to all sorts of less-holy things. Public piety tends to be a cover for far uglier deeds. Perhaps someone needs to start a fund to hire investigators? I’d donate to that before I would some of the gay orgs who flood my inbox with self-congratulatory pleas for more funds.

  17. RMc says

    There is NO unbiased research (that wasn’t rigged to say what the religious-reich wants it to say) that says children do better with a mother and father and there is no American history to prove that either. NONE! FACT. FACT. FACT!

  18. says

    Let’s subpoena Jesus Christ and hear exactly what his opinions on the topic are. Of course, serving the subpoena would be difficult, real hard to hand a piece of paper over to an imaginary being.

  19. JONES says

    Where are all the proud Republicans and elected leaders of the GOP to denounce this christofascist? Is this the face and voice you want to showcase your political ethics on parade … a religious fundamentalist lunatic spouting blatant lies (show me where the constitution was rewritten, you hump)?

    This man typifies the far right wing fundamentalist religious base the GOP panders to.

    All the GOP defenders that post here … show me anyone in a GOP leadership position that denounces this man today.

  20. Mark says

    Uhm, when did freedom of religion become “everyone follow my religion or else!”? Isn’t that a theocracy?

    His religion can follow whatever rules they want (without infringing anyone else’s religion). They can’t shove it down anyone else’s throat, though………

  21. chris255 says

    Where in the constitution says that the government should be in line WITH the church?

  22. AJ says

    Jesus said NOTHING NOTHING NOTHING NOTHING about gays or marriage for that matter. His primary lesson was to love your neighbor as yourself. I’m not Christian and even I know that. Get a clue!

  23. kodiak says

    Jesus got over the crucifixtion pretty quick. i don’t think this is quite so harsh.

  24. bkmn says

    It has to be a matter of time before we find out about some girl he knocked up in junior high that had an abortion or some other dalliance that all these bible bangers seem to have in their closet.

  25. vince says

    oh so many things: first, how do these people get elected into office?
    second: ‘rewrite the Constitution?’ how about upholding it!?
    third: turning govt against the church- remember that separation of church and state thing? yeah didn’t think so
    finally: America is really barely beyond it’s second century… as in 2

  26. Victor_in_PA says

    I’m loving every bit of this. He’s a hack from KS so that explains a lot. I mean, they were the whole reason behind the Pastafarians. They want religion and government to be the same (as long as it’s THEIR religion) which is strange because they hate the government so badly and want to abolish it. Perhaps he should’ve been a priest instead of a hack politician. It would make more sense since he seems to want to be more about religion than politics. We still have a separation of church and state whether or not they want to believe it or not.

  27. Victor_in_PA says

    The more fvckheads like him spout their mindless religious drivel, the more atheist there are. Keep it up douchbag!!

  28. willis says

    I do not understand how people who claim to read the bible choose one issue and forget the myriad of others. take the subject of divorce. Christ spoke about the sin of divorce and remarriage in all 4 gospels, yet Christians get divorced an remarried every day. this is pure hypocrisy.

  29. JONES says

    Of course it is. Rapture replaces logic.
    The trouble is no one can legally hold them accountable for it. ‘All or nothing’ from their ‘word of God’ isn’t enforceable.

    ‘Freedom of religion’ is all encompassing to them. They can shake it, dice it, slice it, change it a the drop of a hat and legally there’s no civil redress. Best you can do is point it out.

    Then they organize and elect some political stooges to try and make their ‘rapture’ the law of the land.
    Thus Huelskamp.

  30. KurCus says

    Does he not realize he is violating the 1st Amendment? The First Amendment to the United States Constitution prohibits the making of any law respecting an establishment of religion, impeding the free exercise of religion, abridging the freedom of speech, infringing on the freedom of the press, interfering with the right to peaceably assemble or prohibiting the petitioning for a governmental redress of grievances. (source: wikipedia). This is EXACTLY what is wrong with Repug party. They were hijacked by the religious right and have continued their downward spiral.

  31. says

    more proof that the GOP doesn’t want to deal with healthcare or fiscal issues.

    if they did, they’d be dealing with them. what are they doing? trying to convince their idiotic base that Gay Marriage is the real and most pressing issue.


  32. DannyEastVillage says

    at the risk of understating the obvious, I’ll merely say, “goddam he’s stupid.”

  33. Rob West says

    Jesus was probably Gay, 12 guys and his mom, come on. If he were alive today they’d crucify again.

  34. Gestly says

    Why is less than 5% of the population so god damned impotant to these fascists? I mean reall, it just blows my mind. Why do Republicans evev exist? They are sucking up valuable oxygen.

  35. noteasilyoffended says

    “The congressman also added that the left is bent on “ramming their views down the throats of Americans.”

    Does this idiot NOT realize that the “left” is comprised of Americans?

  36. shawnthesheep says

    Who would Jesus marry? My money’s on Paul. Or John. Definitely not Ringo.

  37. shawnthesheep says

    Who would Jesus marry? My money’s on Paul. Or John. Definitely not Ringo.

  38. says

    Uh, Tim Huelskamp, Jesus died for all our sins, so I think he’s cool. Plus, I think he’d be a lot more disappointed in all the other s— we’ve pulled on one another since he was here. We let people go hungry, we rape, we steal, we kill. So, take a chill pill with the Jesus excuse. The guy’s dead, he did his part – let him rest in peace.

    Oh, and the children are gonna be fine. Just fine.

  39. jeff says

    If you think that these Christian Taliban types are mad now, just wait til the Rapture and they are left behind because they are haters… Talk about road rage…

  40. emjayay says

    I totally agree with him. If a child’s father or mother die, the child should be siezed and put up for adoption by a man and a woman.

  41. emjayay says

    No, noteasilyoffended, gay people are not Americans. Not Real Americans who live in the Real America anyway. That includes all liberals. I learned that from sister Sarah, who repeated it many times in her ill-fated campaign for vice president.

  42. emjayay says

    For gay issues they have to cherry pick the Old Testament. If they cherry pick elsewhere in the OT, they will find out it’s quite exemplary having 700 wives and 300 concubines.

  43. Flying Spaghetti Monster says

    Huelskamp accused the justices of trying to “rewrite the Constitution” and of attacking Jesus Christ himself.

    I, however, feel no such threat.

  44. Armando says

    Sorry, but if the rapture came today, I doubt it would take this guy. Don’t know what would happen to me, but I bet that most of the self righteous judgmental types would still be here.

  45. Eric says

    As someone born and raised in Kansas, I would just like to say that not everyone here is in line with him. There are an embarrassing lot of people that ARE, but he does not represent me, or anyone I’d care to know!

  46. millerbeach says

    Jesus is for gay marriage. Jesus is about love, not hate. When these phony “Christians” figure this out, they just might wind up in heaven. Most of them, however, are headed to a much darker place, as their hypocrisy becomes more and more evident. Jesus does not like hypocrites, especially those who invoke His name to further an agenda of hatred. Something for these fools to consider….

  47. Julia Riley says

    So all the kids in the world who are being raised by single parents are going to grow up to be ax-murderers? I’d better let my girls know what their future holds. Thanks for the tip.

    Single mom of 3.

    P.S. Homophobe=asshat