1. QJ201 says

    sounds like he’s actually singing live…including trying to imitate the post production staccato

  2. Icebloo says

    Sorry Ricky I don’t buy products from Republican supporters like you. You disgust me !

  3. wayne says

    He is definitely singing live and sounds great. I LOVE me some Ricky… so beautiful!

  4. Jerry says

    For those of you who are wondering:

    Ricky Martin performed at W.’s 2001 inaugural ball. That’s about the extent of it. Kind of like Elton John performing at Rush Limbaugh’s wedding, in fact.

  5. Mark says

    Being invited to sing at a presidential inauguration is an honor that almost any signer would accept; that doesn’t make Ricky Martin a Republican

  6. AriesMatt says

    Holy crap I’m in love and need a cold shower! That is how to perform live. Sounds BETTER than the studio version released last week. Prefer his voice without all the filters, etc. So glad he released a hot, current dance track to burn up the clubs and charts with. :o)

  7. tiko says

    you can tell ricky has been doing this since he was a little kid. Regardless of whether you like his music, he knows how to work the stage up and down like no one else (except for Madonna, perhaps)

  8. Nelly says

    @Icebloo: Sorry mate, but Ricky is far from being a Republican. He made it very clear during the last presidential campaign that he was 200% pro-Obama (many posts on his Twitter account, recording a few ads to entice the Latin community to support Obama, etc). Does singing at Bush’s inaugural ball in 2001 (12 year ago!) as a paid gig really tell about his political inclination????

  9. Jerry says

    LOVE RICKY MARTIN’S NEW SONGGGGGG “COME WITH ME”, that song is sexy, great beat, Ricky’s voice sounds great. RICKY is indeed in my opinion “The most charismatic and sexy performer alive”.

  10. Jerry says

    Kind of surprised to read a comment like that, the person that made it sounds like a bitchy, old, hater queen.

    JUST FOR THE RECORD, RICKY MARTIN IS A BIG DEMOCRAT, HE LOVES HILLARY and OBAMA, in fact he campaign for OBAMA last elections and hosted the gala party for Obama for the LGBT and the Latino community.