Susan Rice to Replace Tom Donilon as National Security Advisor

Following the resignation of Tom Donilon as national security advisor, Susan Rice is set to step in, NBC News reports:

RiceRice, currently the U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, will be formally introduced in her new role by President Barack Obama at 2 p.m. ET. A White House official says Samantha Power, a former special assistant to the president on the National Security Council, will be nominated to replace Susan Rice as the U.N. ambassador.

The changes are a significant reshuffle of the White House foreign policy team.

Rice has been at the center of a storm over the early accounts of the attacks on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, Libya, which later proved to be incorrect.

While her nomination could draw fire from Republicans on Capitol Hill, the national security adviser position is not subject to Senate confirmation.


  1. MIke says

    A proven liar to the American public.
    And as a bonus, The Nation magazine is none too pleased with this “interventionist in the mold of Senators McCain and Graham, and Condoleeza Rice, who supported the Iraq War.”

  2. ratbastard says

    POTUS is helping her with padding her resume. He’s a lame duck president.

    Plus, he’s trying to counter complaints from so-called black advocates that he’s been ignoring them.

  3. MateoM says

    Rat, you’re one of the better-known Towleroad trolls. Calling you out for it is simply stating a fact. Sorry it upset you. Maybe if you stopped trolling we wouldn’t call you out on it.

  4. MateoM says

    Lol, I’m not Kiwi. Though I do enjoy his impersonations of trolls. Kiwi’s on the East Coast, and I’m on the West Coast. And again, you still use Kiwi’s name as though it will intimidate or anger him. He’s already shown countless times that he’s proud to put a face and name to his online persona. If anything, by ridiculing his honesty you’re proving yourself to be an even bigger anonymous internet troll.

  5. anon says

    One can’t help but think this has something to do with Libya, though Rice hasn’t been part of the ongoing “investigation” since last fall. I don’t even think she was called to testify on Capitol Hill.

  6. ratbastard says


    Raymond Miller makes mocking troll posts about other posters mom and dad being anally raped and murdered. That’s all anybody needs to know about Raymond Miller, AKA Little Kiwi.

  7. Flirtyfirty says

    This just shows that Obama isn’t scare of Republicans when it comes to foreign policy. He just isn’t. And I’d imagine poll numbers show it. I don’t love Susan Rice, but I love that Obama is jamming her in a powerful position and there’s nothing Republicans can do about it.

    Although, I don’t know how powerful it is. Before today, I’m not sure I could have told you who Tom Donilon was.

  8. MIke says

    She’s a fcked up proven liar. No amount of “troll!” sheieking changes that. She went on 5 Sunday talk shows and told a story she knew was entirely fantasized about 4 dead Americans.

  9. Rik says

    “In spite of her direct involvement in an debacle overseas, the president’s decision to promote her to a high-level position in the White House signals his disregard for the concerns of his critics. Rice’s promotion is as much a reward for her loyalty as it is an acknowledgement of her ability – probably more so, in fact”

    Was that paragraph written about Susan Rice or Condoleezza Rice?

  10. MATTTHEMAN says

    I leave for several months and come back and nothing, NOTHING has changed. Ratbastard is still trolling with his Debbie Downer, pooh pooh everyhing ways. Does he EVER shut up?

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