The Battle For Gay Rights, Told In Pictures: PHOTOS


The rulings handed down by the Supreme Court yesterday undoubtedly made history. Images of celebrations and rallies held across the country will now be forever entwined with those from other seminal moments in the struggle, still ongoing, to ensure that LGBT Americans are afforded the same rights as their heterosexual brethren. Journey back into the past for a history of the gay rights movement, as told through pictures, compiled by the San Jose Mercury News.  Also be sure to check out one more image AFTER THE JUMP...

And check the rest of the amazing photos out here.


Via the San Jose Mercury News: "In this April 25,
1993 file photo, a view from atop the Washington Monument shows 300,000
people gathered for the National March on Washington for Gay and Lesbian
Rights in the U.S. capital. A Democrat in the White House. Demands for
sweeping civil rights protections. Religious opponents working to undo a
string of state-based victories. That was the backdrop in 1979 when gay
rights activists staged their first national march in Washington.
Thirty years later, with the landscape looking much the same, thousands
of advocates are preparing to rally again in the nation's capital this

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