1. bcarter3 says

    “…why are all these people filming themselves watch TV…”

    They aren’t filming themselves. They’re being filmed by someone who knew what was going to happen in the episode, and wanted to capture their reaction.

  2. says

    To whatever “journalist” posted this story, I find it funny that you criticize them with “Who has so much time on their hands to search out and create such a compilation? What a world, what a world.” Um… you seem to have enough time on your hands to post about them in the first place, didn’t you.

    Just post the story and spare us your sarcasm. Plus, it’s not “filming themselves watch TV,” it’s “filming themselves watching TV.”

  3. says

    More to the point of the story: what a fantastically shocking episode! It topped Ned Stark’s beheading in Season 1. I love this show, truly keeps the viewer on the edge of their seat. The story seems to evolve so organically, so you never know who is safe.

  4. Mikey says

    I have been hearing about the Red Wedding since the show began, and I managed to make it to Sunday without being spoiled.

    It was a gut-wrenching climax, audacious and gorgeously acted by Michelle Fairley. It’s also a scene I don’t think I ever need to watch again; it really shook me up.

  5. Dastius Krazitauc says

    Yeah, that was pretty much my reaction. I didn’t slump to the floor in a puddle of tears, but I did gasp and swear.

    I think it’s pretty great that in a sea of banal TV, one show still has the power to schock like that.

  6. Carmen says

    “They aren’t filming themselves. They’re being filmed by someone who knew what was going to happen in the episode, and wanted to capture their reaction.”
    Yup, bcarter3 is right. I thought that was rather obvious. It is a hugely successful book series and a LOT of people knew what was gonna happen during the wedding

  7. Moz's says

    covered my face with both hands and kept saying fck fck fck fck

    & ^ while knowing what the red wedding was due to spoiling self via google search

    definitely need the purple wedding next week to make up for it

  8. Richq says

    I recorded the episode and didn’t watch it until Monday. Because I had seen all the headlines on the internet I knew something big was going to happen (I have not read the books). I figured someone would die, and, since it hadn’t happened before the wedding, I knew it would be there. Still I wasn’t totally prepared for the carnage. I can understand why people are pissed off at the author.

  9. Lucas H says

    I knew it was coming from having read the books and I was STILL completely stunned! I’m pretty sure I reacted pretty much this same way, even having expected it.

  10. scott says

    I’m with Kenn and Michael. Now I understand why TV design shows are popular, because clearly no one has a clue about interior design. The is a compilation of THE most hideous furniture.

  11. says

    For those of us who’ve read the books, this was the moment we’ve been waiting for since the TV Show began, and this is the big secret we’ve been biting our tongue in half trying not to spoil for our friends that are fans of the show but haven’t read the books. When you read the books, you usually do so alone (unless it’s with a book club), so we had nobody to commiserate with that would understand the enormity of pain, frustration, anger and despair we felt just from reading a book. And reading it was far more jarring, intense, graphic and tragic than watching it on TV (which the show did a superb job with and tried to amp it up with the addition of killing Robb’s wife in such a gruesome way that doesn’t happen in the book). Because when you want to talk about this series with others, the main thing you want to talk about is how tragic the Red Wedding was, but you couldn’t bring it up at all to your friends because they didn’t know it was coming or how tragic it would be, so it was a huge freeing and exhilarating moment for those of us in the know to watch it all go down, and NOW we can finally talk about it. Yay and BRAVO!!!

  12. JonnyNYNY2FLFL says

    I give credit to the book readers, and especially the book readers who write about television shows as critics or bloggers. I’m a GoT fanboy & had no clue what was coming in the Red Wedding. No one spoiled the impact no me.

    For the record, I’m still shaken by the turn of events. However, as we all learn eventually, life doesn’t always have happy endings & fiction shouldn’t either.

  13. Rick says

    No, I am a man, so, like virtually all other men, I did not mimic the behavior of women when I viewed the scene, the way the effeminate individual in the photo did.

    As for “Game of Thrones” generally, I have watched every episode every season and while I am fascinated by it, I usually have no earthly idea of what is going on and why. There are more characters in this series than there are in “War and Peace” and many of them disappear for long stretches and a gazillion sub-plots, so I cannot imagine how anybody really keeps all of this straight.

    Visually superb, though, and interesting character development.

  14. MateoM says

    It’s as though Rick’s self loathing is visible in everything he does. Oh wait, it is. His entire existence is dedicated to hating himself.

  15. gb says

    I read that the throat slashing scenes weren’t anatomically accurate, in reference to the blood spurting. Hated seeing that handsome character killed – but it was equal opportunity slaughter.

  16. ripper says

    “while I am fascinated by it, I usually have no earthly idea of what is going on and why.”

    So basically the same as everything else you comment on, Rick.

  17. Ryan says

    RR Martin has more or less invented the literary version of the internet troll — knowing exactly the response he’d get out of people every time, no matter how many ‘good guys’ he’s killed before. And I mean that as props to him. People will be shocked every time this stuff happens.

    I’m pretty sure, at this point, his series is going to end in a dragon-ice zombie apocalypse.

  18. SayTheTruth says

    That was good in an artistic license way. Because for decades the audience was too sweetened knowing that the characters that are offered to bond with, won’t die. Dies a secondary character whose name is not even said, -even if his life is as much important- no one cares inside the shows let alone for the audience. This revives the sense of real peril; you know the author is not granting you anything, so danger is more palpable.

  19. says

    It’s a very good show. It drags you win and when you expect it less, it shocks the life out of you. I was so stunned (and still am) that I don’t have any recollection of my reaction. I just remember looking in disbelief at the credits that were uncharacteristically (but oh so fittingly this time) rolling in silence. After what had happened, it was a deafening silence.

    I am not ashamed to say that I cried all day, and I’m not the only one, I have friends who went through the same thing. You invest in these characters and you identify with them and then you identify with their disbelief and their pain and their death is your death. It’s terrible.

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