Tim Tebow’s Spirituality and Openly Religious Nature Helped Get Him Signed, Says Patriots Owner

New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft says Tim Tebow was signed to the team partly because he's openly religious, the NY Post reports:

Tebow“He’s a winner, and the fact that spirituality is so important to him is very appealing to me.”

Kraft also labeled Tebow’s openly religious nature as “an added dimension” that helped convince the Patriots to sign him to a two-year deal (with no guaranteed money) after five weeks on the NFL unemployment line.

Kraft even echoed the infamous comment by Jets owner Woody Johnson last summer that “you can never have enough Tebow” — a comment Johnson came to regret after the Jets barely used Tebow during the regular season and then released him in April.

“You can’t have enough good people around you, and [Tebow] has the added dimension of spirituality being so important to him, and that personally appeals to me a lot,” Kraft said.

Tebow's spirituality has extended, as you recall, to advocacy for the anti-gay, anti-choice evangelical group Focus on the Family. He appeared in a Super Bowl ad for the far-right ministry in 2010.


  1. norseman says

    Yea, well “anti gay/anti choice” ain’t gonna fly in Boston/New England. Still, the man’s got talent and deserves the chance to show his skills on the field. Mr. Kraft is not a stupid man, so I figure he’s thought this through.

  2. Robert says

    Funny, I thought it was because Gronk wanted a piece of sweet, sweet Tebow virgin cake. Let him have his cake, Mr. Kraft, let him have his cake.

  3. Bill says

    As for Tim Tebow’s bigotry, homophobia and standard “selective” hypocritical Christianity (hey Tim where’s your outrage over world hunger – doesn’t the Bible say feed the poor? Gee, how did the gays get so lucky with your deep spiritual – repressed? – concern for their welfare?) Good Luck Boston, you’re welcome to him.

  4. Gigi says

    Matthew 6:5

    “And when you pray, do not be like the hypocrites, for they love to pray standing in the synagogues and on the street corners to be seen by others. Truly I tell you, they have received their reward in full.”

  5. norseman says

    Kraft isn’t Christian, but he certainly is very spiritual himself. After his wife Myra passed away the Patriots wore a patch on their uniform with her initials throughout the 2011-2012 season and they dedicated the season to her memory – a season that took them to the Super Bowl.

  6. bambinoitaliano says

    I just hope they don’t soil another word. Christian, christianity are already damaged by the wing nuts. Let’s hope spiritual and spirituality are not next.

  7. strepsi says

    OK, so in the NFL

    1) Sexuality is something never to be discussed, as it’s a negative in getting hired.

    2) But religiosity is something always to be flaunted because it’s a positive in getting hired.

    Got it.

  8. WhatWhat says

    What is with this site’s obsession with Tim Tebow, lmao. It seems he pops up on here at least a few times a month. This man has nothing to do with the gay community. He’s never said anything about the gay community and has never addressed us in any way.

    He did an anti-ABORTION ad, ONE abortion ad years ago for Focus on the Family (a hideous anti-gay org, yes), but other than that, nothing. What is with this site’s attempt to make him enemy #1? Because he’s religious? It really rubs me the wrong way. We have genuine enemies out there, yet this site is obsessed with some random football player who has never addressed the gay community in one way or the other. Give it a rest Andy.

  9. e.c. says

    Given that Pat’s fans are as an unruly bunch of drunken hooligans as you’re likely to find outside of European soccer maybe he thinks that Tim’s “spiritual” nature will help soften his teams image.

  10. Moz's says

    uhm, shouldn’t his ability to play have been the reason?

    his religiosity is schtick because he is mediocre at best. If swinging a dead chicken over his head and worship a golden turd would appeal to the majority of middle america then you can bet tebow (and many politicans) would be doing just that

  11. Brian1 says

    I have to agree with WhatWhat. There’s a big overlap between christians and homophobes, but it’s far from 100%, especially among younger people. I’m an atheist, and I know many/most of you are, but there are plenty of atheist anti-christian sites where it makes sense to attack someone like tebow. On a gay site it makes sense to judge people by their stance on gay issues.

  12. ratbastard says

    WTF is up with the Tebow hate? People need to tone it the F down. He’s not deserving of a fraction of the hate. He’s just a guy who was promoted into positions and the public limelight when he shouldn’t have been.

  13. says

    Curious that his open spirituality would help him get signed, but that’s I guess that’s the owner’s business. On Facebook I was surprised (not being much in the Tebow loop) to come across a straight friend of a friend’s post that made great mockery of the signing, and the comments were full of innuendo about him being gay–lots of “tight end” “humor.” His sexuality may not be as open as his spirituality, but the speculation about it appears to be very open.

    Has he ever said anything anti-gay? His link to Focus on the Family (despicable as they are) seemed only tied to abortion and his mother’s story and perhaps naivete on his part. It will be interesting to see how religion and sexuality square in his future–he may be in for a rough ride.

  14. anon says

    If there is one thing I’ve learned from being gay, it’s to let people do what they want. If Tim Tebow wants to be religious and not harm or speak about gay people in the process, then let him be. Kraft is extremely tolerant and is on record supporting gay rights and said he would hire a gay player.

  15. JONES says

    Posting about Tebow a couple times a month is hardly a fixation.
    Never wished Tebow anything except maturity and inner strength.

    Kraft … Seriously? His spirituality, and you don’t expect to get called out on that?
    Tebow … Did your agent also tell you to not talk about being picked for your spirituality like he told you not to talk about LGBTQ civil rights issues?

  16. GregV says

    Some of the critical comments here seem unfair to me.
    Tebow has never publicly said anything anti-gay and he didn’t even say anything so-called “anti-choice” in that ad he did.
    His message was towomen with complicated pregnancies that they may beat the odds and have a healthy and loving child.
    The problem as I saw it was just that he allowed his name to be associated with such a vile organization that paid for the ad and promoted the name of its website.
    A lot of young people belong to churches the leadership of which they completely disagree on many issues (and sometimes, it seems, on practically everything). I think it’s screwed up too, but I can’t assume that a “Catholic” is against birth control or a “Baptist” hates gays or a Mormon believes in magic underwear unless they say so.

  17. Tony says

    Seems many here are hostily “suspicious” of Tebow, simply because of how devoutly religious he’s known to be, and because he hasn’t gone out of his way to be an “ally” to the community in-spite of it. Good or bad, he hasn’t publicly said *anything* about gays at all. Too many are starting to cross that bridge of thinking that if someone isn’t a “friend,” then they’re no better than an enemy. Combine that with how Tebow is incredibly good looking, whom the gay community would collectively orgasm over if he came out tomorrow, and the suspicion becomes a little more bitter.

    Honestly, I hope Tebow never addresses anything gay-related…good or bad…I’m tired of so many in the gay community wanting to be hugged and coddled by the whole world. That’s never going to happen, and really doesn’t have to. So long as he’s not bashing, he doesn’t have to be supportive.

  18. JONES says

    ‘Tebow is incredibly good looking, whom the gay community would collectively orgasm over if he came out tomorrow’

    Know what a ‘tell’ is Tony? That’s yours.

    ‘The problem as I saw it was just that he allowed his name to be associated with such a vile organization that paid for the ad and promoted the name of its website.’

    The AFA isn’t just a vile organization but a rabidly homophobic vile organization. Maybe the worst in the country. He’s taken money from and lent his name to a hate group. He’s been been given many chances to explain it and always hides behind his agents advice. So it’s not a stretch to see how some people would find this offensive. At some point Tebow needs to put on his big boy pants and stop hiding.

  19. UFFDA says

    Wouldn’t it be interesting to see this man grow up into a big tolerant, loving person who takes gay kids into his home and can’t stop smiling about how wonderful life is when you reach out with your heart and do something for others. Don’t we have guys like that? I’m sure we do. More, more like that.

  20. Nirgal says

    So now people can get a job because of their faith. And also refuse to do it because of their faith.

    Hum… yeah, makes sense.

    (Also, as K212 said, now imagine a team saying a player got extra hiring points because he’s gay. Or muslim. Or an atheist. How would the pundits react?)

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