Tony Perkins: Gays Are 30% Of TV Characters, Are Make-Believe People

Hate group leader Tony Perkins, President of the Family Research Council, claims that gays make up 30% of TV show characters and storylines, and that "lovable gay characters" – presumably ones like Cam and Mitchell from Modern Family – are Trojan horses used to "desensitize Americans," reports Right Wing Watch.

Said Perkins:
Tony Perkins

The debate over same-sex marriage has been perfectly scripted by Hollywood. Television shows are full of lovable gay characters, whose dangerous lifestyle is just another funny footnote. Unfortunately for America, those make-believe people are having a real-life impact. In a new survey, almost 20% of Americans credit television with changing their minds on same-sex marriage. And that’s no accident. Homosexuals make up 4% of the population, but they’re a whopping 30% of TV characters and storylines. Liberals are using this barrage to desensitize America and viewers are buying it. Of course, producers don’t show you the reality of homosexuality: the men and women dying of AIDS, or the same-sex couples threatening Christian businesses. They don’t cast the Dan Savages bullying kids or the parents kicked out of school for opposing gay curriculum. Like most everything else on TV, it’s fiction. 

The 30% statistic is pulled from a quote by screenwriter Barbara Nicolosi over at the National Catholic Register, who offers no context or source for her statistic beyond her subjective experiences in Hollywood. Barbara is the Founder and Chair Emeritus of Act One, Inc., a Christian non-profit organization that trains aspiring scriptwriters and producers starting out in Hollywood.

GLAAD calculates a slightly different statistic for the 2012-2013 season at 4.4%, with the five major broadcast networks – ABC, CBS, The CW, Fox, and NBC – offering 31 regular and 19 recurring characters that identify as LGBT in their scripted series and mainstream cable providing 35 regular and 26 recurring LGBT characters.


  1. Alex Parrish says

    FRC refuses to be limited by mere facts. That’s why the are a designated hate-group. They still think that if they repeat a lie often enough it becomes true.

  2. Leo says

    If you click through to the article at the NCR the 30% is a reference to presumably the number of GLBT people who work in the entertainment industry. Not the number of gay characters on TV.

    It’s still a cooked up statistic. And the article which also quotes the Media Research Center is pretty much the standard socially conservative boilerplate whine.

  3. hughman says

    Perkins couldn’t even get his 30% quote right. The original writer in the NCR didn’t say that percent were characters or storylines, she said she believed that was the percent of gays working in the entertainment industry. Being a set designer doesn’t make you a TV character, Perkins, you overblown fraud.

  4. Jim says

    Now we understand why they are so worried about same-gender marriage and the decline of the human race from reduced reproduction. They can’t count!

  5. Lymis says

    Well, obviously, there are only 334 working actors in television.

    Clearly, Tony watches more gay TV than I can find. What channels is he watching?

  6. UFFDA says

    He’s down there counting you can bet and I’m thinkin he’s looking for a deep man kiss even at the risk of only finding a Judas. Muah from a distance, and good luck.

  7. Jeremy says

    “Of course, producers don’t show you the reality of homosexuality: the men and women dying of AIDS, or the same-sex couples threatening Christian businesses. They don’t cast the Dan Savages bullying kids or the parents kicked out of school for opposing gay curriculum. Like most everything else on TV, it’s fiction.”

    Jeez, Tony! They don’t show the children being bullied to the point of them wanting to kill themselves and they don’t show the men and women being beaten and sometimes murdered in the streets because they are gay or perceived to be gay, either. I wonder why? Could it be that the actual FACTS are much scarier than FICTION?

  8. Eddie says

    Tony Perkins would have made a great athlete-
    it’s all about competition for him- no matter how absurd. Unfortunately, for these type of Christians they don’t have a tangible devil with horns, a tail, and a pitchfork to chase after, so they opt for gay people.

  9. s. says

    Thank you for continually posting these – and informing us – about those who misinform the public. Hate is hate is hate. The only thing that will counter hate is truthful information and ultimately, love.

  10. Caliban says

    If you’re waiting for Tony Perkins to use actual facts, don’t hold your breath. That’s why the FRC was designated as a Hate Group as opposed to merely being opposed to gays based on their religious beliefs.

    Thy lie and deliberately misconstrue, cite debunked “research” then lie and lie some more.

    In fact they lie so often and deliberately that you can’t help but wonder if it has anything to do with the Bible at all. I mean, unlike homosexuality, lying made it all the way to the 10 Commandments but they ignore it anyway. But fear is a great fundraiser so they lie instead of telling the truth. It makes a better story and the spurs donations.

    Like Tony Perkins’ audience is going to know? Half of them miss Lawrence Welk and the other half think reading Harry Potter books leads to possession!

  11. says

    Once again, the FRC pulls total bu11sh*t out of their @$$ and tries to pass it off as fact.

    Considering that they try to convince everyone that a 2000 year old book of fables is true, it’s just business as usual for them.

  12. lukebrux says

    Of course… we all know that since Blaine and Kurt in Glee shared a kiss there’s been an increase of 20% in gaying attitude among high school students… No seriously? This guy is thinking too much to gay stuff.

  13. says

    “desensitize America”; by which I take it he means make US society less bigoted and homophobic.
    And that’s a problem to you Perkins ?

    Well. well, well, you have properly been designated a hate group…’ve earned it.

    BTW about the “family research”……do you do anything other than denigrate gays ? Is that your obsession ?
    It’s really quite instructive that FRC is devoted to focusing on a particular group in society to pile their hate. We really need to expose any one who donates to this gang of neo-fascists.

  14. kdknyc says

    His obsession with the gay is related to his desire to do some “toe-tapping” a la Larry Craig. Sad.

    I have exactly the same amount of research data to back up that statement, as Tony does for his a$$hat statements–fair’s fair.

    The really truly straight guys I know, don’t give two thoughts a year to the gay–and those thoughts are something like “cool–more women for me!”

  15. johnny says

    Tony Perkins is a fictitious, made-up character and 100% of the AM Radio-right and Fox news characters are Trojan horses being used to desensitize Americans to bigotry and hatred.

    And I don’t have to back that up with any facts, people just inherently know it.

  16. Chai says

    This may have been said but statistics on gays in America only account for people who identify themselves as out. Excluded from that figure are the millions of Americans who are deeply closeted – that demographic will hopefully shrink as homophobia decreases with positive pro-gay “characters” on/off TV!

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