University of Chicago Frat Plays Disgusting Homophobic, Racist Prank on Postal Carrier

The Phi Delta Theta fraternity at the University of Chicago is under investigation after a postal carrier exposed a racist, homophobic prank that it had played on him, the Sun-Times reports:

Becton“About a week after Memorial Day, I had an order to bring 79 of the boxes. I came to the address and explained to the frat member that I would have a lot more supplies. I went back to the truck for the boxes about six or seven times,” Becton said.

“After the last trip, one of the frat guys came out and said it was a practical joke. Another guy said that I should read the name backwards and I’ll get the joke.”

The items — all 79 of them — were addressed to “Reggin Toggaf.” Written backward, the first name is a racial slur. The last name is a slur for gay men.

The fraternity's mail delivery has been suspended during the investigation by the Postal Inspection Service, which wants to insure that the carrier feels safe to deliver the mail.

Mack Julion, president of the National Association of Letter Carriers, Branch 11, spoke with the frat house's former president, who blew off the seriousness of the incident:

“Their contention was it was a practical joke, but
we don’t think it was funny, the letter carrier doesn’t think it was
funny, and it doesn’t reflect well on the university,” Julion told me.

Julion said the fraternity told him the “joke” was being played on them and was not meant to offend Becton.

“But if it was a practical joke from one frat to
another and not to the letter carrier, it is still not funny. Is this
the way you tease each other?” Julion said he asked. “Is this standard
protocol in terms of practical jokes? Is this the way they go back and
forth, because it is not acceptable.”


  1. Mike Ryan says

    The fraternity should be suspended and shut down. This was no practical joke. It was an exercise in blatant discrimination against all African and Gay Americans. All students who participated should be removed from the University of Chicago.

  2. jakeinlove says

    Wow, when you involve innocents in racist and homophobic joke it no longer becomes a practical joke between two fraternities.
    Even if it didn’t involve anyone else what’s so funny about using the name F*ggot N*gger?

    Fail. I hope the frat can be fined or dis joined.

  3. Brian in Texas says

    The university should suspend their charter. Not funny, not cute, not witty, just plain stupid and offensive.

  4. ratbastard says

    More info needed.

    And someone is guilty of federal[s] crimes. Anything involving the USPS, from mail fraud to interfering with delivery is a federal offense.

  5. sundayboy says

    This is one of the nastiest, emotionally destructive and hateful things I’ve read this year. I want the authorities to find who did this and prosecute them for hate crimes.

  6. strepsi says

    The USPS should sue the Frat for harrassment.

    I am sure, as it is a Federal service, that there are also indictable offences related to impeding mail service.

  7. says

    Like WTF is a “fraternity” ?

    Is it an American invention, a cover for latent “urgeings” of the male on male kind ?
    If so haven’t we all grown up now and we can be open ?

  8. Marc C says

    Come on these are just kids. Didn’t you ever do something silly at that age? We should just give them a pass.

    /for those of you challenged, this was snark.

  9. DavidR says

    As a UChicago alum, I’m sickened and embarrassed. These boys certainly don’t make the cut and should be suspended for a quarter or so at the least.

  10. Mawm says

    If the joke was not directed towards the carrier, why did they have to explain it to him?

  11. Lifesart says

    Fraternities and Sororities s*ck in general.
    And why did they wait until he had carried all the boxes from the van to the door before they told him the ‘joke’?

  12. Liam says

    Height of stupidity and lack of character. But, I find it very likely it was the Phi Delts. It seems kinda like sending 74 pizzas as a prank, which you wouldn’t do to yourself unless you were a total moron (possible, I admit). Unless they had some strange grudge against the carrier (which he hasn’t mentioned), I think it’s very likely it was another UofC frat. Shouldn’t be hard to track and trace a shipment that large, so I do hope they pull the charter, expel, and prosecute the frat and people who “pulled the prank.”

  13. BearlyBob says

    @Divad Enraeh

    Esoht gnippihs seilppus era dedivorp eerf yb eht SU Latsop Ecivres ot sremotsuc ohw esu eht reirrac kcip pu ecivres. Eht tarf ndid’t yap rof meht. Eht SU Latsop Ecvires did.

  14. Mike Ryan says

    To those implying ‘it wasn’t that bad…’ – they could have used any other words – yffad kcud or yllis ekoj, etc – but they didn’t. They specifically chose two words that cannot be construed as anything but racist and discriminatory. This was a hate crime disguised as a ‘college practical joke’ and the perpetrators should not be allowed to get away with it. University officials should shut down the fraternity, slap the entire fraternity membership with a heavy fine and toss out those fraternity members who had direct involvement. The reality of the discriminatory and hate crime act needs to be brought home to the students of this University.

    There’s no ifs, ands, or buts about it guys – these fraternity members set out to degrade, belittle, humiliate and inflict harm on all African and Gay Americans. These are college adults, not Junior High idiots.

  15. Randyowen says

    @ Mike Ryan
    First i completely agree with you about most of it, however they need to find out who sent the boxes, which will be easy since they are ordered on line from an IP address that can be tracked back to the location used. Then those responsible will face punishment. I think the reason they told the Postal Guy was that they were trying to figure out what was happening until someone looked at the name and figured it out. That seems most likely to me, i could be wrong and if these guys ordered these boxes to themselves with that name they are complete dumba@@es and should not even be in college.

  16. e.c. says

    Did they send the boxes to themselves or did they come from another source? If they didn’t send the boxes and were indeed on the receiving end of the “joke” then you can’t really blame them. We need a little clarification on the facts here.

  17. SPOT says

    OK people. First of all, it’s a prank played by a frat on another frat, the postal worker was incidental.

    So from this story, all we know is that someone played a prank on the fraternity, and they let the mailcarrier in on what had been done to them.

    Yes, it’s stupid and racist and all the rest, but this frat wasn’t the one who should be blamed, and frankly, the carrier can be offended, but he wasn’t the intended target.

    Knee jerk reactions are useless. Pay attention to the facts.

  18. Moz's says


    wondering if this falls into strict FED laws dealing with the postal surface. Kind of hoping it does = fed prison sentences or huge fines for the frat boys

    The US postal service is constitutionally mandated (rare for a govt agency) and messing with is a fed offense

  19. DavidR says

    SPOT: I’m sure the letter carrier would appreciate being described as “incidental”. If the offender didn’t even consider the letter carrier, then he still should be disciplined.

  20. Miguel R. says

    Having the postman carry 79 boxes is obviously supposed to be a joke on him, not on the fraternity members. They make him carry all these boxes and then, haha, look what we made you do!

    PS. Who joins a fraternity at U Chicago? Weird.

  21. Woodroad34 says

    the fraternity president is either a sociopath or incredibly immature…so much so that I doubt he should be driving a car. Where’s the supervising adult for this POS fraternity?

  22. anon says

    I think one fraternity mailed them to another, so the recipients shouldn’t be penalized. The postal service should know better than to suspend service. The US Mail used to be a huge honeypot for tracking down subversive homosexuals and throwing them in jail for sending love letters to each other and buying catalogs with pictures of scantily clad men in them. Or for writing letters advocating for the de-criminalization of homosexuality. This was slowly dismantled starting in the twenties and slowly over the decades as various court cases created a variety of first amendment rights regarding the US Mail. Magazines are still required to register their subscription numbers though and hand over subscriber lists to postal inspectors if they get a warrant. First amendment issues are one reason newspapers are almost never “mailed” to anyone, even weeklies (timeliness is obviously a bigger issue for dailies, but the legal issues used to be huge too).

    However, regardless of how offensive the mail is to someone, somewhere, the US Mail is not suppose to get involved with first amendment issues between the sender and recipient. It took decades to win any gay rights in this area and should not be undone in the name of political correctness. It’s up to the recipient to file a harassment claim.

  23. Mary says

    I have to say I’m surprised at something like this from the U of Chicago. Jerks exist at all schools, of course. But Chicago has always atracted the intellectually serious. It’s unofficial motto: “Where fun goes to die.” Chicago was one of the few schools where students protested when standards were LOWERED.

    Then again anyone who knows the history of the political right could tell you that being intellectually serious is not incompatible with being a racist jerk. Racists have an amazing ability to see only what they want to see. A trait they share with Marxists (that is, REAL Marxists – not liberals who get called Marxists by conservtives who are on an emotional jag.)

  24. Pigs says

    What else do you expect from a bunch of spoiled brat white kids (which most frats are made up of)? Also, Illinois is a homophobic sh1thole (they can’t even get gay marriage passed here).

  25. Zeta says

    The frat who sent the packages should be suspended. You don’t involve innocent people in your racist, offensive pranks.

  26. Kevin says

    David Hearne, as usual, is a complete moron and his commentary is worth the effort taken to write it.

  27. Reality Check says

    @David Hearne – You’re the type of Homosexual that I despise. You are a disgrace not only to your race but to America as a whole. Please find another country to live in. Your stench is unwelcome here.

  28. billmiller says

    I hope these bastard parents’ are real proud of their kids! Not to mention the expensive edumacation they are wasting money on for them. One of the finest, most expensive, prestigious schools on the planet!

  29. LincolnLounger says

    There’s not a bunch more liberal and politically-correct than the U of C. I’m guessing the University puts the hammer down — and rightly so. Awful.

  30. millerbeach says

    Pull their charter at the U of C. Let’s see how funny they think THAT is. Suspend those idiots…they reflect poorly on the educational snobs that surround U of C. I am astounded a frat would pull something so stupid, so ignorant. U of C should not tolerate this racist, homophobic behavior. Kick their rich, stupid asses to the curb.