1. Larry Esser says

    Thanks to Joe Biden, our Vice President, for these gentle, kind, and beautiful thoughts. You are so right that we are going the right way–those of us out here in the “trenches” know what it took to get to this point and you are right that someday there will be no more arguing about the rights of same-sex couples; they will be seen as naturally the same as everyone else’s. That’s because they are.

  2. JONES says

    SCOTUS upholding LGBT civil rights was monumental and will eventually lead to full equality for LGBT Americans but the very sad truth is that our extended Family brethren in 30 states still aren’t legally equal. In seven other states they have, to borrow from Ginsberg, skimmed milk equality.

    In Russia they have none. In parts of the Middle East and Africa they get executed.

    Celebrate our achievements, hug your loved ones and show them how precious they are to you, go to a Pride event or a private party this weekend but then take a moment to reflect on how far we still have to go.

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